Nikita And Pooja Explore Lesbian Sex

Hey there, I hope you are enjoying your day. This is Pooja here with a story about my first-time lesbian sex experience. I am 34 years old and married to Rohit for the last 6 years.

We are basically from Chennai. Rohit got a job in Bangalore, So we had to relocate to Bangalore. Rohit found a new apartment for us in a nice gated community. We had more than 100 families living in the same community.

The New Year was approaching. This was my first New Year in Bangalore. I haven’t mingled with anyone here as I recently shifted. Rohit told me there is a New Year celebration party in the clubhouse.

He asked me to join and make friends. He said he won’t be available that week as he has a business trip. I was angry that he wont be there.

Finally, New Year came. Our celebrations started in the evening. I went to see what is happening there. I was wearing a glittering blue saree with a see-through sleeveless blouse, showing my cleavage a bit. I was bareback, exposed stomach, and my saree was well below the fairly toned navel.

I forget to mention my assets 34-26-35. I was sitting in one corner, and the organizer said we would do a game dance. We have to dance like a couple on the paper put on the floor. As I did not have any partner, I did not bother much. But the organizer noted I singled out and called me.

He introduced me to Nikita and said that she doesn’t have a partner. So you both can join this game. Nikita was so gorgeous. I was awestruck by her beauty. She was wearing a black saree with a sleeveless blouse. I could see well-developed cleavage.

The saree tucked below her milky white navel made her looked just perfect. We introduced each other and joined the dance. We were made to stand on a piece of paper, and we had some gap between us. Her perfume smell was so good. And we were making our simple moves to the music.

Then the organizer asked to fold the paper again. Nikita came close to me and wrapped her hands around my shoulder. I wrapped my hands around her. In no time, she again asked to fold the paper in half. This time we didn’t have space to stand together.

We are touching each other’s bodies. Her boobs were pressing against mine. I felt uncomfortable. However, as I joined the game, I don’t want to back out in the middle. I managed to keep my face a little away so that our lips don’t meet. It was so close.

I thought that will be the last round, but the organizer again asked us to fold the paper. This time we had to press each other again. Our boobs were almost flattened, and our cheeks are brushing each other. She whispered in my ears in a joking tone, “Pooja, you are making me feel hot now.”

I did not know how to react and what she really meant. I smiled and said, “You too.” As the press was so close, we literally hugged so tight to win the game on a single piece of paper. I was able to sense it was a hug like my hubby does at times.

I was imagining the feel of a girl hugging me so tight and her hair serum getting into my sense. She slowly started to rub my back. Before I could sense this, I slipped and fell down, and she picked me up. We came out of the clubhouse. Nikita asked me about my evening plans.

As I didn’t have any plan, I said I am completely free. She invited me to her home. I went along with her. In the lift, we are looking at each other. I was admiring her beauty. I don’t know when was the first time that I had a different feel for Nikita. With all that play we had at the clubhouse.

Nikita let me inside her house. We were comfortably sitting on the sofa and talking about each other. She said she was living alone there for the last few months. Her hubby has gone on an onsite trip.

She started saying that my hubby is lucky to have such a beautiful wife. I asked, “How is your hubby managing without you there?” She said we do video calls and do virtual sex. And she went to get a cup of coffee for me.

She said, “Pooja, your blouse buttons are unhooked.” Before I could make a change, she came behind and helped me. Without me expecting, she kissed me on the back and said, “You are maintaining so nicely.”

I got an electric shock inside my body and kissed her back on her cheeks and said, “You are looking so sexy too.” Nikita said, “You were made feel so horny during the paper dance.” She pulled me towards herself and started hugging me so tight. She started rubbing my ass over my saree.

I could sense her nipples pinching my boobs. “Nikita, you are not wearing a bra, right?” She smiled and nodded. She went down and started licking my navel by sliding my saree. I was holding her head. I got lost in lust, and she pulled me to her aromatic bedroom.

In no time, she unhooked my blouse to see my red wine color bra inside. She pulled it down and started sucking my left boobs and nipples. I started moaning a bit. My saree was removed in no time, and she went inside my petticoat and pulled my red panty, and started licking my clit.

I would say she was more aggressive than my hubby on the bed. She started licking my clit and pushed her finger inside my pussy. In no time, I cum over her face. She was licking my pussy walls, and she drank all juice. She asked me to help her doing the same.

I got up and pushed her on the bed. Her boobs were already out of her blouse. I started sucking. It felt good as I am sucking boobs for the first time. She held both the boobs in her hands. I was sucking and biting her nipple hard. She started moaning loudly.

I kissed her all the way down her navel and then till pussy. I licked clit by closing it with my lips and sucked her tip with my tongue. She had a bigger clit which was easy to hold and suck with my lips and tongue. In no time, she had thrown an 8-inch dildo.

She took it from under her pillow and gave it to me. I was so excited to see it as it was the first time I saw a dildo in real. I licked the dildo and rubbed it on my wet pussy. And then moved it on her pussy walls and teased her for some time.

I slowly pushed it in. It looked like my hubby’s dick in size and thickness. I pushed it in and out of her pussy. Then she asked me to take it out and said, “Let’s do scissoring.” I wondered what’s that.

She pulled me down and took one of my legs in her. She came across and started rubbing her pussy against mine. It was feeling so good to get rubbed on another pussy.

I was moaning louder and louder. We were rolling over each other. 34D breasts pressed against each other, making sounds and body sweat as we rolled around. Getting tired, I was lying in bed. Pooja went to the kitchen and came back.

She closed my eyes with a cloth nearby and spread my legs again. She had put some cold chilling ice cubes on my pussy and rubbed it all over the pussy. On the one hand, she rubbed the ice cubes on my clit. On the other hand, she slowly inserted the dildo inside my pussy and started fucking me with it.

My god, she was so dominant and sexy girl. I took the ice cubes from the box and started rubbing them against her pussy. I gave the same pleasure she gave me. She cummed so hard and loud, and I licked her juices flowing from her sexy pink pussy.

I lay there, and that day I slept in her house as both of our hubbies were out of town. We had another 2 sessions in the night. Thanks, Nikita, for helping me realize my lesbian feelings.

I hope you liked my story. If yes, can you guess the size of Nikita’s assets? Share it in an email to me [email protected]. Girls, I am waiting for your answers and feedback on my other stories as well.

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