Her Breakup, My Jackpot!

Hello everyone, this is Ritvik from Delhi. This is my first story so provide honest feedback so that I can improve.

So, let’s come to the story now. This is the story of me and my best friend, Kanika. Now, let me tell you about Kanika. She is so hot and her figure is something to die for. She has a perfect figure of 34 boobs size and a huge lip-smacking ass! I don’t think there is anyone who hasn’t fantasized about Kanika while masturbating.

To be frank, I too wanted her so badly. But she had a boyfriend. That and I and she were very good friends.

It was 8 pm on a Sunday night when I got her message which said, “Ritvik, please come home. I want to see you right now.”

I didn’t know what happened but I still rushed to her house. Her parents were out of town and no one else was home. I went upstairs and there she was, in a loose nicker and t-shirt. She was looking so hot. Those sexy thighs were looking amazing. But she looked very sad. I went near her and asked –

Me: What happened, Kanika??

She didn’t say anything. I asked her again and this time, she started crying like a baby. And while sobbing, she said –

Kanika: He broke up with me.. I loved him so much. Still, he broke up.

I got really happy inside after hearing that. Now my best friend can be mine (my mind said to me).

I moved closer to her and calmed her down. I was still focusing on her thighs. Those milky thighs were making me hard.

“It’s okay, Kanika. Calm down. I am there for you, na. Everything will be alright. Don’t cry. It is his loss that he broke up with you. Not yours.”

She was still crying. I then hugged her. She too didn’t say anything, she just cried on my shoulder.

I felt so good hugging her. Her boobs were pressing against my chest. I started to caress her back pretending to be consoling her. I don’t know that she was aware of what I was doing but still, she didn’t stop me. Maybe she was too sad to notice anything.

She said, “Am I that bad, Ritvik? That no one wants to stay with me. I gave him everything. My love, my body, everything. Still, he left me..”

“No Kanika, don’t say like that. You are the most beautiful person anyone can have in their life. He is a bastard who lose. Forget him. You deserve better.”

I planted a kiss on her forehead and said, “I am always there for you no matter what the situation is”, and then I kissed her cheek. She didn’t protest.

By then, I got some courage and thought to make the next move. She was still crying. I slowly placed my lips on her warm lips. Really, I couldn’t get more hard. My 7-inch monster was going crazy inside my jeans. I knew that that night I was going to fuck my best friend and drive her crazy.

She didn’t respond when I kissed her but didn’t push me away too. I think she wanted someone to forget her break up – a sensual escape from her problem.

I was kissing her with more passion by this time. She finally gave up and started responding and was kissing me back with full passion. Our tongues were playing with each other.

While kissing her, I grabbed her soft boob with one hand. What a great feeling! She too was enjoying my every touch. She wanted to feel better that night.

I took her t-shirt off. My bestie was in her black bra now. Her boobs were so pleasing. Her nipples were hard. I kissed her everywhere – on her lips, eyes, her earlobes, and neck. She was getting mad. “Aahh…Aah..Don’t stop, Ritvik. Love me. I am yours tonight..”

I sucked her juicy boobs. When I bit her nipples, she moaned. “Ah, Ritvik…You really know how to make me happy. Don’t stop!”

I kissed her navel. Her hands were running in my hair. I moved further down and then took off her nicker. She was in her black pantie only now.

I kissed Kanika’s thighs, inners thighs. She was wet, totally wet. I think I made her forget everything she was crying about earlier.

Then I took off my best friend’s pantie and there was her beautiful feminine core. Her pussy was so inviting, not a single hair! Totally clean. I licked Kanika’s pussy and she kept moaning, “Omg…Ahh…Ahh…Ritvik, you are so good..Keep doing. Don’t stop”.

I licked her for 10 minutes. When I stopped, Kanika took my jeans and my underwear off which released my monster. She stroked it. Ah, it felt so good. Then I lie down. She kissed on the tip of my penis and then took it all in her mouth. What a feeling it was, guys! I felt like melting.

Kanika was really good at it. It was my best blowjob ever. She drove me totally crazy.

Then she said coming near my ears, “FUCK ME, RITVIK…TAKE ME TONIGHT…SHOW ME HEAVEN.. I AM ALL YOURS..”

I said, “That’s all I ever wanted, baby.”

Kanika then lied down and I placed my penis at the edge of her pussy. I teased her a little bit and then I finally entered her. Oh god, it was truly amazing. The strokes were slower at first and then I fasten up the face. I was kissing her simultaneously. Fucking her was such a heavenly feeling.

Then we changed positions. She came on top of me and took charge. I grabbed her ass and she jumped on my dick.

We fucked in different positions and really it was the best night. My fantasies got fulfilled. Now, we regularly have such fuck sessions where we just have unexplainable sexual fun.

So yeah..Her breakup was my jackpot!

How do you find this story, guys? Do give your honest feedback and if any girl from Delhi who wants to have such pleasure can message me on my email [email protected]

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