Science Freak Fucked His Favorite Teachers – Part 2

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This story is the continuation of Ajay, the science freak. He fucks women whom he finds attractive and hot by using his inventions and gadgets.

This incident happened between him and his librarian Sindhu. Sindhu was quite young, aged 26. She was 5 feet 7 inches tall, dusky complexion, 34-27-34. All over, she was hot. She had just got married a year ago, but her husband worked in Dubai and would come to India once in 2 months.

She had the perfect triangular face with a droopy nose with nostrils piercing and pink lips with a beautiful smile. She had almond eyes decorated with kajal and eyeliner. Brown short hair tied into a pony. Her ears were made more beautiful by simple studs. In a word, she was gorgeous.

With all these, she had the most perfect body with a nice and curvy ass. She always used to wear a kurti and leggings to college. Her thick thighs would be held tight by those ankle-length leggings. She wore closed-toe mini heels. Just anyone would fall for her. She was that hot.

But she was different from others. She was very straightforward, open-minded, and kind of rude, because of which many people did not like her much.

The problem for Ajay was, he couldn’t visit the library every day. His college had set rules such that his class students can visit the library only once a week.

It was Tuesday, and Ajay had to wait till Friday to go to the library. Ajay was very desperate to fuck the new woman. He was bored fucking Sandhya, as she was pregnant too. Ajay didn’t feel comfortable to fuck her until she delivers her baby.

He suddenly realized he had invented the greatest device of all time. He could use it whenever and where ever he wants to stop the time.

It was a sunny 11 am, and Sandhya was teaching. He turned his watch towards him and activated his device instantly. The device slowed down the time, and everyone around him froze.

At first, he went near Sandhya, his ex-fuck doll. He licked her hairy armpits as she was wearing a sleeveless blouse that day. He kissed her red lips and enjoyed for a minute. Then he went to the library to fuck his new woman Sindhu.

He saw that there were many people in the library, he searched for Sindhu everywhere. He found her on the ladder arranging some books.

Oh! What a view! She was wearing a sleeveless yellow kurti with white leggings. She had raised her hand as to reach the books kept higher. She was sweating, and clothes near her clean shaved armpits were wet. She was looking magnificent!

He could no longer resist. He pulled down her tight white leggings, which were holding her fat, thick thighs altogether. It was too tight, the leggings didn’t come down. So, he just caressed her thighs on her leggings.

He then climbed up beside her and licked all her sweat from the clean-shaved armpits. He slowly removed her leggings from the top. He was quite shocked to see Sindhu was such a naughty woman. She had shaved her pubic hair to a heart-shaped style. More surprisingly, she had not even worn a panty.

The kurti was a hindrance between AJ and Sindu’s delicious pussy. So, he removed her kurti and was surprised again to see her wear a black semi-transparent bra. Her boobs were so big, her nipples were already hard and were seen from the bra.

But first, AJ had to suck Sindu’s pussy. He got down the ladder, licked her pussy, and then sucked it while he caressed her thick thighs with his hands. Her pussy was already wet. It seemed she hadn’t had sex for quite a while.

Sindhu’s body was very horny for hot and steamy sex. It was her boobs turn now. He again climbed the ladder and unhooked her bra. Those big boobs popped out and licked all around her areola. Then sucked her nipples as if he was her baby.

Then Ajay was all ready for having a good fuck with Sindhu. But here, the problem was, she was on the ladder. It wouldn’t be possible for him to fuck her there. He had no other option other than unfreezing the time so that she gets down the ladder.

Ajay put her dress back sadly. He moved away from the ladder to a place where Sindhu couldn’t see him, but he could see her. He used his watch and unfroze the time. Everyone started moving.

He was watching Sindhu keenly. She felt very weird, as though something was not right. She felt as though she wants to have great sex. Then she felt the wetness near her pussy. She slowly touched and realized that her leggings are wet. Whereas she knew she was not on periods.

Sindhu immediately rushed to the washroom to check on her leggings. Ajay followed her. Ajay did not know that Sandhya and Sindhu were good friends. Sandhya would tell all her experiences to Sindhu. So Sindhu got a doubt that it was her turn. She was very curious to know the amazing fuck boy.

Sindhu wanted to catch the person red-handed, which Ajay knew nothing of. He continued following her. Sindhu got a feeling that someone was following her, so she went into the washroom. As it was a faculty washroom, no one would come there as everyone was busy in their classes.

Ajay was standing outside the door, and Sindhu said, “Whoever you are, you can show your face. I know you are the guy who is fucking Sandhya recently without her knowing.

Ajay was in shock. He didn’t know how to respond. He thought of just walking away from there. And all of a sudden, Sindhu said, “It’s ok, buddy, it is just that even I want to get fucked by you the way Sandhya would.”

