Green University – Part 5

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Aryan and Manisha finished their fucking session before preparing the dinner. They eat together and head towards Aryan’s bedroom where much more fun awaits. Inside Sam’s apartment, Sam is having dinner with his college friend Harry.

Harry looks like a normal guy with an average body, but he is wild in bed. He looks like a nerd with his glasses but when he gets naked, any girl wants to take his thick and 8.5 inches long, black, shaft inside her. Standing just 5’10 tall, he also doesn’t have a physique like Sam and Aryan.

Harry started working in a suburban area far from the town while his best friend at college, Sam started his job in the town. Like Sam, Harry is also kind of shy but that doesn’t mean he is still a virgin. He has had a few girlfriends during college and that time, he used to fuck a lot.

However, things changed after he started his job. In a suburban area, and far from the city, he rarely gets to see a girl, let alone fuck any. He makes more money than Sam and Aryan but is deprived of sexual life, he needs a change in his life.

Both the friends are having their dinner, and having a normal conversation about work and other random things. Sam finally opens up to explain to Harry about the admission to Green University.

Sam: Harry, did you find anyone to fuck? (laughs).

Harry: I don’t even want to talk about that bro. I don’t even remember the last time I got a proper hard-on. (laughs)

Sam (eating food): Aryan was telling me about the Green University, and he wants us three to take admission there.

Harry (being curious): Really? I am in. Anything will be better than this. At least I will be able to jerk off peacefully. (laughs).

Sam: Yes, he was telling me that they have a common hostel for both boys and girls.

Harry (getting excited): That will be so much fun bro. As far as I know, boys rarely take admissions in the master’s program which means the hostel will be filled with girls only.

Sam who is still hesitant about everything, smiles at Harry and they finish their dinner together. Sam now has to convince Sandhya because he doesn’t want to lose her.

Meanwhile, inside Sandhya’s room, she is with her office colleague, Ankita. Ankita joined the office 2 days before Sandhya and now, they are like best friends who share everything with each other. Ankita lives few blocks away from Sandhya, and that also helped them build such a strong trust in a short time.

Unlike Sandhya, Ankita is experienced in the case of sex. She used to be with lots of guys during her college days and she still has a boyfriend. She is kind of slutty and is always looking for hot guys to fuck with. There are rumors in the office that she has already fucked with some of the seniors from her department.

Talking about her appearance, she has a white, skin tone and likes to dress sluttily and flaunt her 36’ huge, bubble butt. She has a height of 5’6 and her 34’ boobs and 26’ waist have perfectly balanced her overall look. She likes to keep her hair short and with dress-up, always exposes her major assets, she is an instant hard-on.

As Ankita is really close to Sandhya, it is no surprise that Sandhya has shared everything about Sam with her. Sandhya has already told her about how things initiated in the chat and then how they end up kissing each other in Sam’s cabin.

Ankita who has been bored with her boyfriend’s tiny dick, and below-par performance in the bedroom, get curious about Sandhya’s relationship with Sam. Both the girls are on the bed resting their heads and back on the headboard. Both are under the blanket and using their phone.

Ankita (curiously): You didn’t tell me in detail about your action with Sam in the cabin Sandhya.

Sandhya (still looking at her phone): I already told you, everything babe.

Sandhya texts Sam a “Goodnight,” message as she talks with Ankita.

Ankita: No, you didn’t. You just told me that you guys kissed, that’s all. You guys just kissed? (She asks giving Sandhya a flirty look and holding her shoulder).

Sandhya (with a shy smile): Yes, we just kissed and he put me on his lap and I felt his penis on my vagina. I was super wet that time. (She just laughs covering her face with her hands).

Ankita (getting excited): Oh my god! Did you feel his dick on your pussy? That’s a hot babe. How big was it? (She completely turns towards Sandhya and winks at her).

Sandhya (feeling shy and excited at the same time): It was huge. I don’t think I could ever take that inside me. (She laughs).

Ankita to herself: I would take that inside every hole on my body. (Her pussy starts itching imagining the size of Sam’s cock).

Ankita: No babe, you are going to have so much fun with that cock.

Sandhya (curiously): It will not hurt me, babe? I can hardly push a finger inside me.

Ankita (in a flirty tone): I can teach you if you want then. But you have to do it every night and trust me, you will feel no pain when Sam puts his thing inside you. (Ankita really wants to calm down her pussy, one way or another).

Sandhya (a little excited and a little hesitant): Will you? It won’t be awkward?

Ankita moves closer to Sandhya and presses her boobs.

Ankita: It will be fun, babe. (Sandhya tries to push Ankita’s hand away as both girls laugh).

Sandhya hesitates a little but eventually, agrees to learn from Ankita.

Ankita (getting excited): Do you have olive oil or some kind of natural oil to use as lube? It will be easy with lube.

Sandhya (a little anxious and surprised): Yes, I have olive oil.

She gets down from the bed and takes out a bottle of olive oil from her drawer. Before Sandhya turns around and sees her, Ankita takes off her clothes and gets naked. She is now sitting on the bed resting her back on the headboard. Her legs are bent and wide open. Sandhya cannot believe her eyes and stares at Ankita’s already wet pussy.

