Honeymoon With My Lovely Wife

Hi, I am Sreejith, and I recently got married. It was an arranged marriage. We tried to know each other just after the engagement. We did phone calls, even went for dinner. Her name is Lakshmi, and we both are from Kerala. I call her Laks.

I never had any relationship before. She told me that she had a bf before, and he was from a different state. Their parents didn’t agree to the marriage, and hence they had to do a mutual breakup. So you can imagine how I would have felt. As usual, I felt bad for myself initially.

But later, I thought she could have hidden that story from me, but she opened up. From that, I understood that she’s reliable and she’s my perfect match. So our marriage got over and our marital status changed. We were very tired, as we had to stand on stage for both marriage and reception.

First night scenes: She came to the room wearing a nighty with a glass of milk.

Me: C’mon, do we follow this custom even now?

Laks: Hahaha, I got it from movies.

Me: I hate raw milk. Do you like it?

Laks: Oh, I didn’t know that. No worries, I can have.

Me: Ok, you have it, then keep one sip for me at last.

She drank it and then left a few for me. I drank it with weird expressions. Then I had one orange candy from my pocket gave another to her, and she refused. That day we talked so much. Even our topics would have reached about International space station as well.

I didn’t even intend to do sex. Because we were yet to understand each other. And we were very tired too. She was yawning in between, and then I realized that we have to sleep. We turned off lights. I just kept my hands above her arms. She held my hands, and we slept.

The whole week we were busy visiting many temples and relatives’ houses. Then we felt like we knew each other and decided to go for a honeymoon trip. We both were ready, asked for leaves, did shopping, booked tickets to Thailand. The day had arrived, and we reached Thailand, checked in to the hotel room.

The moment we entered the room, they had decorated it with roses and orchids. I looked at Laks and winked. She felt shy. We took a bath and were getting ready for sightseeing. I was amazed by Laks’s dress. She was in an orange knee-length frock with a matching bandana headscarf. She looks cute in that style.

Laks: You always say that I am cute every time.

Me: But this time you are really cute.

Laks hugged me raising her arms, showing shaved armpits, and kissed me.

Laks: Thank you, my cutie pie.

I rubbed my cheeks with hers.

Then we went sightseeing, and I was gazing at other girls outside. And she saw that and pinched me. I kissed her. We continued our sightseeing, and by night, we reached back to the room.

Me: Hope you enjoyed the day.

Laks: Yeah. My legs are hurting. We walked too much today.

She showed me the step count in the smartwatch. Yeah, we roamed through the whole Pattaya street. She sat on the bed. And I lifted her legs. I massaged her feet, toes, knees, etc. Then she got up, she hugged me tightly, and we smooched.

Then later she whispered: I will get fresh and will be ready soon for you.

Me: Shall I join?

Laks threw her bath towel against me. We laughed. And she went to the washroom. I was in bed searching for kinds of stuff related to sex.

Guys, it was the first time I am going to have sex. So I lack much knowledge. We had decided to have a baby. So my intention is to make her pregnant. But little worried, as I don’t have much idea about this.

I always had seeing experiences through porn. But reality differs. I don’t want her to feel that I don’t know anything about this. Laks came out wearing just a bath towel.

Me: Wow!

Laks: Ayyada! (Malayalam expression for mocking)

I then took a bath and properly washed my dick, thinking that I may use it in multiple ways. I shaved my beard and my pubic hairs. Came out wearing a short and a shirt. By that time, she occupied the bed space and was in a sexy outfit – a low neck gown type of dress, which barely covered her thighs.

I forgot to describe my wifey. She is a chubby girl (not very fatty, has good girly structure), has a cute face, has good boobs, brown skin, and long hair.

Laks: Hey, where’s my husband? Who are you?

Me: Do I look completely different?

Laks: No, but this looks good. No beard but with a thick mustache. That smells really nice – true manly. I don’t want to know what it is, but it’s so nice. I just winked.

I had used old spice aftershave lotion. I read that it’s good to use fragrant perfumes for more pleasure. I think that worked out.

Me: How’s your leg pain? Is it better?

Laks: Yeah, it’s better after taking a bath in hot water.

Me: Oh, so my massage didn’t have any effect?

I went near her and tickled her tummy. She started laughing, stood up, and ran. I went behind her. At a point, I caught her and hugged her from behind. She held my hands. We were just in front of a mirror. I kissed her shoulders, and I could see her pink lacy bra straps and cleavage.

My dick got hard. I kissed her neck, earlobes. She closed her eyes. I carried her on arms and placed her on the bed. Our eyes met each other. I kissed her pink lips. Rolled our tongue. I bit her earlobes. Kissed her cheeks, kissed her neck. I moved down to her shoulders.

I have no idea how to remove her dress. I made her lie on her tummy. I kissed her backbones. And massaged her back. I unzipped her dress. And could see her pink bra hook. I kissed above that. I squeezed her ass. And then she stood up and removed her dress.

Now she’s in her pink lacy bra and pink panties with white and black flowers printed on them. She then unbuttoned my shirt and tried to remove my shorts. I haven’t worn anything inside that. So felt a bit awkward. The moment she moved my shorts, my dick came out erect.

Laks: OMG, I thought something in there.

