Accidental Sex With Neha

Hello people, I am Raj from Navi Mumbai, I am back with another story, hope you would enjoy it.

So this happened last month when I and my wife were heading towards home. It was almost 10 pm and we were on the Palm Beach road. A couple was driving ahead of us. All of a sudden they missed the balance of their bike and fell. We stopped and help them to get up.

The impact was less and they did not get much hurt. However, the woman riding in the back, her shirts button came off. She was covering herself the way she can and she was very uncomfortable. My wife helped her but was of no use as almost all of her buttons were broken.

Suddenly I realized that I have my jacket on the bike. I gave it to my wife and asked her to give it to the lady. She thanked us and took the number and address from my wife to return the jacket. We started to ride again. We were following them just to make sure they reach home safely.

That is when I got to know that they stay nearby to us. On the way home my wife said that she has given my number to that lady. She would call and come to return the jacket. After 4-5 days I got a call from an unknown number. It was the same lady who met with the accident.

She said it’s Neha. She wants to return the jacket and was inquiring if I am home. I replied as I am home and she can come anytime. She said that will be at my place in 15 minutes. I was wearing shorts and was topless. So immediately I wore a t-shirt and pajamas.

As she said she was there in 15 minutes, there as a knock on the door. I saw from keyhole there was a lady with a bag in hand. She said, “Hi, I am Neha and here to return your jacket.” Neha was wearing a yellow shirt and jeans. For the first time, I saw her figure and she was damn hot and sexy.

For once I thought just to take her in and fuck her hard. I just kept staring her from top to bottom. Then I came back to my senses, welcomed her in. Neha handed over the bag to me, I kept it on the table and asked her to take a seat. I closed the door and went to get a glass of water for her.

She gulped the water and I asked as to how is she now. She said it’s better now and hand is a bit in pain. I asked as to where all she got hurt. She showed one by one, her hand, toe, legs and smilingly said that few more but can’t show me. I asked as to why.

She said that to show those injuries she will have to remove her clothes. I replied smilingly with a wink that she can trust me and show me if she wants. She agreed and asked me where is the bedroom. I showed her the way. She told me to come when she would call me.

After 10 minutes she called me. I went in and Neha was sitting on the bed. Her shirt and jeans were lying on the floor and she had covered herself with a towel. She said that another injury she got was on her inner thigh. She just slid the towel and showed me the injury. It was reddish and I touched it to check.

As soon I touched it Neha left out a soft moan, not because of pain but the feel. I asked if she is okay, she smiled and said yes. Next, she took the towel off, pulled her spaghetti down and showed me the injury which she had on her upper part of her boobs.

I held the spaghetti and slid her bra a bit sideway and touch her injury. She closed her eyes and let out a moan again. As her eyes were closed I took a chance and kissed her boobs. She immediately opened her eyes and came back to her senses.

She got up and started wearing her clothes. She wore her jeans fast and then her shirt. She was shivering and could not put the button properly. She somehow managed and put the buttons incorrectly. I asked if she is okay, what has happened? She said nothing and started tying her hair.

I then held her arms and pulled her towards me. I asked her if I did something wrong with her. Neha said no, it’s just that nobody else apart from her husband has touched her and seen her in the way as I did today. I guarantee her that it is gonna remain in this room and nobody would know about this.

I held her face with my hands and look into her eyes. She was looking at me. She was staring at my lips and suddenly kissed me on my lips. I responded immediately and soon we were smooching and kissing like mad. We were eating each other’s lips like mad and our tongue were rolling with each other.

We kissed for long and then broke apart. Neha was in no mood to stop and she kissed me again. While we were kissing I started taking buttons off her shirt and threw her shirt on the floor. Neha took off my t-shirt and started kissing my chest, biting my nipples, biting me on the chest.

I took her white spaghetti off and unhook her jeans button. I then pushed her on the bed and made her lay on her back, held her jeans from the bottom and took it off in one go. She was lying there in her white lacy bra and panty. Her bra was sexy and panty was net-type which could barely cover her pussy.

I went mad looking at her in this lingerie. I immediately took my pajamas off and was only in my underwear and jumped on her. I started kissing her from forehead to toe. I kissed her cheeks, chin, neck, bite her neck, ear lobes. I then went down and was kissing her boobs over her bra.

Being lacy bra her erect nipples were visible. I took her left nipple in my mouth and started sucking it and was pressing other boobs with my left hand. She was moaning softly. I kept changing boobs and hands. While doing it I took her bra strap off her shoulder and pulled the bra down.

Her boobs we naked now and so I started sucking them hard. After sucking those boobs for a while I went down and started playing with her navel. She was shivering like a fish. She was trying to move up. However, I held her waist tight and licked her belly button.

