Desires Getting Fulfilled

Hi everyone. I’m Saurabh. I’ve been working in Pune for the last 3 years.

This story is about Supriya, who was my colleague. It’s about one such incident that happened between us. She has been a great friend of mine. We had been together since I moved to Pune. We often used to spend nights together. But it all came to a sudden halt when she got engaged.

We started maintaining distance thereafter and things were not like before. It was a usual day while I was returning from the office. I got a call from her. She insisted on a night-ride to Lonavala. I didn’t want to deny any of her requests as she was about to leave within a few days.

It was January and it was freezing outside. I reached her place at around 10 pm, which was already very late. But she was in no mood to stay inside. I didn’t expect the temperature to be so low around Lonavala. So I just wore my pullover and jeans.

But soon I could sense the numbness in my limbs and wanted to be back home as soon as possible. She could sense my condition and asked to return. Somehow I drove her back to her flat. While I was leaving she insisted that I stay with her that night.

I wasn’t sure where this was heading to. What her plans were! But I agreed. I took a sip of hot coffee that she prepared for me and went straight inside the blanket. I was rubbing my feet but it was giving me no relief. I was still shivering inside the blanket.

She was perplexed looking at me. She didn’t know how to react. After a while staring at me, she came closer and started undressing. I asked her that she doesn’t have to do this. (Although in the back of my head I wanted that to happen). Her silence was altogether telling me a different story.

She quietly came closer. She placed her index finger on my lips. Nodding in affirmation she sat on my lap in her lingerie. She started removing my clothes and hugged me as tight as she could, wrapping the blanket around us. She whispered a few times reminding me of my limits.

She said we’re not having sex tonight. We had sex multiple times in the past. But the burning sensation that I felt that day never happened before. Her nude skin slowly started raising my body temperature. I was feeling better. My grip on her body started increasing.

Slowly it started hurting her too. But her moans were making me mad like before never in the past. I started hugging her with my feet. My fingers started exploring the rest of her body. She was losing control over herself. Soon she turned her back on me and pushed her back on me.

Both of us were already panting for breath. Our hearts were throbbing like never before. We were drenched in sweat after almost 2 hours of play. She reminded me again of our limits. But I realized by this time that she wants some action tonight.

The lights were dim. We already got rid of the blanket as the mood was getting hotter. So were we. While she was lying with her face away from me. I slowly turned her towards me and hugged her again. With my lips and tongue showing some actions over her neck and ears.

She resisted in the beginning but slowly started co-operating. She now started making moves. She held my hand and cupped over her breast and forced me to squeeze it as hard as I could. While I started pressing her breast. She gave out loud moans.

She whispered “This is not right. I’m getting married. I don’t want to cheat on him.” And all sorts of stuff. Her words were making me mad. Her strong sexual desires were taking over her mind. I soon pulled her closer and her lips were hardly an inch away. They were already dry and seemed thirsty.

I rubbed my lips over her. As soon as she reciprocated I kissed her lips as hard as I could. Locking her head from behind. We both started eating each other with our lips swirling all around. The small decent foreplay slowly started taking a big turn.

I told her that I’m still feeling cold. It would be nice if I could get more of her heat. With that excuse, I slowly started removing her bra and panties. Soon we both were lying nude. I almost locked her all over. I grabbed her upper body in my arms and her legs were between mine.

I could sense the fluid dripping off her pussy. Rolling through my thighs down to the bed-sheet. I rolled my knees high enough to touch her pussy. and started rubbing her pussy with my knees. Soon as my fingers took over the hole. Slowly I started parting her vertical lips exposing her entire hole.

My slow and swift rubs were getting harder with every rub on her pussy. After a while, she let my fingers inside her pussy. Omg! She was all drenched in her precum. I could feel no friction between my fingers and her pussy. It just slipped in. I can’t afford her back in her senses so I kept fingering her.

Switching hands in between as it was exhausting. Soon I lowered down my lips onto her pussy and started licking it like an ice-cream. As it was oozing out the never-ending fluid. She was getting mad by this act of mine. She pushed my head deep into her pussy and locked my head between her legs.

While I was fully satisfied with the point of no return I made the next move of fucking her. I moved on top of her while she laid spreading her legs in front of me. I placed myself right on top of her. As my dick was right over her pussy lips. She pushed me back and again reminded me of the limits.

I said, “I won’t make the first move.” With which she let me proceed. Soon I started rubbing her clit with my dick. and soon started moving the just tip of my dick in and out of the pussy to tease her. I did it quite a while. Soon she lost her patience.

Then she wrapped her legs around my waist and pulled me all inside her. My entire dick was inside her in one go. Although it felt very tight as it’s been a while since we had sex. She groaned in ecstasy and asked me to fuck her. I kissed her and started throbbing her from the bottom.

The mixed sound of moans and the spank between her thighs was echoing in the room. I didn’t want to stop and wanted to fuck her till eternity. I’ve been a huge fan of doggy style. I tried a couple of more positions which I recently saw on Kamasutra. The whole session lasted the entire night.

It seemed we’re not ready to leave each other. After I came inside her. We laid there exhausted hugging each other. Soon went for a bath where I again fucked her under the hot shower. I still have those marks on my back which she left that night.

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