My Sexy Wife Sara – Part 1

Hello friends, my name is Hassan and my wife’s name is Sara. We both are of 26 years. I am a regular user of this website and now I thought I should share my own story as well. This is a true story of me and my wife. It consists of more than 1 parts so stick with me to get to know the full story.

Sara is an extremely beautiful girl with 5’8” height which is really good as of girls’ standard and her figure is 34-30-34. Full white silky-smooth body. Anyone will get an instant erection by seeing her.

I and Sara were together from college time and we loved each other a lot. And we both were virgins back then. All we knew about sex was from porn. As we moved forward into the relationship we started discussing sex to know the likes and dislikes of one another. And then after a while, we started doing phone sex.

In this way, we used to share our fantasies with each other and try to experience them during phone sex. Time was passing and due to watching a lot of porn I started liking the idea of a threesome in which I Sara and another guy in there. Then I started watching only threesome porn and my fantasy started to be more and more intense.

Now I wanted to tell Sara about my new fantasy.  Although she was very bold in sex, in-fact liked a lot of dirty acts. But she was from a conservative family and having sex with someone other than me was totally out of her mind. I knew that it will be the toughest thing to explain to her why I like it?

How can I like to share her? She will even question my loyalty to her! So initially I did not tell her about this fantasy. I kept it to my self. But I kept watching it more and more and it got more and more intense in me. To the extent that simple sex would not turn me on.

Our phone sex became boring with time. It was at that time I decided to tell her about it and try my best to explain it to her so that she may like it as well. Now I started to search the best time to tell her about it. Then at one time during our phone sex session when she was extremely horny I started talking about my fantasy.

Me: how much more pleasure you will have if your pussy and ass both got fucked at the same time!
Sara: How is it possible?

Me: It is simple, I fuck your pussy and someone else fuck your ass at the same time.

She got furious after listening to my idea. She said, “I love you a lot and can’t even think about any other man. I can even play this fantasy with you.’ Her reaction was as expected. But I was relieved that at least I have told her what I want to do.

At that time I accepted her argument. I changed the topic instantly so we could avoid any deep discussion and it may well have ended at a fight. I intentionally did not discuss it for a few days. After a few weeks, I gathered all my courage. Once again pitched the idea during our phone sex session.

This time she was not that much furious. but once again she was against the idea. But after a little bit of discussion and countless arguments I got her to agree to just play it in the fantasy and nothing more than that. I thought that after playing it in fantasy for a while she will start liking it.

And maybe agree to do it in real one day.  But at least so far so good so I was happy. So in this way for the very first time, a 3rd person entered into our sex life. The time was passing by and our relationship got stronger and stronger. We even told our parents about it.

We wanted to take it to the next level and get married. Our parents had no issues with it and they agreed that ofter our college we will get married. So after this big decision, we both were very happy. We got closer with each other and we started to consider each other as husband and wife. And overall it was a wonderful time.

Now the threesome fantasy was a regular part of our sex life. Every time we had phone sex we included it in our discussion in one way or the other. We both were enjoying it a lot. Initially, Sara was not very much into it. She would always try to skip it.

But I was the one who would always bring it in some way. Then she would play along with the fantasy and eventually enjoy it. And now we would call each other as husband and wife during phone sex session. With this new role of husband and wife, our threesome got more intense.

Because when we would say that someone is fucking my wife it was more intense as compared to the girlfriend. With time passing by, now Sara embraced this fantasy. To this extent that I would purposefully not bring it during our phone sex. But she would bring it herself.

That was the biggest turn on for me. It was a big thing for me. Now after passing the first step that my wife also developed that threesome fantasy like me. I thought of moving it further by putting forward the idea of making it a reality. I asked her that now as you like the idea of a threesome, do you want to do it in reality?

Her reaction was similar to that time when I gave this idea to her for the very first time. This time also she said to me that I will never want to do this and same old loyalty lecture. In my mind I was relaxed because I knew just like the previous time I will make her agree to do it in real.

But it will take some time and a lot of effort. So I started to plan my next moves accordingly. Just like accepting this idea to the fantasy world, it took some time for Sara to accept the idea in the real world. After a lot of discussion and logics, I was successful to explain to her that I love her.

I will love her forever no matter what. This is not at all cheating or anything against her loyalty to me. Because your own husband likes this idea and wants you to do it for our mutual pleasure. Then she agreed to the idea to do it. But her next question was who will be the one with which we will do it?

Can we trust him? Will he not harm me? Or will he care about me the way you do it? And a lot of other such questions. All of her questions were valid and I answered all of them to satisfy her. I told her that she will have full authority to choose the person.

Once she will chooses the person, I will make sure that the person is trustworthy by first meeting him alone and try to get an idea that who he is. And what sort of sex he likes? And a lot of questions to make sure he is the right person. And after that we will meet at some hotel outside our city so that our anonymity remains intact.

After listening to all of my replies she was relaxed. Happy that my husband has thought of all this pre hand and I take care of her so much. Now college was about to end and our marriage date was nearing. I thought of giving this fantasy a try on our honeymoon.

I discussed it with her and she said she is okay with it to try it on our honeymoon. Here I would like to tell you guys about me and my fantasy. I am an average guy with 5’9” height, with average body and a cock of just 5 inches. My timing in bed is also not too good.

I have told Sara about it that I don’t last much in bed. But because she loves me a lot, she said that she doesn’t mind. One of the reasons for her such thoughts was that she was a virgin and she never experienced anything better than mine. So she thought that it does not make much of a difference.

I am almost as straight as I like to have sex with girls only. But I also like to suck cocks. So this makes me a little bi-sexual as well. Sara didn’t know about my cock sucking thing. But as per my experience with Sara during her phone sex, she was a wild girl.

She liked hard, dirty and long sex sessions. But she loves me a lot. So when I told her about my cock size and my timing in bed she didn’t show any displeasure. But I know that she likes the total opposite. But just for me she never complained about it.

I also loved her a lot. So that is why I wanted to give her the pleasure that she really deserved. That is why I wanted a nice man with a bigger cock. The one who can fuck her long and hard so that she can enjoy it to the fullest. Now I created my ID on some adult forums so that I can find the right person for my wife.

My fantasy was not of a regular threesome. But I actually wanted it like a cuckold. In which the other man fucks my wife and I just watch or masturbate while watching them. But Sara doesn’t know about cuckold sex. That is why I have never told her about it but I had a plan for it.

After making the ID on different sites I talked to a lot of people to know them and to find the right person. After talking to a lot of people I have short-listed 2-3 people. In the meantime, I planned so that it could be perfect during our honeymoon. I never wanted to spoil the most important time of our life.

I showed the pics of the 2-3 people to Sara and she picked one of them. I also got nude pics of the boy and showed it to Sara and Sara was horny. After that we including him in our phone sex fantasy. After that Sara was more excited because his cock was much bigger than mine. It was around 8 inches.

He told us that he can fuck for very long sessions and can fuck all night. I finalized the honeymoon spot as well.

I will tell the further details in the next part of our 1st-night sex and how was the lucky boy who got a chance to fuck my sexy wife. Did Sara enjoyed it or not? Your feedback is welcome and most important. My email: [email protected]


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