Long Drive With A Woman I Met 4 Years Back Online

Hi everyone this is Suraj Gowda new to this website. I am born and brought up in Bangalore. I live in the heart of the city with my parents. I have done my masters of technology. My days are almost packed with so many commitments and work unlike others of my age.

I have been posting my stories in ISS before. Now I would like to share my recent experience with the lady I met on the kik group 4 years ago. As I was writing a few stories for feedback and comments I used the kik app to secure my privacy. I had joined a few Kannada adult groups.

In that, once I got a request from a new ID at first I thought it’s just a male as that app is filled with spammers. After a few days of chatting, she told that she’s from Mumbai and she’s married. She was there looking for a couple to swap partners and enjoy.

I was single at that time so she seems not so interested in chatting with me. But later when I updated my pic, she started chatting again. Once she even sent her live boobs pic on message which gave me the confidence to proceed further to share my nudes.

This went for a few days and there was a gap for months without communication. Then one day I received a message saying I need to tell you something. I asked what was that. So she started saying, “I am sorry I just lied to you many things for securing my privacy.”

She said she’s from Bangalore and she belongs to a cultured family. Then she told me she’s feeling secured with me. So she wants to add me on WhatsApp and Facebook. At first, I was like no as I wasn’t feeling secure. But after a few days, I sent her my Facebook ID and I got a request.

I was completely confused after checking out her profile. A lady who looks so traditional in her saree and her Facebook wall filled with God and some cultural things. Whereas in kik she was almost naked or exposing always. She started texting me on WhatsApp and things have changed between us.

More than sex chatting we started understanding each other. Then she got busy with her kid and I got busy with my work. She just used to text me whenever I change my profile pic. She used to send me some forward messages. This went for almost 3 years. No sex chat or meeting in this period.

Whenever we have a short conversation she used to ask me to meet but we couldn’t meet. But the day came when everything changed back like the initial days. Her husband went to the US for official work. So I started teasing her that your bachelor’s life has started.

She was like yeah it’s very hard to control without him. So I replied with a wink, “ When I am here you don’t need to worry.”
She: Hahaha we never met before. We are not that dare enough.

Me: I am ready to meet you. But you should not be in trouble as you are from a cultural family and your mother-in-law lives with you.
She: Ok tomorrow I am getting my new car delivered. Will you come to receive it? I am not that great a driver.

Me: Oops tomorrow I have another important work. Can you ask the showroom people to drive it to your house?
She: Hmmm ok.

After two weeks
She: Are you free tomorrow
Me: Yeah why?
She: I want to go for a long drive with you. Can you please come?

Me: Of course but what if your neighborhood and your mother in law see me.
She: I have a reason don’t worry. I will say them you are my driving instructor.
Me: Haha smarty
She: Tomorrow come to my place park your bike and we will take the car.

Me: Ok what time?
She: At 10 am. My mother in law will leave and you come after that.
Me: Cool. I am very excited.

The night passed and the day arrived.
Me: Good morning, we are going right?
She: Yes I will tell you once my mother in law leaves.

Time passed. It was 10:30. She was not seeing my messages I thought this plan is also going to be a flop. But finally got a message.
She: Come near *** this address.

I called her and arrived at her home while on call. A woman I met 4 years back and meeting her for the very first time. She was looking hot in her sleeveless top white netted on her shoulder. It is almost exposing her pink bra. She asked me to park the bike inside and invited me in.

She asked if I would like to take water, tea or coffee. I said no. We both were very excited and nervous at the same time. So I couldn’t proceed with anything. She got ready and we went for a ride. While going we were just talking about our friendship.

She started asking how I felt after watching her. I was so excited she was driving and the seat belt was between her boobs making it more highlighting. I told.

Me: We would have had the first ride at home and then in the car.
She: What?
Me: You would have ridden me on top at home instead of hurrying to the long drive.

She: I was waiting that you will come and proceed but you didn’t.
Me: Yes because I was afraid as it’s the very first time seeing you real.
She: I know.

This conversation went for 30 minutes. She stopped the vehicle near the coconut shop. We had coconut water and now she asked me to drive. I thought she was tired but later I gotta know her intention. She placed her hands over my hand on the gear knob and started rubbing.

Slowly she started rubbing my thighs near the cock. I was very hard in my pants. I placed my hand on her thighs. It was smooth as fuck. I pressed it for some time. I placed my hand on her boobs and squeezed it like a horn. It was amazing. She asked me to park somewhere lonely.

But the roads were busy. So I asked, “Shall we go home? Is your mother in law coming late?” She agreed and we headed back home. I parked the car rushed inside the home. She went to the kitchen to get some water. I followed and hugged her from behind

She hugged me back turning around. I started kissing all over her face and rubbing my hands on her back, squeezing her ass, kissing her ears and rubbing my face against her. She took me to her bedroom where we started kissing each other like hungry dogs.

My hand was exploring her body rubbing her everywhere. I started undressing her. Taking off her top, pink bra, leggings, and panty. She was completely naked before me. The body I saw on pics years back is in front of me now. Just wow amazing tits. I started squeezing them and sucking like a baby.

Pressing her boobs from the bottom circling my tongue around her nipples making it harder and harder while playing with her neck. I just started kissing her every inch. On her tummy, navel and reached between her thighs. The pussy was a little hairy.

It was looking so fucking hot black vertical lips between the fair thighs. I couldn’t resist I started eating it. I started with a kiss on those lips and slowly pulled my tongue out. I was licking the walls of her pussy. Wow, what a feeling. Wet pussy smelling arousing.

Holding her pussy lips in the teeth and sucking it like a sucking out melted chocolate from dairy milk wrapper. It was so good. I dipped my tongue in between in her hole. She jerked and pressed my head more into her. I was excited so started eating her more.

I almost buried my face in between her thighs for another 30 minutes. Then she made me stand and unzipped my pant pulled out my cock without taking a chance to see it. She took it in her mouth and started sucking. That’s my first ever blowjob. I was lost in some other world.

Trust me I don’t have words to explain that pleasure. It was so amazing. I was squeezing with her boobs in one hand and rubbing her neck and back in the other.

She: It’s been many days since I got a dick in my pussy. Please fuck me.
And she took the condom out from the cupboard and worn it on my stone-hard cock. I went to insert it in missionary but couldn’t make it.

She: You should let me put it for you.
She placed and asked me to push. I just rammed it in a jerk she moaned. Without taking any time I started to pump her like the horniest man in the world.  She started enjoying and moaning heavily. I took her legs on my shoulder and started banging her like we are living our last moment.

As the room was a bit small we could not try more positions. We just ended up fucking only in missionary for about 25 minutes. Intensely hard fucking and my cum filled that condom while it was in her wet dripping pussy. When we saw the time we were shocked that her mother in law may come at any moment.

So I wore my dress and she just wore one gown without wearing any inners. Our faces were looking so satisfied while leaving. When I started my bike she asked, “Sir, when are you coming for the next driving session?”
Me: Soon, madam.

And our one-day long drive ended up like this. For feedback and comments post me on my mail: [email protected]

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