My Bike Riding Girlfriend Rides Better

Hi friends, I am Rupu. I am a 40-year-old engineer in Jharkhand. I am writing my previous sex escapades. All upcoming stories are 15 years old.

I am in love with bike rides. A trip to near/far places on a bike was my thing at that time. It was an eventful evening in September 2006. I was going to my friend’s place by bike. And ‘wroom,’ a bike passed by with very high speed. It must be around 75 kmph.

And what turned my attention? A girl was riding. What the fuck, being myself a speedy rider, I thought, how can a girl overtake me? I speeded up and went closer to that bike. I found that it was a Hero Puch bike. It was famous at that time. But I never thought that a hero puch could have that much speed.

A skinny girl with a sky-blue top and navy-blue jeans with long curly hairs in a ponytail (her hairs were flying in the air) was the rider. I speed up further to look at her face and tried parallel driving.

But just as I got closer to her, she again accelerated, and I couldn’t see her face.  She then disappeared in a branch road that leads to a residential colony.

Sure girl, you got my attention. I need to befriend you. I also noticed she was carrying a small bag. So I suspected she must be coming from tuition classes or from a friend’s house.

The next day, the same place I was waiting for her, and yes, she came cruising. The first time I saw her, very fair, must be 19 years of age, big black eyes, very thin lips (just chewable). Those lips had a suppressed smile. This time I didn’t wanna miss her, so I started parallel driving and asked her, “Wanna race?”

She raised her eyebrows and made an angry face, and then asked, “Race to where?”

I replied, “Heaven.”

She, “What?”

I again said, “ 7th heaven.”

7th heaven is a restaurant about 4 km from there, and a pretty lonely road leads there. She replied by accelerating her bike to that road. Being an expert on such highway roads, on full throttle, I got the speed of 90 kmph and crossed her and smiled back at her.

She was fuming and accelerating. But Hero Puch had its limitations. I was also concerned if she speeded up more, there might be a chance of an accident. So I slowed down a bit and let her move ahead of me.

But I made excuses of potholes and bumps on the road. Finally, she reached the parking lot of 7th heaven first. I lost by only fractions of a second. We stopped side by side, and the joy of winning was blooming on her face.

Me – You really are an incredible rider.

She – Yeah, I rode fast but don’t fool me. You purposefully lost.

Me – Not like that… but I can lose every race to such a beautiful girl.

She – Oh, cheesy? And what is this ‘loser’ called?

Me – Rupesh and you?

She – Jassi.

Me – Jassi jaisi koi nahin. Right?

Jassi with a smile – Yeah and bye.

Me – Wait, ek baat bolna tha. ( I want to say something)

Jassi– Kya? (What?)

Me – Meri bike ko Hero Puch se pyaar ho gaya hai. (My bike had fallen in love with Hero Puch)

Jassi again raised her eyebrows and suppressing her smile – So?

Me – Kal lete aana usey meri bike se milane. (Bring your bike to meet my bike.)

Jassi – Bye.

We exchanged our numbers. We visited different tourist places within 100 km from our place as friends on our respective bikes. I visited her college, met with her friends. We could not go far as her family would not allow her to roam.

Jassi was a skinny girl back then, the height of 5’5”, long legs, with a figure of 29-20-28. She had very small-sized boobs, what we friends call a ‘plain dosa.’ Hehe.

One day Jassi said tomorrow we will visit a lake on ‘one’ bike. Till then, we were friends.

The next day Jassi came in usual blue jeans and a somewhat transparent white top. Her black bra can be seen through the material of the top. And I was like, what happened to her? We started our journey, and Jassi was sitting behind me with her legs on both sides.

Once we got on the highway, a sudden shock got me thrilled. Jassi put her arms around my waist and kissed me on my neck. I instantly got a hard-on. It was a bike ride to remember forever.

I asked – What?

Jassi – Nothing.

We reached the lake, had fun, splashed water on each other. We had a walk. Then on returning, Jassi wanted to ride. I said, “Ok, as you wish.” We started our back journey. This time I kissed her neck and held her in my arms the same way. Even I touched her navel through the top.

Jassi asked, “What?” I replied, “Nothing.”

