Gorgeous Girlfriend Gets An Extremely Fulfilling Fuck

Hi ISS readers, Ash here and this is my first time writing a story after being a huge fan of ISS.

My girlfriend Akansha and I had been dating for months, yet we had never got the chance to be alone together since we both lived, with our families. Then, one magical day, my girlfriend’s parents announced that they were going to a wedding and won’t be back for three days. My girlfriend had to stay at home as she had to go to college.

My girlfriend was overjoyed and immediately, she called me to come and stay with her. When I arrived at her house, she opened the door, immediately throwing herself into my arms, and kissed me. I was surprised, she had never kissed me so openly before.

Akansha saw my face and smiled, “I missed you a lot, da. I couldn’t wait to see you again, and now I can finally kiss you openly because there is no one here.” She grabbed my hand and led me into her room. Since it was dark outside, I only realized what she was wearing when I saw her in the light.

My gf was wearing shorts and a small tank top which was revealing her cleavage and her huge sexy ass! I was in awe. My girlfriend had never dressed so sexily before like this. She was always very modest outside, wearing traditional clothing.

Akansha saw me staring and winked, “Babe, this is the first time that I and you can be alone. I wanted to surprise you, so I dressed in a way that would make you happy. Do you like it, darling?”

I couldn’t stop staring at my girlfriend’s sexy figure. I pulled her closer, smiled, held her chin, and turned her face towards me. “I can’t tell you how sexy you look di. You look beautiful,” I told her.

Akansha smiled and bit her lips. “Is that all, da?”

I laughed and pulled her closer, placing my hand on her ass. “Not at all, baby. Seeing you like this is making me want to do many things to you.”

Looking into her beautiful eyes, I rubbed my lips on her lips. Softly. Oh my god! Her lips were so soft. I started to take her upper lip into my mouth and softly suck on it. I took her fingers into my hand and signaled her to stand up and sit on my lap without breaking the kiss.

My girlfriend was now sitting on my lap. My dick was hard in my pants. She smiled because she could feel it under her ass. We began to kiss passionately. I stroked her face softly and sucked her lips. She moaned and sucked my tongue, making our kiss deeper.

I started to explore my girlfriend’s beautiful body with my hands, caressing her hair, chest, and her boobs. I stroked her boobs over her tank top, and she smiled. I pulled her tank top off gently, revealing her sexy cleavage tucked away in a red bra. Her boobs were practically popping out of her bra.

The thought of this beautiful girl sitting in my lap with her bra turned me on so much. My dick was throbbing inside my jeans. I kissed her neck, playing with her boobs over her bra, and pulling her closer. She moaned in my ear, “Oh baby, you are so hot!”

Her moans turned me on. I pushed her against the wall, pinning her hands on the wall while kissing her neck. I sucked and bit her neck gently, giving her love marks. She moaned in pleasure. My lover ran her fingers up my chest, stroking it softly. My heart was beating fast, she was so sexy.

With a smile, she pulled my shirt off, revealing my naked chest and abs. She smiled seductively. “Oh babe, you have such a hot body!” she exclaimed. She began to stroke my chest and kiss it, planting love bites all over my collarbone and chest. I shuddered in pleasure, caressing her hair.

I pulled her face closer and began to kiss her passionately again. As sexy as she was, I wanted to take control and pleasure her. I wrapped my hands around her waist, and turned her around, planting love bites on her neck. I grabbed my girlfriend’s ass, squeezing it tight in my hands. She moaned, “Baby, you are so naughty!”

I ripped off her skirt, revealing her big, juicy ass covered in red underwear. I kissed her neck harder, and she moaned, as her ass was now rubbing against my dick. I decided to have some fun and tease her.

So, I started kissing her lips, neck and went further down, kissing and sucking on her back until her bra hooks. I released them with my teeth and used my hands to hold them in place by cupping the boobs from behind.

I took off my girlfriend’s bra and tossed it aside. I turned her around, feasting my eyes on her big, beautiful boobs with brown nipples. They were so soft and white, begging for my tongue to suck them and devour them. I wanted to suck her boobs right then and there, but I wanted to tease her first.

I grabbed Akansha’s face and pulled her closer until her big, gorgeous boobs were inches away from my lips. Her nipples grew hard as she felt my hot breath on them. “Babe, what are you waiting for? They are so hard for you, suck them!” she whispered.

I smiled and looked up into her longing eyes. “Be patient, my love.” With my finger, I began to stroke her nipples softly, rubbing them gently. She threw her head back in pleasure, gasping. “Ajay! Suck them, baby, please. This is torture!”