Sandhya: What are you doing? Why are you, naked babe?

Ankita spreads her labia and touches her clit slowly. She has a little amount of hair just above her pussy whereas it is clean-shaved everywhere.

Ankita: How can I teach you without a demonstration? Now take off your clothes and join me. (She laughs).

Sandhya obliges like a little child, and takes off her top and shorts, and stays there in her bra and panties. Ankita moves her eyes all over Sandhya’s body and slowly rubs her wet pussy.

Ankita (feeling horny and excited): What are you waiting for babe? Just take those off and come here.

Sandhya covers her boobs and pussy as she gets naked, and sits on the bed beside Ankita. After the meeting with Sam in his cabin, Sandhya has shaved her pussy. So it still looks clean and shiny.

Ankita (staring at Sandhya’s pussy): Clean shaved huh? For Sam?

Ankita teases Sandhya and pinches her on the belly. Sandhya moves her hands away from her pussy and boobs as she feels tickled. She pats on Ankita’s shoulder and sits there with her legs wide open just like Ankita.

Sandhya: Now teach me. (Sandhya seems excited and happy and at the same time, starts feeling naughty with naked Ankitaat her side).

Ankita: Okay, follow me then.

Ankita puts her middle finger inside her mouth and sucks it like a lollipop. Sandhya does the same. Ankita makes sure her finger is wet enough before taking it to her pussy. Sandhya starts getting wet down there looking at Ankita. Ankita doesn’t say a thing and with her eyes closed, rubs her clitoris.

Ankita (moaning slowly): Think about Sam and his hard cock. That will help you get horny.

Sandhya who is already feeling horny closes her eyes and rubs her clitoris. She moans as well. Her pussy juice starts oozing out of her cunt. Spreading the labia with one hand, Sandhya rubs her clit and rolls her finger around it.

Ankita opens her eyes and looks at Sandhya who is enjoying playing with her clitoris. Ankita slowly takes her hand to Sandhya’s boobs and presses it. Sandhya who is in her own world dreaming about Sam and his fat cock, inserts the middle finger inside her cunt. The touch of Ankita on her boobs makes her hornier.

Ankita slowly moves between Sandhya’s legs and caresses her face.

Ankita: Imagine Sam touching you like this.

Sandhya moans slowly as Ankita says that, and she arches her back in pleasure. Ankita herself is leaking down there but she focuses on Sandhya as she desperately wants to see her orgasm. So she slowly moves her hands down and grabs Sandhya’s boobs.

Ankita takes her mouth to Sandhya’s face and moves her lips on Sandhya’s face.

Ankita (whispering in Sandhya’s ear): Take out your finger and let me fuck you with my cock babe.

Sandhya obliges like she is taking orders from Sam himself. Sandhya with her eyes still closed slides down and sleeps with her legs wide open. Ankita slowly takes her hand between Sandhya’s legs and touches her wet pussy.

Sandhya trembles and arches her back in pleasure. Ankita uses her middle finger and index finger to rub Sandhya’s cunt. After rubbing Sandhya’s pussy for a while, Ankita slowly pushes her middle finger inside. Sandhya lets out a gentle moan as Ankita fingers her.

Sandhya: Mmmmmm, put another inside. Fuck me with everything you have.

Ankita gets surprised by Sandhya’s words and doesn’t take much time to put another finger inside. Sandhya just moans and enjoys Ankita’s two fingers inside her pussy. With her fingers all inside Sandhya, Ankita moves her fingers to touch every side of Sandhya’s vaginal wall.

Sandhya (moaning and breathing heavily): Fuck me more babe. It feels so good.

Ankita cannot wait to see Sandhya reach her climax, so she takes out her fingers and arranges her three fingers in a cylindrical shape. She then slowly pushes her fingers inside Sandhya’s pussy. This time, Sandhya feels so much pain and tries to move her body away.

Ankita holds on to her and pours some olive oil on Sandhya’s pussy. She then pushes it hard inside and everything is inside Sandhya. Sandhya screams in pain, tears roll down her cheeks. Ankita, with her fingers inside Sandhya’s pussy, bends herself and gives a smooch to Sandhya.

Ankita (whispering in Sandhya’s ear): This is the first step to take Sam’s cock inside your pussy.

Sandhya somehow controls herself even though she is still feeling the pain. She also bleeds a little but after some time, the pain goes away. So she moves her body; Ankita gets the sign and slowly moves her fingers back and forth inside Sandhya’s pussy.

Sandhya, who was in so much pain a few minutes ago, now starts enjoying again. Ankita makes it more enjoyable by increasing the speed. Sandhya closes her eyes and grabs her tits in pleasure.

Ankita fingers her like that for five minutes before Sandhya finally reaches her climax. She shivers and her pussy vibrates like a spring. She moves her whole body up and down in pleasure.

Sandhya (reaching her climax): Oh my god, this feels so good. Fuck, I am cumming, babe.

Ankita licks her fingers covered with Sandhya’s juice and with a smile on her face, gives Sandhya a smooch on her lips. Ankita then gets up and puts on a long maxi. She goes to clean herself whereas Sandhya just stays there on the bed with a satisfying smile. She has never felt like this before and that clearly shows on her face.

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