My Hot Model Friend

When I was in Mumbai working in an MNC I befriended a model, Sakina. She was smoking hot, with the right curves and body. She modeled for lingerie and very soon we became good friends. One day she invited me to her studio. She said she wanted to try out some new stuff and wanted my opinion.

I reached her place. She showed me the modeling studio. There was one room separated by a glass partition. On one side of the room contained a comfortable chair and not much else. Sakina appeared on the other side of the glass where there was a small stage with pillows scattered about.

It was like some kind of a sex show, only meant to be respectable. Sakina started out by modeling a few garments that she looked fantastic in. Then it was time for the main show. She had slid the partition open a crack, so we could hear each other speak.

Sakina started to take off the piece of lingerie. She told me to feel free to make myself more ‘comfortable’. She pointed out some lotion and tissues located on a small table next to my chair. She had obviously prepared for my visit. She was sitting on the stage, her beautiful body just a few feet away.

Then she spread her long legs. I saw her lovely pussy. Sakina was completely shaved except for a small patch of black hair above her clit. I undid my fly and let my now fully erect dick out. Sakina eyed my erection appreciatively. Her smile expanding remarkably. Then, “Hey, Rahul, its showtime now.”

She started out by posing in a variety of positions, showing me every possible inch of her body. My favorite was when she got on her hands and knees with her beautiful ass pointed right at my face. Her round ass was a sight for my eyes.

She then reached her hands back to spread her cheeks and expose her good-looking pussy and asshole. She had long fingernails that made her actions even more of a turn-on. She stuck one of her fingers deep inside her ass. I looked at the tight and puckered sphincter closing around her inserted finger.

I began stroking my cock like a madman. The sexual surge I got was tremendous. Sakina turned to face me and reclined on the pillows. She started massaging her melon-size tits and rubbing her clit while asking if I liked what I saw.

Sakina continued talking to me as she stuck a finger far up her pussy and told me how wet it was. By now my strokes were fast and I was moaning, I knew I would shoot my cum any minute. As Sakina continued to finger herself, she encouraged me by talking dirty.

“I wonder what you would do if this glass was not here?” she teased.

I told her I had been thinking about fucking her for a long time. I started to stroke my dick faster as I thought about it. This seemed to arouse her even more. I could see her pussy juice dripping from her finger as she pulled it in and out of her hot pussy.

“If I let you fuck me, how would you want to come? Would you come on my tits so I could lick it up? Or would you come in my pussy? Maybe you’d prefer coming in my mouth?” she asked. “I would prefer all of the above,” I replied. “Hmm. Well, but now I want you to come in my mouth,” Sakina said.

Her saying that sent my cum blasting out of my dick then and there. The thought of her blowing my dick and taking my cum down her throat was almost too much to handle. As we continued to talk, we both kept our hands moving faster and faster, encouraging each other’s masturbation with sighs and moans.

“I’m getting really close, Rahul,” she moaned. All of a sudden, Sakina worked herself into an explosive orgasm. Her body trembled from head to toe and a loud moan, then out of her mouth to echo off the walls. When it subsided, her breathing was still husky as she slowly came back down to earth.

Sakina slowly regained her composure. She turned her attention to me and asked, “How are you doing, Rahul? Are you getting close too?” I was too close to do anything but moan in answer to her question. I stroked my cock faster and faster. That’s when Sakina answered my fervent prayers.

She slid the glass panel open completely. Then positioned her open mouth near the tip of my long, hard cock licking the tip of my erect dick. She then held my dick and took it inside her mouth and began sucking me like a lollypop. All the excitement and her taking my dick in her hot wanting mouth were too much.

I knew I would not last long. Knowing what she wanted me to do, I hunched forward with a final thrust and ejaculated directly into her waiting mouth. Sakina took it all down and then licked her lips. Then she asked me for a kiss and we tongued each other.

I started kissing her neck and made my way up to her ear. She let out a soft moan as her hands explored my body. Sakina kissed me passionately, and I felt her play with my dick. Her finger moved up and down of my dick, slowly, almost too slowly for me to bear.

I started grinding my hips in rhythm with her movements. I could feel my dick starting to throb, and I knew that I was already close to exploding. “Oh, my God,” I said, “it’s even better than I imagined. Please don’t stop!”

“Don’t worry. I won’t,” Sakina said. When she said that, I wrapped my legs around her body, trying to pull every inch of her inside me. My whole body went numb as my muscles started to shudder. I could feel my dick, being squeezed by Sakina’s hand in quick, hard contractions as my orgasm exploded.

It was like my dick had a mind of its own. It was the most intense orgasm I’ve ever had. After a few minutes, even though my dick was still throbbing, I gently moved so that I was on top of Sakina. I kissed her lightly on the lips and ran my fingers through her hair. As we lay there, we just held each other for a while.

Then I thought Sakina was starting to fall asleep. I decided that I was going to give her a full body massage with my tongue. I started with her toes. I kissed and sucked each one, running my tongue up and down the arches of her feet. “That feels really wickedly great,” Sakina murmured.

I licked my way up the insides of her legs. Then moved from leg to leg, making sure I didn’t miss a single spot, wanting to taste every part of her body. When I reached her inner thighs, her pink pussy lips were swollen and spread. Her clitoris was peeking out.

I just wanted to flick my tongue across it for a small taste. Not yet, I told myself. I wanted to finish my tongue-massage first. I licked my way up to Sakina’s belly-button and slid my tongue in and out of it. I then kissed her entire stomach while slowly moving upwards.

When I reached her breasts, the sight of her beautiful, rock-hard nipples made my juices overflow. I slowly circled the tip of my tongue around one of her areolae, slid across to her other breast and did the same thing. I didn’t touch her nipples yet.

I just moved back and forth in lazy figure eights, my tongue circling her dark plums. Sakina was moaning loudly now and kept begging me to suck her nipples. Finally, not wanting to tease her forever, I pushed her lovely breasts together with my hands. I moved from nipple to nipple, fucking each one with the end of my tongue.

Since I had her breasts pushed so close together, I started to suck gently on both of her nipples at the same time. She grabbed my hand and hugged me as I sucked on her nipples. She was coming just from my attention to her breasts. Sakina let go of my head and her breathing returned to normal.

I started kissing my way back down her stomach. I stopped when I reached her pussy and just stared at it. Her sticky nectar was making it glisten, and I couldn’t wait to taste it. Her erect clitoris seemed as hard as her nipples were a few moments ago. I wanted her so badly it made me dizzy.

I put the tip of my tongue in between her pussy lips. As I did this, I heard Sakina softly croon, “Oh, my God!” and I pushed my tongue in further so I could taste her sweet honey. I moved my tongue up and down between her swollen lips, kissing them tenderly between licks.

I was careful not to touch it yet, as it looked like it was ready to explode at any second. I just wanted to make her wait a little longer because I knew it would make her orgasm more intense. I blew softly on her clit and felt her tremble. I started to circle it with the tip of my tongue. I did this slowly.

Sakina started moving her hips against my tongue. That was when I put my lips lightly around her button but still moved my tongue around in circles. After only about fifteen or twenty seconds of this, I felt her start to throb against my tongue. Then she came to a powerful climax.

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