Green University – Part 7

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Sam, Aryan, and Harry plan to visit White valley university the next day. The whole day, three friends just stay in the apartment and talk about all the fun they will probably have at White valley university. At Sandhya’s house, Ankita has left, and all she has in her mind is Anish and his throbbing cock.

In the evening, Sam calls Sandhya for coffee data to tell her that he is probably going to leave for White valley university. Sandhya says, okay, and the two meet at the nearby coffee shop. Sam does not want to lose Sandhya even though he still has Shruti all over his mind.

Therefore, to impress Sandhya, Sam dresses in a white shirt and black cotton pant that perfectly complements his muscular physique. On the other hand, Sandhya is so happy and excited that she has already planned to stay the whole night with Sam.

Sandhya already has permission from her uncle to stay out, and she dresses in a short red dress. The dress she is wearing has a sweetheart neckline, and half of her boobs are out. The dress is too short that it is only covering her ass. Inside, she puts on a matching black strapless bra and thong.

Overall, she is looking like a perfect combination of sexy and beautiful. Sam is already at the café and is waiting for Sandhya. After few minutes of waiting, Sandhya is also there. Sam cannot take his eyes off her. For a moment, he totally forgets that he is there to explain to Sandhya that he is leaving.

Sandhya gives him a smile as she walks towards Sam. Sam smiles back and moves a chair for her to sit. They order two cappuccinos and start talking.

Sandhya: You are looking handsome. (She smiles, and like Sam, she cannot take her eyes off him).

Sam (with a smile and little nervousness on his face): You are looking beautiful too. Sandhya, I want to tell you something. (He grabs her hand and looks at her eyes).

Sandhya gets a little nervous, but she thinks that Sam will propose to her.

Sandhya (curious): What, Sam? (Her voice goes soft, and she looks back at Sam in his eyes).

Sam gets nervous, as he doesn’t know how to tell her everything. He gathers some courage and speaks up.

Sam: You know Sandhya. I was attracted to you from the day you joined the company. I don’t know when this attraction turned to love. But I am really in love with you.

Sandhya gets emotional with everything Sam says. Her heartbeat fastens, and she has that big smile on her face. She holds his hand tighter as Sam continues.

Sam: I love you, Sandhya, and I want to be with you forever. I know we will have to get through some struggles. But with you, everything will be easy.

Sandhya just listens to Sam and holds his hand very tight as Sam continues.
Sam (gathering all his breath): So, I have decided to join the White valley university for our better future. On that, I want your approval.

Sandhya, who had a big smile on her face a few moments earlier, now gets completely sad. She could not believe what she just heard and moves her hands away from Sam’s. Sam cannot look into her eyes. So looking elsewhere, he tries to convince her that he will visit her every weekend.

Sandhya starts crying, and Sam moves beside her and wraps his hand over her shoulder. After few promises, Sandhya gets back to her normal state. She puts her head on Sam’s shoulder and holds his hand for a while.

Sandhya: I don’t want to go home today. Please take me with you.

She talks like a baby and kisses Sam’s chest. Sam, who wanted the same, says okay. He then calls Harry, who is staying at his apartment, and explains everything. After that, Sam takes Sandhya to his apartment. Both look happy and excited as they are going to spend the night together.

Ankita, who is at her house now, is still thinking about Anish’s dick. She could not control herself and sends a friend request to Anish. A few minutes later, she gets a notification that her request is accepted. She is on her bed lying down with her head rested on the headboard.

She has put on a short nighty, and inside, there are just simple red brief panties. She is already feeling horny. So she takes no time and sends a “Hi!” message to Anish. Anish, who is on his bed, gets surprised by the message.

Since the day he masturbated for the first time, it has been a kind of addiction. He cannot sleep without jerking off his cock. While masturbating, he, most of the time, thinks about his cousin, Sandhya.

Anish, whenever possible, gets into the bathroom and sniffs Sandhya’s panty and masturbate. This has led to a strong sexual desire. Anish really wants to know how it feels to have his cock inside a pussy.

The “Hi” from Ankita surprises him, but he thinks she probably messaged him for some queries or work. He replies with a “Hi,” and at first, they have a random conversation about Anish’s school, Sandhya, etc. Then Ankita opens up what she saw in the bathroom the other day.

Ankita (getting horny): Yesterday night, I went to the bathroom, and I…

She doesn’t complete the sentence as she wants to see how Anish reacts. She has already pulled up her nighty and spread her legs. Her red panty has a small wet spot.

Anish (getting scared): What didi (sister)? You went to the bathroom, and…?

