The French Love Making Of Two Guys

My vacations were going as planned in Goa. I was alone, free, and could do anything I wanted to. It was Wednesday night, and I was sitting alone in a shack on the Baga beach. There were a lot of guys sitting around drinking beer and getting high.

Looking at hot guys in shorts and t-shirts kinda turned me on. Alcohol had its effect too. I was getting hornier with every passing minute and kept thinking of steamy sex. I kept checking out the guys and kept getting hornier. A guy was sitting alone, watching me check out the guys in the shack to my right.

The moment our eyes met, he smiled at me. I got nervous and looked away. He was of African descent, a middle-aged man with a good body. I could sense he kept staring at me even though I looked away. That’s when I thought to myself, “What is the harm in having some fun.”

I took a sip of beer and very casually looked at him. He wasn’t looking at me first, so I kept staring and in few seconds looked at me, finally. I was so desperate to get a look from him that those seconds felt like an eternity. This time I smiled first. He was quick to respond with a smile.

He took his glass, half-filled with beer, gestured cheers to me, and in a single gulp finished his drink. He then asked the waiter to get the bill. By the time his bill arrived, I had finished my beer too and asked for my bill too. After paying, he got up and left.

While leaving, he brushed his hands against my arms and smiled, looking at me. I checked him out. I moved away from him and was drooling over his sexy body from the moment go. He was tall, more than 6’2, dark and sexy. I hurriedly paid my bill too and left the shack.

He hadn’t gone far but kept walking on the beach. I chased him. He slowed down, turned back, and I was there.

“Hey there. You’ve been following me?” he asked in a teasing way.

“Why would I do that?” I asked.

“Because I saw you checking me out back there,” he said.

“No, I wasn’t,” I persisted.

“But you were checking other men out,” he continued, “you can’t deny that. I saw you, weren’t you?”

I did not know what to respond to and kept quiet.

“You wanna take a walk on the beach?” he asked me, breaking the ice.

“Yeah,” I was hesitant.

We started walking towards the northern end of Baga.

“I am Andre, btw,” he said.

“Yash,” I responded. “Which country are you from, Andre?” I asked.


“France is a lovely country. French know the art of making love, I have heard. Is it true?” I questioned him in a very curious way.

“Do you wanna find out?” he said teasingly.

“I wish,” I said as we kept moving.

We came near the place where the Baga river meets the sea. There were fewer people on this part of the beach. It had gotten dark already by the time we reached there. We were having our flirty conversation when he suddenly touched my ass and grabbed it for a second.

“You have a lovely ass, I must say,” he said.

“Thank you,” I was taken aback but felt good.

He leaned forward and planted a kiss on my lips and then whispered in my ears, “I want to make love to you the French way! Do you want to know how good are French in the art of lovemaking?”

“Who wouldn’t?” I was still recovering from the small kiss he gave me.

He kissed me back. This time it was longer.

“Gosh, you are juicy!” he said. “Let’s go to my place.”

“Not before Yash turns into Emma,” I winked.

He got excited, “You are a crossdresser!” He continued, “Let’s buy dresses for you, baby, before going back.”

“I have my stuff in my hotel. We can go there if you like,” I said.

“We sure can!” he planted another kiss on me.

We left from Baga towards my hotel. On our way back, we picked up two bottles of wine and a pack of cigarettes. As we entered my hotel room, he grabbed me and kissed me hard, “It’s time Yash turns into Emma.”

I kissed him back, got our tongues involved. After breaking the kiss, I said, “Before you will even know.” I grabbed my stuff and went to the bathroom. I quickly got changed into a thong, push-up bra, a deep long v-neck one piece in creme color, and stilettos to match with.

I stick light pink nails on my feet and hands and wore a medium-long wig. With dark red lipstick, I was ready for my man. When I came back, he was sitting on the couch, drinking wine and smoking a cigarette.

“Smokin hot,” he said after his first glance at me. I went and sat next to him on the couch. Lit a cigarette while he poured wine for me. We started drinking, smoking, and talking.

He started caressing my smooth, shaved legs. Slowly his hands reached my face, and he started probing my lips with his thumb. He put his thumb inside my mouth. I started to suck it in a slutty way. Licked his thumb teasingly and then sucked again.

He took his hand off my face, grabbed me from my neck, and started sucking my lips wildly. With his other hand, he was feeling my body, back, and ass. I got up from my position and sat on his lap. We were kissing passionately. Our tongues kept fighting each other as we exchanged our saliva.

I got up from his lap, stood in front of him, got down on my knees, and started unbuttoning, unzipping his shorts. Took off his shorts, he wasn’t wearing any underwear, and there he was – a monster BBC.

I had never taken a BBC before, and I was amazed by its giant size. Bigger than any cock I had seen before, thicker than any cock I had taken before. It felt huge in my hands, and I was amazed by its magnitude. Without wasting any time, I started to play with it.

I first gave it to and fro with my hands and then brought my face near it. I started teasing him using my tongue. I licked the tip of his cock, bit it there. I tried to take it inside my mouth, but it was too big for me to do that. I spat on it continuously 4-5 times.

I spread it on the head of his cock and then tried to take it inside my mouth, opening my mouth to the full. The tip of the head went in. Andre held my head and pushed his cock inside my mouth. It was still difficult, but then my mouth made adjustments and let his cock move in out easily.

He started fucking my mouth. I could feel his cock deep till my throat as I gave him a hand-job alongside. After a good 20 minutes of sucking, he called me up. He took my thong. I was still wearing the dress and stilettos. We moved to the bed from the couch and got into 69 position. I was over him.

I started sucking his cock wildly again, as he started rimming me nice and deep with his tongue. In between, he kept biting my inner thighs, sucked my balls, and went back to rimming. After few minutes, he asked me to come on top of him. I did the same and sat on his humungous cock.

Started dry fucking him from the outside. My man-pussy was wet and hungry for his cock. I spat on his cock again and guided it to the opening of my man pussy. It was painful. He started pushing it in. I started screaming. He grabbed my head, pulled me close to him.

He started kissing me while he kept pushing his cock in me. Tears started to roll down my face. Neither did he stopped kissing nor fucking. The pain slowly subsided, and pleasure took over. Now I started pushing up and down to match his movements. He gained speed and started to fuck me more wildly.

I was moaning my guts out. His monster felt so good inside my man pussy. He kept fucking me hard. After a while, he asked me to get into a doggy style. I did that, resting against the bed. He came behind and, without and delay, pushed his cock deep in my pussy.

It was the deepest any many had gone inside me. I loved it and did not want it to get over soon. He increased his pace, and my moans kept getting louder and louder.

After some time, he took his cock out of my pussy, asked me to get on my knees. I knew what he wanted. I quickly got down to my knees, took his cock in my hand, and started sucking it. He held my head. I blew him deep and long. He held my head tight, gave a deep push into my throat.

I gagged and took out his cock from my mouth, and that’s when he shot his load all over my face. I kept sucking him. Cleaned his cock, cleaned my face, and drank all the cum.

We lay on the bed for some time before we started fucking again. He stayed in my hotel for another day, and we kept fucking till he left. I met him again in Mumbai when he came there for his Visa. I stayed for 5 days with him in his hotel. I will tell more about my gay experience with the mature pro in the next stories.

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