Hot Passionate Sex With Teammate

Hello guys and gals! Hope you all are safe and sound! Get ready to stroke your dicks or finger your cute pussies. Going straight into the story about hot passionate sex with my teammate.

This was during my college first year. I was part of a college club, and it was almost the end of the academic year. The club project was completed, and we were supposed to prepare the report. The task of preparing and printing the report was given to one other junior girl, Nisha (the heroine), and me.

I secretly had a crush on Nisha. However, we weren’t very close, and our conversations were limited to project activities. Once the report was done, we had to get it printed. My college is a residential college, and usually, the printout shop inside the campus would be open.

However, on that particular day, it was closed, and we had to get it printed from outside. The printout shop was around 5 km from the college as our college was located on the outskirts. So we caught a bus and traveled to the shop.

It took some time to get it printed since it was a 73-page report. After finishing the work, we walked towards the bus stand, and suddenly it started raining heavily. It was difficult to find a shelter, but somehow we found some space.

We waited for half an hour. But the rain did not seem to stop at all. I was the only one carrying a bag to keep the document, and my bag wasn’t of very good quality. It was generously letting rainwater penetrate into my bag. We were worried that the document might get spoiled and was wondering what to do.

Suddenly, I remembered that one of my friends lived very close to the bus stand and thought of asking him for help. I called him, and he said that he was out of the station. However, he had left behind his house key with a neighbor. He told me to collect it from the neighbor.

So we somehow rushed his house by sufficiently safeguarding our report. We took a rest for some time as we were tired. We wanted to watch TV, but the power was cut due to the heavy downpour. Nisha suggested that we play a game.

I, being the blockhead, went to my friend’s room to check what indoor/board games he had. However, I couldn’t find any. Nisha called out and asked,

Nisha: Vineet, can we play truth or dare?

Me: What?

Nisha: Dude, come on. We are not kids anymore to keep playing board games. If you are so shy, then no problem

I did not want to look so dumb and shy. Hence, I accepted to play despite being hesitant. So we went to the dining table and started the game.

Nisha: Truth or dare?

Me: Truth.

Nisha: What’s your kinkiest fantasy?

Me: It is the usual one. I want to enjoy a threesome with 2 hot girls. Truth or dare?

Nisha: Truth.

Me: Who was your first crush in our college? (I could sense that Nisha was getting slightly restless when I asked this. I didn’t understand why). Come on! Tell the truth.

Nisha (hesitatingly and looking downwards in a shy manner): It’s you, Vineet.

Me: What?! Shut up. You are teasing me.

Nisha: Dude, no. I really have a crush on you. (and started blushing)

I was feeling on top of the world. But somehow, I gathered myself and got ready for the next question. I chose dare. She just gave a simple dare of doing 20 push-ups as it was the first dare. Basically, she wanted to see how fit I am.

Me: Truth or dare.

Nisha: Truth.

Me: Are you a virgin?

Nisha: Technically, yes

Me: What do you mean by technically yes? It’s either a yes or no.

Nisha: See, I have not been penetrated. So I am a virgin. But I have slept with someone close to me. (and she blushed again)

Me: Who is that lucky guy?

Nisha: It was not a guy.

I was very confused. I thought maybe she is a lesbian. But then she could not have a crush on me. So she was bisexual.

Me: Are you bisexual?

Nisha: Yes, I am.

Me: Who was the girl?

Nisha: Snehal (her roommate)

Me: Fuck Nisha, seriously? Does this happen regularly? You both are roommates, and I see it happening regularly.

Nisha seemed to get frustrated and said, “Vineet, are you seriously so dumb? I have been talking about sex so that I can do something with you. And you, like an idiot, are talking about some other girl. And that too after I said I have a crush on you.” ​

I immediately got up from my chair and went behind Nisha. I held her by her shoulders, made her stand up, turned her around, and planted a kiss on her beautiful lips. The kiss was so fucking passionate, and we enjoyed each and every moment of it.

I held her waist and pulled her closer to me, and pressed her ass cheeks. She was moaning gently. It was completely hard. After around 5 minutes of intense kissing, we parted our lips. She removed my t-shirt, made me sit on the table, and started kissing all over my chest.

She noticed my erection and gave a small peck on my crotch. I was turned on even more. I immediately removed her top, and there she was in a cute pink bra with her 34B boobs. I removed her bra and started sucking her erect nipples. It was wonderful to hear her moan out my name.

I removed my jeans, and she blushed on seeing my boner over my boxers. I removed her leggings now, but her panties also came out along with it. My eyes were glued to her pussy. It was a bit hairy. I was surprised since I had mostly seen clean-shaven pussies in porn.

Meanwhile, she removed my boxers and started feeling my dick. The excitement of seeing a penis for the first time could be clearly seen in her face. I asked her for a blowjob, but she was hesitant as it was her first time. My dick was also slightly hairy (basically, it is difficult to shave in the hostel).

I understood her feelings and asked for a hand job, which she readily accepted. She started stroking my dick passionately, and the eye contact she made intermittently was doing wonders.

I was simultaneously fingering her, kissing her tits, and playing with her ass. I couldn’t last more than 6 minutes, and I ejaculated. The expression she made after feeling the sticky semen in her hand was very funny.

We went to a room, and I made her lie on the bed for the missionary position. I asked her about protection. She said that her periods ended the previous day and that she would take pills later, and pregnancy shouldn’t be a problem. I bent down to kiss her, started caressing her breasts.

I slowly inserted my penis inside. Though it was difficult initially, it got very much pleasurable later on. I couldn’t control for more than 4 minutes as it was my first time and pulled out in time, luckily to ejaculate on her navel.

We hugged and rested for half an hour. After that, the rain stopped, and we left.

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