I continued to rub her nipple gently. Then, with my tongue, I licked her boobs everywhere but the nipple. She moaned, unable to handle the teasing anymore. “Just fucking suck them, Ajay! Don’t tease me!”

My horny girlfriend grabbed my face and buried it into her boobs, pulling my lips to them. I immediately grabbed her left boob, squeezing it hard while rubbing the nipple between my second and third fingers, and placed the right boob in my mouth. I sucked it hard, flicking my tongue on her nipple, biting it gently, and sucking it.

After a while, I switched, sucking the right boob while I groped and played with the left boob. I squeezed both of them in my hands, devouring her now red, wet, delicious tits. Akansha moaned in pleasure. “Ajay, baby, you are so good! Suck them hard, make them red babe, they’re all yours.”

I grinned. Every inch of my girlfriend’s boobs was covered in my saliva. I bit her left boob hard, leaving a love mark while grabbing her ass. She gasped at the sudden pain and lifted her leg. I lifted her and carried her to the bed.

I lay on top of her, kissing her passionately. Her hands traveled down my chest and to my shorts, tugging them off. I took off my shorts, and kissed her smooth belly, going down until I reached her thighs. I smiled, as I saw her red panties were wet already. I pulled them off, revealing her wet, pink pussy.

I kissed her hard, moving my lips hands down to her boobs. I blew some air on her longing pussy, and she moaned. I kissed her neck, and her boobs, sucking the nipples gently, and suddenly, when she least expected it, inserted my two fingers into her pussy.

She gasped loudly. “Oh Ajay!” and wrapped her legs around my fingers. I pushed them apart gently and watched her face moan in pleasure as I finger fucked her. My fingers were going in and out of her wet pussy. Oh my god, how wet she was!

I placed my lips on her clit and started sucking it. I start using my tongue to make up and down, circular motions. At the same time, my fingers were moving in and out of her pussy, finger fucking her. I could see her when I looked up in her horny, longing eyes as I sucked and fingered her pussy.

My girlfriend was biting her lips and moaning loudly, and grabbing her boobs. I was driving her crazy. I inserted another finger into her, and then another. She split her legs wider, her moans growing louder and louder. I was now fisting her, with my tongue flicking her clit.

Akansha was now in so much pleasure. Her moans were now screams, begging for me not to stop. I continue rubbing faster while I keep sucking her clit. Faster and faster.

Akansha was biting her lips and puts her hand in my hair. She then pulls my head into her pussy, leaving me no gap to breathe. I knew she was about to cum. I kept fingering and sucking and biting her faster and faster. My girlfriend screamed, “Ajay! Fuck me da! Fuck me hard I need you now baby!”

I spread her legs wide and took my dick out. The tip of my dick was now rubbing against her pussy. I looked at my shy girlfriend Akansha, my pretty, modest girlfriend, now a sexy goddess, moaning while her wet pussy was dripping for me to fuck her.

Oh my, how beautiful and sexy she was! With that, I pushed my dick deep inside her dripping pussy. I fucked her slowly, letting her get used to my length inside her pussy. Her wet pussy walls wrapped around my dick felt amazing.

Akansha was throwing her head back in pleasure, squeezing her boobs. I wanted to take care of those for her. I kissed her hard, and placed my lips on her boobs, sucking them hard as I fucked her. She moaned in pleasure, “Faster, baby! Ajay, fuck me harder, da!”

I squeezed her boobs hard, cupping every inch of them in my hands, and increased my speed, going faster and faster. She was gasping, closing her eyes in pleasure, “Baby you feel so good, AHHHHH.”

I looked into my gf’s eyes, filled with pleasure, as my dick slid in and out of her pussy, fucking her senseless. “What’s my name, baby? Say my name!”

“AJAY! BABY, DON’T STOP DA! FUCK ME HARDER AJAY! OH AJAY,” screamed Akansha. I fucked my girlfriend faster than ever, my dick slapping her pussy walls hard as I squeezed her tits. I was fucking her harder and harder. Akansha was screaming louder than ever.

With a shudder, she screamed, “OH AJAY!” and cummed, her pussy releasing her juice all over my dick. The excitement was too much for my dick, I moaned as the pressure increased, and I came inside her dripping pussy, my juices mixing with hers.

Akansha was exhausted but satisfied. She pulled me closer, hugging me tight and kissing me softly. “Baby, that was amazing. I love you.”

I smiled and hugged her tight. “I love you too, gorgeous.” We slept naked, spooning each other.


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