Yoga Turned To Sexercise

After the 4th semester, I had a lot of time in my hands. There was a small vacation. It was about one and a half months long. So I decided to stay with my aunt. One reason was that my aunt was hot and I used to have a crush on her. She had a yoga club in her colony.

I thought I could help her out with somethings in her colony. She was more than happy. I reached her house in the morning. She opened the door and hugged. Her chest rubbed off on mine. She told me that I had become better. I am a lean guy of course. But it’s the thick dick I have that makes an impression.

My aunt Aleena was quite lean but had a good figure. She had a swaying ass and wheatish complexion. She told me to come in and offered me some tea. She said that she had arranged a room on the top floor. I could go doze off as I was very tired. I slept off after getting into home wear.

I woke up with hardwood in the evening. My aunt used to have a yoga club in a huge terrace. It was after the hall near my room. I went there just wearing my trousers. My thick and hard dick could be seen. I just watched it for some time. I think some of them might have noticed it.

I came back in with a little shyness. That night during dinner my uncle asked me if I could help out aunt in her class. I agreed readily to it. Not just because I wanted to get close to aunt. She used to conduct a class for the housewives of the colony.

In the morning I would help Aleena with chores. In the evening it was her class. I would help with the women and help them reposition their bodies. Sometimes take over the class when aunt Aleena was busy. I got on jolly well with ladies in class.

Especially one in particular. Avantika was her name. She was quite plump. She had this cute face and I loved her way of talking. She was quite friendly. We started to talk over after class. She was one of my aunt s classmates. Her smile was a great charm for me. I tried to get closer to her day by day.

I used to pass down some pointers for her. I took her number and started to chat with her. Our chats sometime would turn flirtish. One of the weekends, I was chatting with her. I asked her about the plans for the weekend. She said it was too hot to do anything. I told you could other things to pass time.

I asked her about her husband. She was reluctant to reply. One day after class, I went out shopping with her as she asked my aunt if I could accompany her. We were having coffee that day and she told me about her husband. They were a happily married couple.

But afterward, she had learned he has an affair and now rarely comes home. She is the laughing stock of the colony. She started sobbing. I put my hand on her shoulder and reassured her that’s not true. I told her she was a lovely person and maybe he can’t see you as a good person. Our outings went on.

It was one of those days. She invited me to stay over her house as my aunt had to go to her native and uncle was on a business trip. I knew she needed a man’s touch. Her husband gave her the least care. But I could help her get it. As there was no yoga club, I used to help her practice yoga at home.

I used to help her with stretching exercises. In all the poses. I would touch her boobs and her thighs slightly. I could see her facial expressions with a twitch. I wanted to see how far could I go with it. I helped her stand in a forward plank position. I then came back rubbing her hand through her navel to her butt.

Then I caressed it slowly squeezing as I helped her into the position. She was getting heated up. I knew that. Each time I helped her to a position inadvertently touch her body. Rub on her back. Pinch her elbow. She just looked at me gave me a naughty smile each time.

We finished up after some time. She then went to take a bath. While I waited out on the sofa with semi-hard dick. She then gave me a naughty smile as she went to her bedroom and close the door. I waited out in the hall. Then I heard her call out my name. I went to the room.

Surprisingly the room wasn’t latched. She was behind the bathroom door. With her hair wet. Her body dripping water. I could see her thighs. I was awestruck at first. Her hand extended outside the door and asked me to get her dress from the drawer. I did and handed it over to her.

As her wet hands received the dress, it rubbed on my hand. My dick was on full fuck mode now. I wanted to try something. Truthfully. I was scared and taken back at the same moment. But my choice was to get back to the hall. I spent the rest of the time there.

Reimagining the site I saw again and again in my mind. Then she came out of the bathroom. With a loose teeshirt and pants. She then dried up her hair and told me she would go to make breakfast. I was just nodding, still in shock. As she passed by me she rubbed on my cheeks.

I didn’t know what to do. But I knew I had to get her. I then went behind her. I went to the kitchen and hugged her from behind and kissed her below her neck. I knew she would get startled but. Even though she jumped and turned towards me, she didn’t resist. She wanted it.

We then looked at each other’s eyes. There was only lust nothing else. I leaned my head towards her red juicy lips. Slowly sucked on them which then turned to a passionate kiss. She turned and looked at me straight into the eye. We kissed passionately.

While our hands explored each other’s bodies, I rubbed through her figure. After a couple of minutes of kissing. I rubbed my hands to her navel in the teeshirt and kissed her neck and bite her eyes. She moaned lightly. We then moved into her bedroom.

As soon as we entered the bedroom, she pushed me to her bed and started to tease me. She removed her dress on by one. Finally, she was in a red panty and red lace bra. Her boobs were big and juicy with those brown nipples waiting to be sucked. She then came near me and sat on my lap.

As she undressed me, I kissed her neck all over from sides to her cleavage. Then I moved into kissing her ear and bite it. She then reached in my trousers. She gave a light touch. My dick hard rod jumped into her hand and we kissed again. As my hands went into her bra and started to fondle those boobs slowly.

I kept on kissing her neck as I rubbed down on her spine to her bra hook and dropped it on the floor I don’t know what came over me. I was suddenly a beast. I lost my control as I took her head bumped into it as I kissed her and my hand on her nipples.

She then kissed and licked my body down to my dick and gave me the best blowjob. She was a pro. Though she didn’t let me cum. I was in cloud nine. After that. We both sat on the bed. I started to massage her large boobs. I sucked on her boobs as if I was a hungry baby for food.

After sucking her boobs, I fondling them for some time. I moved down to her pussy and slowly rubbed over it. Then she played with her clitoris and started finger fucking. Within seconds, it became wet with juices. I could feel the tightness and warmth of her pussy.

I then kissed her deep from her boobs to her navel. Then I lowered me to between her legs. Then I gave a deep kiss to her at her pussy. I then started to lick her pussy lips. She felt like tickling. As she moaned lightly. I then grabbed her pussy while licking her pussy with my tongue deep inside her.

She moaned lightly for my touches and started enjoying the licking. I bit her lips raised herself at her hips. I caressed my hair and pushed me down to lick her more. Soon I put in my fingers into her pussy as I swirled in her insides. I played with her nipples. Her body started to shiver as she came on my face.

I then rose myself as she pulled me in to fall on her as she locked her legs behind me. She told me to fuck her wildly. I fell on her boobs. I rubbed on their softness. I then started to suck on those nipples while rubbing my penis on her pussy lips. She placed her hands on my back.

I kept on rubbing as she squeezed my ass and pulled it close. I then gave a hard push into her pussy. She gave a great moan. I kissed her as my dick felt the warmth of her pussy and it crushed my cock like anything. I then started to pump her slowly.

I licked her armpits, her neck and fondled her boobs. After some time, I pumped her like an engine. She was moaning like hell. The room was full of pumping sound. She moaned and had another orgasm. I pumped her more and more till I came inside her.

After crazy sex, I kept on sucking her boobs as we lay in each other’s arms. Later she went to the bathroom to clean up. I entered along with her. I washed her back and had wild sex there.

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