I just laughed. My dick size is just average. She held my dick. And I placed my hand above hers on my dick and made her masturbate for me. Then I made her sit and removed her bra. She has got good pair of boobs. I squeezed it hard and sucked the nipples. She moaned and was running her hands on my hair.

I could see the lust in her eyes. I then licked her navel, squeezing her boobs. I pinched her nipples with my thumb and index finger. I moved down and licked her pussy above her panty. I could see a wet patch. I rubbed her thighs.

Then slowly, I pulled down her panties with my teeth. It was wet. I inserted my tongue and licked her pussy. And my mustache would be prickling her. I sucked her pussy juice. She was moaning heavily. I then inserted my fingers and was fingering her. My other hand was squeezing her left boobs.

I kept licking her clit. And her fingers were running around my hair. And suddenly, she got a kind of slime-like discharge which I think is called orgasm. I rubbed her pussy and stood up. I placed a cushion below her hips and spread her legs.

I held my hard dick and pulled back my foreskin. It was tight and kind of hurting me. I looked at her. She spread her pussy with her fingers asked me to put my dick inside. I rubbed my mushroom head on her pussy wall to lubricate with her fluid.

With one thrust, I inserted it, partly. And I was like fuck, it hurt me and as well as her. She also started to cry. I didn’t move my dick from there but leaned towards her, and I kissed her. Then I slowly started moving (fucking her) to and fro.

Within few thrusts, I felt like I would cum. I couldn’t control it after seeing her jiggling boobs, lusty face, and feeling of my dick rubbing inside her. I ejaculated inside her. I pulled back my dick. She cleaned that using a towel and kissed the mushroom part.

I felt like I completed it too soon. And my penis was hurting. I kissed her pussy and whispered in her ears, “Some part of me is now inside.” Hearing this, she hugged me tightly and came above me. She kissed me throughout my body.

Later we slept, and this is how we completed our first sex.

Day 2 of Honeymoon.

As usual, we got ready, had breakfast, and then went out sightseeing. We had nice street food. And in the evening we met a lady who sells few traditional Thai clothes. She got a dress named Prayook dress. Then I asked her, “What are you going to do with it? Do you know how to wear it?”

Laks: No. Is it fine if I wear it now? So that I can ask that lady’s help.

I said, ok. She went inside the dressing room and came out after half an hour. But the wait was worth it.

Amazing Yellow-colored dress, to describe: Upper part looks just blouse with strap on one shoulder. The lower part looks like a perfect fit saree with frills. Middle there is some belt kind of thing made out of same cloth. Then she asked for a picture.

I asked her to change the hairstyle as well. That lady again helped her to style her hair. It was a bun kind of hairstyle with some white and golden flower kind of hairpins. The dress was quite costly, and I had to pay for it. She came along with me in that dress.

I could see many people were looking at her. I felt jealous. We enjoyed the whole day and reached the hotel at night. We clicked a lot of pics. My dick started to raise, seeing her boobs tight inside that blouse. She told me that it was very difficult to walk in that costume even though it looked great.

She started removing her hair bun.

Me: I will help you remove it.

Laks: Sure?

I removed her blouse hook. And then could see her black bra strap.

I then whispered: You have nice breasts.

She then nodded by the nose and said, “Thank you. That’s for my baby.” The lower part was more like a skirt designed like a saree. I helped her to remove it. She was in just a black bra and panties.

Laks: Now let me freshen up.

Me: I can help you with that as well.

She just winked. I thought it was a green signal and went to the washroom along with her. I then turned on the shower and adjusted its heating. She went below it in her inners. I removed my t-shirt and pants, just in black jockey. She pulled my hands to stand under the shower.

I hugged her and kissed her. I decreased the shower force. And then she said: Something just woke up. I then took her hand and placed it on my rod above my briefs. She took it out from inners. I asked her if she can give me a blowjob. She then said, “Let me try.”

I turned off the shower. She kneeled down and held my erect dick. I moved my foreskin back, and she kissed on my mushroom. And started giving blowjob. It was sometimes hurting when her teeth touch my dick. After some time, I started feeling I am about to cum.

I asked her to stand up, then I kneeled down, pushed her panty aside, and sucked her pussy. After 5 minutes, she literally told me: Sree, it’s enough. I need your rod inside.

Hearing that, I turned on the shower and rubbed my dick inside her in a standing position. But difficult to enter it inside. I then reached my bag to get some oil. I luckily got coconut oil and spread that on my dick. I retried to insert my manhood inside her pussy hole.

Slowly it went inside. I had to control my mind so that I won’t cum too soon. I did it. I squeezed her boobs above the bra, kissed her lips. Slapped her ass. And was getting thap thap noise due to fucking and was so smooth because of her love juices. And then, after 5 minutes, I felt to cum.

But I suddenly realized that yesterday I cummed inside her. I didn’t know what it is going to happen if I release this cum inside. Hence somehow, I pulled it back from her pussy. I made her do titfuck after relaxing my mind.

She pulled up her black bra, placed my dick in between her tits, and started pulling my foreskin up and down. I was about to cum, and I released my load of cum on her mouth, bra, boobs, and little on the stomach. We took a bath together, smooched. Day 2 of our honeymoon went like that with my sexy wife, Laks.

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