He gets really scared, and because of that, his semi-hard cock gets to its original shape. He is wearing just a boxer. Since his dick is thick, there is still a bulge on his boxer.

Ankita (slowly touching her pussy through her panty and moaning softly): You had left the door open, and I saw what you were doing.

She did not want to hold it longer. Anish starts sweating as he realized Ankita probably saw him masturbating inside the bathroom, sniffing Sandhya’s panties.

Anish (sweating and panicking): I am sorry, didi. Please do not say anything to Sandhya didi. I won’t do that even again, I swear.

Anish, who cannot sleep without jerking off his cock, now doesn’t even have any energy for that.

Ankita (tries to get the benefits from the situation): I won’t tell anyone, but you have to do something for me.

Ankita has gotten dripping wet down there, and she continues rubbing her pussy through her panty.

Anish: Okay, didi, but please don’t tell this to anyone.

Anish is up for anything now. Ankita takes advantage of the situation and asks Anish what he was doing inside the bathroom. She wants to listen to everything from Anish himself.

Anish: What didi? You saw me what I was doing? What should I tell you now?

Ankita: Yes, I saw you sniffing Sandhya’s panty. You were jerking off your cock. Why were you sniffing Sandhya’s panty?

She now has her hand inside her panty, and she is rubbing her clit. She continues moaning as she adds more spice to the conversation. Anish has no other options to say anything else. He tells Ankita that he really likes Sandhya and fantasizes about her a lot.

That shocks Ankita, and she takes that as her next weapon.

Ankita (starts flirting with Anish): What about me? Do you like me?

Anish cannot believe what he just received and replies, “Yes, didi.” He was very scared a few moments earlier. But now, his cock starts growing again inside his boxer. Ankita now has a finger inside her vagina, and she has already taken off her panty.

Ankita fucks herself with her finger, and now she is uncontrollable.

Ankita: Can you show me what you were doing last night in the bathroom, Anish? In a video call?

Ankita patiently waits for Anish’s reply as she pushes another finger inside her wet pussy. The message from Ankita completely shocks Anish, and he doesn’t know how to react. He takes out his cock from the boxer and jerks it few times. Then he replies, “Okay, didi.”

Meanwhile, at Sam’s apartment, Sam and Sandhya walk in. Sandhya doesn’t waste any time, and she pushes Sam on the wall and starts kissing him. Sam kisses back as he pushes the door and locks it. Both suck each other’s lips.

Sandhya has her hands on Sam’s chest while Sam takes his hand down to Sandhya’s ass. Sam takes Sandhya’s tongue inside his mouth and plays with it as he pulls Sandhya’s dress up to her waist. Sandhya, who has been dreaming about this moment, is already wet.

Her black thong is getting wet with her pussy juice. Sam grabs her ass and continues kissing her. Sandhya is so turned on that she starts unbuttoning Sam’s shirt. She pushes her tongue all inside Sam’s mouth as she puts her hands on Sam’s bare chest.

The touch of Sandhya’s hands on his chest gives Sam chill all over his body. His cock starts growing big inside his pant, and it already has precum coming out of it. Sam grabs Sandhya’s ass tight and pulls her closer. Sam’s huge bulge is now pressed against Sandhya’s crotch.

Feeling Sam’s big bulge around her pussy, Sandhya gets really horny, and she starts coming down. She moves her hand around Sam’s face and kisses him on his chest. She slowly moves away Sam’s shirt from his shoulder as she goes further down and sits on her knees.

Sam lets out a soft moan as he looks Sandhya in her eyes. Sam’s big bulge is right in front of her eyes. Sandhya looks at it for a while and then takes her mouth to Sam’s stomach. She kisses him there and rolls her tongue around his navel. She moves her tongue and licks Sam on the edge of his pant.

Sam just looks at Sandhya and keeps moaning. Licking Sam around the edge of his pant, Sandhya takes off his belt and then unbuttons his pant. She licks him just below his navel like a slut as she pulls down his pants. Sam gets more excited by that and holds Sandhya’s head.

Sam keeps moaning, and his moans start getting loud. He puts his shirt away and helps Sandhya to take off his pant. Sandhya looks at Sam and gives him a slutty look as she puts her tongue on the bulge. Sam’s underwear has wet patches all around, and Sandhya licks just there.

Sam closes his eyes in excitement and moans. He grabs Sandhya’s hair as she grabs his cock from his underwear and licks it. She licks the tip of his cock from his underwear. Sam, who is experiencing all this for the first time, cannot hold it and releases all his cum inside the underwear.

Sandhya looks up at his face and gives him a smile.

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