Married Lady Doctor’s Hot Body Gets ‘Examined’

Hi guys, I am back again with a new erotic sex encounter with a lady doctor in Bangalore city. This is a real incident that happened last week.

I am Mojo, I am a muscular guy with a good looking physique. My tool is 7 inches long and 3 in thicker.

Okay, let’s get to the erotic experience I had.

Her name is Navya (name changed for privacy reasons). She is 31 years old. She is a plump gorgeous lady with a curvy figure. She has a perfect round fluffy ass and her boobs, omg, her boobs are so beautiful. They are 36D in size with brown nipples.

I just love her boobs and that beautiful curvy ass. I have noticed her many times in our area. I used to stare at her figure. She used to notice me staring her

As you guys know, the climate in Bangalore used to be beautiful. But as the climate changed, I fell sick.

One fine day, I was walking in the street and talking to my brother that I was feeling sick and I should visit a good doctor.

At that time, Navya was passing by my side in her scooty. She heard me saying “I should visit a doctor for check-up”. She stopped and called me.

She – Hi, please come here.
Me – Are you calling me?

She – Yes.
Me – Yes, how can I help you?

She – I will help you out. I am a doctor.
Me – Wow! Okay, please give me your visiting card. I will visit you tomorrow.

She – Sure, come tomorrow.
Me – Thank you.

The next day, I went to her hospital. I took my token and waited for my number.

After 20 minutes, my number came. I entered her cabin. There she was, beauty in green chudidar wearing an apron. I was stunned seeing her in that amazing dress and I was just staring at doctor Navya’s big melons. Her stethoscope was hanging exactly between her big breasts.

“What are you staring at?”, she asked.

I gave a naughty smile and sat on the chair. She was asking me what my problem was. I began to explain to her my health condition. Then she checked me and gave me a prescription.

I said thank you and was about to leave.

Then suddenly, she said.

She – Hey, wait a second. I want to talk to you if you are not in a hurry.
Me – Yea sure. We can talk.

She – I have been noticing you from the past 10 to 15 days. You were staring at me whenever I pass by you.

I was silent and just gave her a naughty smile.

She – What is the matter?
Me – Nothing! You are very beautiful, so I couldn’t take my eyes off you.

She – Are you trying to flirt with me?
Me – No no. It is the truth. I really like you. You are so beautiful.

She – Aha. Hmmm. So, that’s the matter. Well, I am married.
Me – Ohh. He is very lucky to have you.

She – Hmmm.

Me – Ok ma’am. Nice to meet you. I will leave now. Anyway, sorry for the inconvenience caused by me.
She – It’s ok. Can I have your number?

Me – Why my number?
She – No specific reason.

I gave her my number. Then I left the hospital.

That day evening, I got a message from an unknown number.

“Hey, it’s me Navya. If you are free, can we meet once?”

I replied, “Yea, sure. Why not. I will meet you after my office at 6:30.”

She said, “Ok fine”.

Then, in the evening I messaged her. “Where are you?”

She said, “I am waiting at the cafe coffee day in your area”.

Then I went there and she was sitting there having coffee.

I went to her, gave a smile and said, “Sorry, the traffic was really heavy today”.

She – It’s okay. Glad to see you.

She ordered a coffee for me and we were having a casual talk. And she asked me how my health was, etc.

She – Do you drink?
Me – Yes, but not regularly.

She – Me too, when I feel low or when I am with friends.
Me – Ok, so I think you are feeling low right now. Because I am not your friend yet.

She – Yes, but from now onward, we are friends.
Me – This is what I am waiting for.

She – What??
Me – Nothing (gave a naughty smile).

She – Ok then, be ready. Let’s go to a pub this evening.

At 8:30 pm, she came to our area and picked me up. We went to St Marks road, Open Box pub.

Navya was looking gorgeous in that black jeans and white t-shirt. I was just staring at her curves.

We had some drinks and she asked me, “Can we dance?”

We hit the floor and were dancing. She then proposed me. “I love you”.

I was shocked.

She – Yes, what you heard is right. I love you.

Me – I think you are too drunk. Let’s leave.

I grabbed her waist and took her to the car. Her waist was feeling so soft. She was saying that her husband didn’t love her and he had an affair with some other woman. She said she liked me and she wanted me.

I took her to the car and made her sit and locked the seatbelt.

As I was driving, she leaned over my shoulder and was holding my hand. She said, “Don’t go to my house. We can go to some hotel”.

I then booked a hotel room nearby my place through Oyo. Then I took her to the hotel room.

As I locked the door, she turned towards me and gave me a lip lock! I was like stunned. A current passed through my body. My body temperature and heartbeats were rising. I too responded to her lip lock.

After 10 minutes, she made me stand onto the wall. She then went down and unbuttoned my pants and took out my junior.