Ajay was astonished. Sindhu continued, “But the difference is, with me, you have my consent. As you are in college now, even you are legal to fuck. I don’t get good sex from my husband. We can be fuck partners as even our age difference isn’t much.”

Ajay was convinced, he said, “I have one condition.”

Sindhu said, “I don’t care what it is, but I agree to it,” she was very desperate.

Ajay came forward and showed himself. As Ajay was popular, Sindhu recognized him immediately. She exclaimed, “Oh my god, Ajay, it was you!”

Ajay said, “Yes, it was me. This must remain between us. If this goes out, your life would be destroyed.”

Ajay had a high-level influence in politics and everywhere. He knew many people, so destroying a librarian’s life would be a piece of cake to him. Sindhu agreed. She was very curious and asked Ajay to reveal how he did all those things. But as of now, Ajay was only interested in fucking her.

He told her that he will tell about that later, and now he has to fuck. Even Sindhu was horny, she too agreed to him as all she cared about was good sex. But here, the time was running, and there was a huge risk of someone coming to the washroom.

So, he had to think fast. Very quickly, he realized that his device won’t work inside a Faraday cage. There was a newly bought Faraday cage in the physics lab.

He asked Sindhu to go to the physics lab and stay inside the Faraday cage for 1 minute, and he would wait outside. She trusted Ajay, and she went into the physics lab. As she was the faculty, she could go anywhere she wished to, and no one would question her.

She went inside the cage. He quickly activated his device, and everyone froze, and time had slowed down. Sindhu came out and was shocked. Everyone was frozen other than her and AJ.

Ajay asked Sindhu to chose a place where they could fuck comfortably. She remembered the sick room where there were a few beds kept for unwell people. Rarely anyone would go there. They both went there.

AJ was already very horny. As soon as going there, he pushed her to the bed and started kissing her passionately. Sindhu, too, was horny and desperate for a good and rough fuck. Their tounges danced inside each other’s mouths and exchanged their steaming saliva.

AJ could no longer wait. He quickly removed his shirt and pants. He undressed her very roughly, but she liked it. Sindhu was lying on the bed, and AJ got on top of her. Sindhu gave a naughty smile, which turned him on. He lay on her started kissing her again, with his hand rubbing her pussy through her leggings.

She was moaning. This was the first time AJ was fucking a conscious woman. Sindhu got up and removed her kurti and bra. AJ pressed and massaged her boobs, making Sindhu very, very horny. Now she wanted his dick badly.

Sindhu removed his underwear, and his big, erected thick dick popped out. She took it in her hands and started stroking it. Even AJ wanted her pussy. So they both could get what they wanted was by 69 position. They got into the position and began their desired work.

Sindhu stroked his dick very well, this was AJ’s first-ever handjob experience, and he enjoyed it thoroughly. AJ licked her pussy all around on her wet leggings and sucked all her juices through it. He could no longer wait to enjoy more of Sindhu’s pussy.

AJ just tore her leggings. Sindhu didn’t seem to care as she busy stroking the rock-hard cock. AJ tongued her pussy while rubbing it. Then he started to finger her pussy slowly. While he did that, it was Sindhu’s turn to advance to the next level. Sindhu licked the tip of his dick and took the whole dick into her mouth.

Ajay was in heaven. He had never experienced anything like this before. Sindhu, too, was getting hornier as he finger fucked her pussy. Both competed who is gonna seduce each other better. It would be AJ who would do it better.

He fucked her pussy with his fingers so rapid that she had an orgasm and came in minutes. Sindhu gave a huge and loud moan. Now Sindhu’s pussy could no longer wait for the monster cock to destroy and tear it. Sindhu got off him. She made AJ sit on the bed end.

She sat on his thighs, face to face, slowly penetrating his dick into her pussy. They kissed slowly, and AJ started moving her up and down. The big-fat cock made it all the way in slowly and steadily. Sindhu left a loud pleasure moan. AJ knew that that was her spot.

He increased the speed slowly. She was enjoying it. Her pussy wrapped around his dick tightly. Every instance of him realizing that he was fucking Sindhu, her thick thighs lying on his thighs. Every moment they kissed, turned him on more and more.

He began to fuck her hard and rough. Sindhu was shouting with pleasure, “Oh fuck! Ajay, fuck me harder.” Sindhu began to go crazy. She shouted again, “Now I know why Sandhya always loved when you fucked her. Fuck, I am so jealous of her.”

All her hair, boobs, her entire body was bouncing. She was about to come again. She held Ajay tighter and wrapped him with his arms and thighs. This was the best feeling Ajay would ever get. He, too, got crazy and fucked her to his max speed. She again gave a loud moan and came all over Ajay’s dick.

