Seducing My Hot Girl Passenger On The Flight

Hi, this is Sam and this is the first experience that I am sharing which happened 5 years back. This is my beginning to explore the unexplored. It is one of those times when I was working in an event company as a co-ordinator.

Well, I just finished with an event and was on leave for a week. I had already packed my bags for my next solo trip to Goa and Gokarna. I got my things packed – one bag, 2 shorts, t-shirt, sandos, camera and a side bag and also a pack of condoms (I usually carry in the belief that someday I will use them all at once).

I left for the airport. I reached on time and rushed to the washroom to be relaxed. I always prefer the airport washroom to the plane’s washroom. The moment I was about to enter the corridor of the washroom, I saw a beautiful well-dressed girl trying to drink the water using the tap.

Her lips caught my eyes first. They were such delicate and rosy, anyone would die for it. I saw the tag of the same airline and wished with cross fingers for her to be next to me on the same flight! She saw me staring and gave a slight smile.

I saw her walking down with that bouncy ass and believe me guys, it was round and as best as they could get. My eyes were on her until she disappeared. I went to the washroom and got a little relaxed after I had to hold the pee for a couple of hours. (Yes, I can hold many things for a long time!)

Back in the flight, I got an aisle seat and was about to place my bag when someone from the right side said, “Excuse me.”

I didn’t care who it was until I had placed my bag. Then I looked and oh my my god! There she was! The girl with rosy lips asking for some space to pass ahead and this time, she was close enough and I could see her cleavage and also figured out the size. They must be 34D and her height was just way too perfect. (I am 6 ft and she was 5.8).

Again, I was in a dream where everything near me was silent and all I could see was those strawberry lips. The girl said, “Hello? excuse me..”

While I was staying still and unable to move, she finally let herself through with her back rubbing all over my dick. She realized what it was and also paused for a second. And I at that moment pressed my body on her to make that feel even better!

I was able to feel her ass as she rushed to the window seat. Well, I guess I am always half lucky in such situations.

Then I waiting for the passenger of the middle seat to come and this time, I hoped it wouldn’t be her boyfriend or any person she knows.

While I was looking at her from the corner of my eyes, a gaint hulk came and asked me to give space for him to get to the middle seat. As he sat, we both were crushed to the sides. She was rather being sandwiched between him and the plane’s wall.

I asked him, “Hi, would you mind me seating in the centre with my friend? Also, you could be more comfortable.”

He looked at her and she with a pleasing face asked for the same. So, we switched places.

The flight took off and until seatbelts were off, everything was silent between us. I thought of breaking the ice so I offered her some dry fruits from my pocket. She hesitated first but as the other person looked at us, she smiled and took just one.

It was a 3 hours flight and after 40 minutes, meals were served. After the meal, she felt cold as she had worn simple sleeveless top and a scarf around her neck. I saw that and immediately took my jacket and directly offered her. She without any hesitation put it on her as if the jacket was resting on her.

In no time, she was asleep taking left and right head turns. At some point, she rested her head on my shoulder. Now that she was close, I came more close to her. She in her sleep was holding my arm and sleeping like a baby. Maybe, she was tired. So I controlled myself and let her sleep.

Suddenly, the pilot asked us to wear our seat belts due to turbulence. I wore my seatbelts. I didn’t want to wake her up. Somehow, I could use only one hand. I placed it inside the jacket, got both ends of the seat belt and was trying to lock them. While I was doing this, my hand was just two pieces of cloths away from this hot girl’s pussy.

I thought she adjusted herself to get it locked but I had already tried like many times just to make her feel my fingers over her pussy. I guess she was deep in sleep and now I was already feeling her stomach.

I moved my finger on her stomach line and she was already shivering! I kept doing the same for a few minutes. I loved playing like this than going to the next level. She was already taking deep breaths.

I tried to enter inside her pants but it was so tight and I could hardly open it with one hand. Still trying my best, I won the challenge and I could feel her pantie strip.

I tried to hold the pussy over the pantie with three fingers. She let out a slight moan, “Aaaahh”. Just then I realized, she was damn wet.

I tried to tickle over the panty. I pinched her pussy with two fingers. She kept making light moans close to my ear. I made sure the hulk was sleeping and even the passengers in the next row were asleep.

Then I went further down to hold the pussy tightly. And this time, she bit me lightly to avoid moaning. I played for almost 5 minutes nonstop until she bit my ear. I could feel hot air blowing out to my shoulder.

I slipped my finger inside my hot co-passenger’s panty. As I slipped my finger, all could feel was small hairs just above this girl’s pussy. Maybe she must have trimmed her pubic hair a couple of weeks ago.

I played along with her small pubic hairs with my fingertips and then I went ahead with my middle finger to touch the exterior of her pussy. I pressed it like it was a button that could unlock heaven and she gasped for breath.

I was trying to make circles on her pussy lips. She was biting on my shoulder muscles. She was now totally turned on and continually moaning, “Aaaaaah. Sssss…mmm”.

I was ready to go down on my knees and lick her till we land. (Yes, I can lick for hours continuously).

Then I inserted the middle finger inside her pussy. It was soaking wet and also pretty tight for even one finger. (I have the longest fingers in my whole group. Since school time, everyone use to compare the length of my hand and fingers with theirs).

Then I took out my finger and licked it. It tasted delicious. Suddenly, this hot girl opened her eyes and looked straight in my eyes! It was like, “I am gonna tear you apart!”

Her eyes were fucking seductive. I could see us fucking like rabbits in her eyes.

She said she wanted to use the washroom. I really wished to join her and bang her inside the washroom but being on a domestic flight, it was difficult.

The girl adjusted her jeans and got up after wearing my jacket. She purposely rubbed her ass against my face while moving and went straight to the washroom.

As she came back, I placed my hand on the seat and she sat on my hand! Again, she held my arm and put the jacket over her.

I asked, “Unbutton the jeans?” and she did it in a moment. I couldn’t wait anymore. I directly slipped my hand inside her jeans from behind. My hands reached on her perfect shaped ass.

She was helping me to have good access to her ass. She inclined on me to let me explore more. I was touching her asshole over again and again. She was looking straight into eyes and I could hardly resist kissing. Finally, we kissed. We were kissing softly. She was a hard kisser so I calmed her down by pressing her ass.

Then I got my hand out, spat on the finger and again inserted it from behind. I applied my saliva on her asshole and kept circling her hole. Then I tried inserting my middle finger into this girl’s asshole. It was tight as hell.

“No, not there”, she resisted.

“Don’t worry, I am just trying to loosen up your ass”, I said.

“I have never done that way”, she said.

“It’s ok”, I said and kissed her back. We then got into action. Slowly, I was getting her to loosen up and she was supportive. I managed to insert my fingertip into this girl’s asshole and she was totally mad with pain. She couldn’t bear that and said, “Please remove, please remove, I can’t take anymore”.

But I was still on it. Finally, she pinched my dick hard and I had to remove my finger. She gave a loud sigh of relief.

It was so loud that definitely it was heard by people in 2-3 rows next to us.

She was in tears but still wanting everything badly. I kissed her again and slept holding her for some time. She too held me as if we were together for a long time.

We woke up after 30 minutes while the plane was about to land. We landed and got our luggage and before exiting, I approached her and gave her a handshake.

“Hello, myself Sam.”

She: Neha. I am from a fairy world.

I guessed she wanted this to be a happy ending.

I replied whispering in her ear, “If we meet again, it is going to be a never-ending story.”

She replied: I would love to be a part of your story. See you soon.

I followed her till the next exit and she left in a hotel cab. Later I searched for her.


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