Met Ex-Boyfriend After Marriage And Relived Memories

Hi, I am Amrutha and this is my first story here. Before starting, let me tell you about myself. I am Amrutha from Delhi, aged 29 years, married. I am still attractive with a good figure of 36-30-36. This is the story about how I happened to meet my ex-boyfriend again, after 2 years.

I was working in Bangalore before my marriage. There I had a colleague, Sunil who was from Meerut. He was impressive and he was my teammate who later happened to my boyfriend. We had a good relationship and had sex a lot of times.

We had to break up because of our families and there was no other reason to break up with him as he was perfect in all ways.

My current marriage life was great. It was an arranged marriage. My husband Prasad was working as a civil engineer and we were financially stable and had a happy life. As I was also working, I got a project in Bangalore. I was initially hesitant to accept the offer but my husband told me to accept it.

I accepted the offer and traveled to Bangalore for a week. The moment I reached Bangalore, I was flooded with memories about my ex-boyfriend and the time we had spent here. But I didn’t give room for those feelings and I was into my work and routine.

Every night, I used to talk with my husband. He was missing me and I was missing him too.

One day after my work, I felt like hanging out at my favorite bar where I used to go when I was working in Bangalore. I went there and ordered a beer and felt the need to text my ex about me being in Bangalore.

I texted him and he immediately called me. He was surprised by my visit and he wanted to meet me. Knowing my location, he said that his office was nearby, and he will come in 15 minutes.

My heart was beating fast, as I was going to meet my ex-lover after a long time and it was like a reunion. I immediately asked the waiter for the washroom to go inside. I looked at myself in the mirror and I could see my blushing face looking at me after a long time.

I just washed my face and applied little makeup and dark lipstick which was his favorite. I untied my hair and made it loose so that it dropped to my shoulders. I once again checked my look in the mirror, and again came back to my table.

After 15 minutes, I saw my ex-boyfriend. He had come with a bouquet of flowers. This made my heart beat faster. He hugged me and I was very excited to meet him. He complimented me, “You look great, just like before. You are still very hot and attractive.” I blushed and was feeling really shy.

The time was 8:30. We were talking about our present lifestyle and all other topics about family, job, etc. It was almost 11 pm. He told me that he will drop me in the hotel and that he has parked his car in the office. He will bring it and asked me to wait.

I was really confused, whether to go with him or to leave alone. Meanwhile, I called my husband and had a formal goodnight chat that we have every night, and when I finished, Sunil came and parked his car and picked me up.

We moved to the hotel. I invited him inside. He asked me, “Are you sure?” I don’t know why I said this, but I said, “Yes.” My heart was still beating fast, and I was excited.

My ex-boyfriend looked very cool. When I opened the door and entered, he locked the door and grabbed me and kissed me! I didn’t expect this move, but inside I was feeling that I was in need of this.

I tried to push him, but he had a strong grip around my hips and his kiss was breaking my point of resistance. I dropped the flowers, my bag and started kissing him back! It was very passionate like I was missing this for a long time.

Slowly, my ex-bf loosened the grip from my hip and I was kissing him passionately. We exchanged our wet kisses. I opened my lips and our tongues played with each other for a long time. He broke the kiss, and smiled at me, and said, “I was missing this..”

I just smiled and said, “Same here.”

He carried me to the bed and dropped me on the bed. Then he removed his t-shirt. I was in my shirt and skirt. He came down, kissed me again while he was unbuttoning my shirt. He took the shirt off. He kissed my neck and boobs, after a very long time I felt his kiss. I couldn’t wait any longer and I stripped my bra immediately.

Now my boobs were out of my bra, and my ex-boyfriend just kissed and grabbed my boobs and started to suck them. He was sucking my boobs for a long time. I didn’t stop him but offered my boobs to him, and he was sucking it like a baby as he used to do earlier.

While sucking my boobs, he brought his hand under my skirt and slid his fingers inside my panty. He started to rub my pussy which was already soaking wet. I was in heaven as I was getting this treatment from Sunil. It was like my old times are back for me.

My ex fingered me slowly and sucked my boobs. The smell of my body literally made him more excited. He stopped sucking my boobs, and he came to my thigh part. He kissed my thighs and removed my skirt and panty. Then, he kissed my crotch area.

He didn’t wait for me, he just started to lick my pussy. I couldn’t stop him. I just opened my legs and caressed his hair as he was licking me very deep and fast like he was hungry. His tongue sent shock waves all over my body and he was continuously licking my pussy until I cummed.

After a long time, I hit my orgasm very strongly. He came up and kissed me and he stripped his jeans. I didn’t wait. I just grabbed his cock and kissed it, as I missed it a lot, and started sucking my ex-boyfriend’s cock.

I was sucking his cock and balls and licking his cock and he moaned, “You know the art of giving the best blowjob.” I sucked him and the smell of his cock was making me hornier.

After sucking his cock for a few minutes, I just said, “Sunil, I can’t wait anymore.. Please fuck me.” He smiled and made me lie down on the bed. He applied saliva on his cock and rubbed it over my pussy. Then he pushed it slowly inside my wet pussy which was already slippery and moist.

I felt very happy as my ex-boyfriend’s cock slid inside me. I forgot the whole world and I was just enjoying the moment. I know he was in my pussy deeper than my husband as he had a bigger cock. Sunil also always had better stamina than my husband.

After fully inserting his cock, my ex-lover started to fuck me slowly. I was hugging him. Then I asked him to stop and keep his cock inside me for a few minutes, as I wanted to feel his cock for some more time inside.

He smooched me, while his cock was inside me and now started to fuck me slowly again. I was smooching him hard, and he was playing with my boobs, and then he increased the pace of fucking me.

“I was missing this feel and this pleasure..” I told him.

He said, “I know that no one can satisfy you better than me.”

“Yes, Sunil..No one can do it better. You are the one who can satisfy me..Fuck me harder..Fuck me.”

My ex-boyfriend fucked me in the missionary position for 10 minutes. Then we fucked in doggy style. He didn’t wear a condom so he came on my boobs which he always loved the most.

After fucking, we cuddled together naked. The time was 12:30 and again by 1:15, I was riding him. That night we fucked almost 3 times, and the next morning I had to go to the office.

After work, he came to my room again and we had sex that night and after my work was over I was there in Bangalore for another day. I enjoyed sex with my ex-bf and returned to Delhi the next day.

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