Sindhu found it impressive that Ajay had so much stamina, and he did not even cum yet. It was Sindhu’s turn. She pushed Ajay on the bed, and she started riding his dick hard. Her hair was jumping all over. She pressed her boobs and licked them while doing it.

Oh! by looking at this, AJ was aroused. He was almost cumming. He told that to her. She asked him to wait because even she had to cum again. He pulled her towards him, and she lay on Ajay. Before she could say anything, he locked his lips with her.

He grabbed her ass and started fucking her very hard. So hard that Sindhu lost her sense and shouted whenever he hit her spot hard. AJ gave the countdown to cum together. Before he could finish it, Sindhu came. Then came AJ inside her pussy, leaving all his hot steamy semen inside it.

Oh! This was the best sex they both had ever had in their life. Sindhu never had come even twice while fucking her husband. Sindhu lay down on AJ for few minutes to cool down and enjoy the feeling of after sex. Her boobs were pressing against AJ.

His dick was still inside her. All his semen was leaking out of her pussy. Looking at all of this, he was getting turned on again. He was not done yet. While Sindhu tried to relax on him, his dick erected again inside her pussy.

Before Sindhu could say something, he again locked her lips with his and kissed, exchanging saliva. He fucked her slowly and then increased his speed and fucked her hard again. He made her fall on the bed, and he got on top of her.

She smiled, and she was all tired. He took her thick thighs in his hands for his support and fucked her so hard. This time her pussy wrapped his dick so tight he could barely move it. No matter what, he fucked her and fucked her, harder and harder, hitting her spot again and again.

Sindhu did not even have the energy to shout. But because of the extreme pleasure she was receiving, she started to moan loud. This time AJ had the perfect view of her magnificent body, unlike before.

Again this aroused him. He increased his speed again. Sindhu enjoyed every bit of it. She bit her lips in the heat to control her moans. AJ lay down on her and kissed her again, and those boobs pressing against his chest. She wrapped him with her hands and legs.

She took out her lips and shouted, “Uhh, I am cumming, Ajay!” her whole body shook. This was her best orgasm ever. He couldn’t control it anymore and came again inside her pussy.

Now both were tired and slept beside each other for a few minutes to cool down. Sindhu tried to come and lay on AJ again, but he warned her for another round. She was very tired and could faint if she fucked again. So she did not lay on him.

Laying beside him, Sindhu said, “Who knew that you fuck women so well? Your girlfriend must be really lucky.”

AJ told her, “Well, that is it, I don’t have a girlfriend! that is the reason I fuck others.”

Sindhu was startled. She said, “I can be your girlfriend.” AJ felt happy, but he exclaimed, “But you ma’am, are married.”

Sindhu laughed, “I guess now we are more than a student-teacher. How does it matter if I am married? However, I don’t get fucked good. My husband doesn’t even care for me nor love me.”

“He visits me only once in a blue moon. Who knows, even he can be having an affair there. I am lonely, and even you are. Hence we can make a good couple and be for each other.”

AJ was very happy hearing this, “I too have no one to love. My parents, too, do not care about me and care more about my younger brother. Even I feel we can be good partners. But the sad part is you are older than me. I find other women attractive want to fuck them. We can neither have kids nor marry.”

Sindhu smiled and said, “The age factor does not matter when there is love. I have no issues with you fucking other women. We can fuck them together too. I agree we can’t marry. That is tough. But who told you we can’t have kids?”

AJ was confused and asked her how!

Sindhu exclaimed, “Just the way you made Sandhya pregnant! When my husband comes to visit me next, he wants to have a baby. So when we will fuck at that time, I will use pills. Later you fuck me and get me pregnant. That is it. My husband will never know that you are the father of that kid.”

AJ was shocked to hear that Sandhya was carrying his baby. But it did not matter to him as he cared only about sex. He agreed to whatever Sindhu said and was very happy that he got a partner to love and fuck.

Sindhu got up and got dressed, and so did Ajay. Sindhu then realized that her leggings were torn. But she didn’t care as her kurti would cover it. They promised each other that this would remain between them. Sindhu wouldn’t tell Sandhya that it was AJ who made her pregnant.

Sindhu first went to the washroom to wash out the semen off as it was dripping all the way she walked. Ajay went to his classroom and sat there as though nothing had happened again. And he deactivated his device. Everyone unfroze.

Sandhya felt sticky near her armpits as AJ had licked it earlier. But she didn’t know about it, even she continued her class. Everything seemed normal, and things went on normal.

Both Sindhu and AJ couldn’t stop thinking about each other. Maybe a true love story had begun. AJ and Sindhu’s love story and their sex adventures in college days will be continued.

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