She was amazed to see my thick long fat tool. She said, “Wow, I love tour tool more than I love you now”. And all of a sudden, the horny lady doctor took my entire tool in her warm mouth. (Wow guys, I should tell you. It was the best feeling I ever had).

Navya vacuumed her mouth airtight and started to suck the precum. I was moaning and enjoying her blowjob.

Then I pulled her up, gave her a lip lock and took off her jeans and t-shirt. I laid her on the bed only in a white bra and green semi-transparent mesh panty.

She was an amazing beauty with brown skin. Her belly and navel were so perfectly-shaped. I took off my clothes and jumped onto her. I kissed her whole body from top to bottom.

She was moaning like, “Mmmmmmm.. Aaahaa..Aaaahh.. Mmmmmm..”

I then took off her bra. I became mad by seeing her chocolate brown boobs with dark brown nipples. I started to suck them like anything.

Navya was going crazy and started to press my head between her boobs and was scratching me with her nails.

Then I went down and sucked her navel. Slowly, I removed her panty. Her body perfume was making me even crazy. And her panty was smelling so erotic. I was going crazy for her love spot.

Her pussy was soft and beautiful. Her pussy was chocolate brown in color and with dark pussy lips and pink inner layers. I think she had done waxing too.

Love juices were oozing from her pussy. I spread her legs apart and started sucking and licking her pussy like I was hungry for two days. Her pussy tasted very delicious and creamy.

Navya was screaming in pleasure and she was pressing my head deeper into her pussy with her hand. She also wrapped her legs around my neck.

I kept sucking her delicious pussy. Then she experienced her first climax and cummed all over my face. She laid on the bed still after that.

I cleaned my face and came to her. She grabbed me and kissed me madly. She told me that she wants sex whenever she feels horny. And then again, she started sucking my cock. She took my balls in her mouth. I was in cloud 9.

She then said, “I can’t wait anymore. Please fuck me very badly. I want it harder”.

I laid her on her back, spread her legs wide open and sucked her pussy for a minute. Then I pointed my cock into her love hole.

She was slowly moaning. I inserted with a forceful thrust. She gave a loud moan and was pinching my butts.

I slowly started pumping the doctor’s tight pussy.

“Ahhhh…You know, my husband had only fucked me 3 times since marriage and we had been married for 4 years now”.

I felt so lucky and I was fucking her deeper and harder; sometimes slowly and sometimes faster.

Navya was enjoying my cock inside her.

She kept moaning and saying, “Aaah…Baby…I can feel your monster deep inside my pussy.. Please fuck me.. Make me your bitch.. I want you and your cock.. Please dear, fuck the shit out of me..”

I was going crazy. Then I made her come into doggy style and grabbed her hair from behind and started fucking her. It was an amazing view. Navya’s ass was shaking like anything. I just loved her ass. Then she got another orgasm.

It was almost 25 to 27 minutes since we started. She came all over my cock. But I didn’t stop and I kept fucking her. She was shouting, “Please don’t spare me. Keep fucking me..”

After 5 minutes, I was about to cum and told her. She asked me to cum in my mouth.

I took my cock out and started mouthfucking her. She was sucking my cock and cum like a hungry cat. She took my entire 7-inch cock into her mouth and gave me an awesome blowjob and deep throated my cock.

I kept fucking her mouth and she was gagging. I burst my load of cum into her mouth by holding her head tightly. She drank my whole cum like a baby. Some of it was dripping from her mouth.

I gave her a tight lip-lock and tasted my own cum from her mouth mixed with her saliva.

Then we slept like that for half an hour, talking and kissing. Then again, my junior woke up and I asked her to give me a blowjob. Again she gave me an awesome blowjob.

Then I told her that I wanted to fuck her ass. At first, she denied but then I convinced her.

I made her bend in doggy style and licked and sucked her asshole. She was enjoying it and was moaning like a wild cat.

“Yes dear, eat my ass. Bite it.. I am all yours. I am your bitch..”

I applied some saliva on my cock and her ass hole as well and slowly started to insert my monster into the lady doctor’s asshole. She moaned and shouted in pain.

I grabbed her hair from behind and gave a strong thrust. Half of my tool went in. Then I slowly pumped her ass. She was enjoying it and at the same time, it was paining for her.

Within a minute, my entire cock was inside her ass. She was enjoying it and was moaning loudly now. She was not feeling any pain anymore. I was enjoying fucking Navya’s big round ass.

After 15 minutes, I cummed inside her ass.

We both then went to the washroom and cleaned ourselves. It was like 4 in the morning. Then we had a shower and slept inside one blanket without wearing anything.

We fucked 3 times that week. Now she is busy and we aren’t able to meet.

So, how was my story guys?

Any aunties, girls, and unsatisfied housewives can contact me. I can also join group sex or couples if interested and sex parties too.

My mail id is [email protected] and you also contact me on hangouts.

See you soon.

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