I made her stomach full wet until her panty line. I further went down and spread her legs. I went between her legs and started kissing her pussy over her white net panty. She was already wet and with my kiss and licking her pussy. Her panty was completely wet and became transparent.

I slid her panty down till her knees, kissed her pussy played with it and pushed her panty down on the floor. She was now lying there naked. Big boobs, erect nipples, clean shaved pink pussy, all this made me crazy. Without wasting time I pulled her towards the edge of the bed and spread her legs.

I sat down on my knees and placed my lips on her pussy. I started kissing her and slowly started to lick it. Neha asked me to do it more and so did I started licking her fast and hard. Soon her pussy lips were open wide and I was tongue fucking her.

She liked that so much and in a few minutes, she had her first orgasm. I licked it dry and continued to lick. Neha was moaning loudly and was forcing my head hard on her pussy After licking for a while Neha pulled me up and kissed me on my lips. While kissing she pushed me on the bed and came on top of me.

She started kissing me from top to bottom. She bit my chest, rolled her tongue on my nipples. Going down she reached my stomach and soon she reached my underwear line. Neha held the elastic of my underwear with her teeth and pulled it down till my penis and left it. She teased me like a couple of times.

In the next go, with the help of her teeth and hand, she pulled my underwear down and took it off completely. She then placed her face near my penis and started blowing hot hair from the mouth. It was an awesome feeling. She then suddenly took my penis in her hand and started stroking it.

After just 2-3 strokes she took my penis head in her mouth. She started licking my penis head as if she is licking a lollipop. Then she took my complete penis inside her mouth and started blowing me off. She was letting out her saliva on my penis and licking it hard

I was completely wet down there with her saliva. The noise of blowjob was making me crazy. She continued this for a while and then stopped. Soon she stopped. I pulled her and forced her on the bed. Neha closed her eyes and folded her legs and spread them wide.

One of her hands was on her pussy and she was rubbing it slowly. It was an invitation for me to tear her off Without wasting any time I positioned myself between her legs and placed my penis on her pussy. I started rubbing my penis on her pussy.

She was moaning. After rubbing for a while I inserted my complete penis deep inside her pussy. She let out a scream and her eyes were wide open. I asked if she is OK. She asked me to be gentle. I gave a little pause and started going in and out, with every stroke Neha was moaning in pleasure

I continued that for a while and then turned her around. I made her lay on her stomach and started fucking her from the back. I was completely on her back, kissing, biting her neck, her back. She was going crazy with my every stroke she was moving her body in rhythm.

Neha then lifted her ass a bit and I got to penetrate deep inside. Neha screamed and came back to the normal position. We waited for a few seconds. Then I made her stand near the bed, bent her a bit and started riding her from the back as if I am riding a horse. Her boobs were bouncing with every push.

She had her eyes closed and was holding the bedsheet tight. I increased my speed and Neha started moaning fast. I continued the same for a few minutes and then stopped Neha then took charge. She turned around and started kissing me, biting on my chest and neck.

She then asked me to lay on the bed. I followed what she asked and she came on top of me. Neha held my penis with her hand and placed it at the opening of her pussy. Suddenly sat on it, my penis went deep inside her. She screamed in pleasure and started moving up and down.

She was slow first and then started going fast. With her, every stroke her boobs were bouncing and that was making me crazy. I stood up and sat on the bed and made her sit on my lap, I held her ass and forced her on my penis. She like it and so hugged me tight scratching my back.

I asked her to move front and back in this position, she followed and was enjoying. While she was doing this I was sucking her boobs hard, rolling my tongue around her nipples. Neha went crazy and stopped and hug me tight, that’s when she had her next orgasm.

She rested herself on my shoulder and stopped for a while. Without removing my penis I placed her on the bed, positioned her in missionary position and started to fuck. Neha was tired and was in bit pain as well due to injuries. While I was stroking her, Neha asked me to fuck her hard and load all my cum deep inside her.

I followed what she said and started fucking her hard. I held her legs and was fucking her with no mercy. Neha was moaning, screaming but was enjoying. After fucking for almost 15-20 minutes I was ready to cum. As she wanted I loaded all my cum deep inside her pussy.

Neha let out a sigh of relief and kissed me. She said that she never had such experience in sex as her husband does not last for long. I just smile and kissed her. She got up and took her clothes and went to the washroom. She took a shower.

She came back in bra and panty with a towel wrapped around her and asked me to go and take a shower. She said while I am taking shower she will get ready and then I should drop her home, I agreed and went for a shower. I was back in 20 minutes.

However, Neha was not ready and was sitting the same way as I left her. I asked her what happened. Neha said that she wants to stay for some more time. I asked if everything is OK. She said that she wants more. She said that she wants to have anal sex if I am OK with it.

I agreed and kissed her forehead and then lips. I pushed her back and started kissing her. We then had another session where I fucked her tight ass. I will narrate that in the next story

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