That night I called her, and we talked a lot. Then the magic words came, “I love you” from both sides. We laughed at it. We planned to meet at my flat (I used to study there alone, but don’t live there) tomorrow.

The next day I was eagerly waiting for her. Her Hero Puch’s sound (wroom) seemed musical to me when she arrived. She entered my flat, we sat on the bed, hold each other hands. Diving into each other’s eyes and “I love you.” Then the first kiss of my life happened.

I just touched her lips with mine. She got shy. Again, I kissed her and this time with more confidence. We kissed like mad lovers. I chewed her thin pink lips, brushed my tongue on her teeth. She opened her mouth, and we sucked each other lips. Saliva interchanged.

I was moving my fingers on her curly hair. She was holding me tightly. We broke our kiss and hugged each other. It was the most beautiful moment of our life, feeling each other. I put my hands on her ass and squeezed a little. She replied by kissing harder and pushing her tongue in my mouth.

I bit her ears and gave her love bites on her shoulder, collar bone. She had come in usual jeans and sky blue top, I was in shorts and a t-shirt. During kissing, I tried to lift her top, she resisted but soon gave up. Her small boobs were shining in a black bra.

Her boobs were so small, I can easily hold both of them in my palm. My hands just got life on their own. They started mauling her breasts. She started moaning, “Rupu, what are you doing?” She had small boobs, but she was well gifted with at least 1.5-inch nipples.

Her nipples are visible through the material of the bra. I started sucking her nipples above the bra. My hands were moving on her back after sucking her nipples for 5 minutes. I looked up, and there she was, looking into my eyes with love, and we kissed passionately.

I thought I can spend my whole life in her arms. I don’t want anything else other than love and Jassi hugging me. She opened my t-shirt, jeans and I was in my underwear.

I removed her jeans, overcoming her meager resistance. There she was in a white panty (simple, no designer wear). She had a wet patch in her panty. Jassi looked so sexy, tempting, only in a black bra and white panty. Her bra had become transparent due to my saliva and her nipples poking out of the bra.

We hugged and lay on the bed.

Me – I wanna eat you raw.

Jassi – Who’s stopping you?

I put my palm on her pussy above the panty and said, “ I wanna ride here at 100 kmph.”

Jassi – It’s a new road and a little bumpy. Are you sure you can ride?

I took her hand and placed it on my hard-on. She felt its hardness and wanted to withdraw. But I held her and started squeezing my penis with her hand.

Me – The engine is hot. Feel it.

Jassi smiled, and I can see her eyes becoming red with lust. I undid her bra. Her nipples were free. I started sucking them madly. She started gripping my dick harder and moaning continuously. My hands were pumping her boobs as if they were stress balls.

Her nipples had become long (maybe more than 2 inches). She kept her hands in my hair and pushing me to her boobs. Her nipples were very sensitive. “Yes, suck the hell out of me, take my life through these tits,” and her hips were going up and down in rhythm.

She got very much aroused. In just 10 minutes of sucking and biting her tits, she shouted, “Oh, I am cumming. I love you, Rupu.” One hell of a pelvic thrust in the air, and she came, still with her panty on. She had her eyes closed and panting a lot with heavy breathing.

I came by the side and hugged her face to face. She calmed down, kissed me, and directly lowered my brief. My dick sprang out from the cage. I have a normal 5.5-inch tool. But it was very thick and had a big pink mushroom head.

Because of her touch, veins can be seen on the lower side of my dick. She gripped my dick and started with small movement. I had a good 34-inch chest that time with 4 pack abs as I was a regular at the gym. She pinched my man nipples, gave love bites on my chest and abs.

I couldn’t control and pulled her up. I kissed her hard and, by holding her hair, pushed her down to blow me. With a smile and keeping eye contact, she got the hint. She put her tongue out and slurped the mushroom head. “Aah,” it’s my time to moan.

The tomboy in Jassi got out. She started blowing me really hard, choking herself. She cupped my balls, held the base of my dick, and kept sucking harder. Her saliva was dripping and wetting my balls. She held my buttocks and got on pace. I thought I was in heaven, really.

Suddenly she started circling her ring finger around my asshole. She put her finger in my asshole, keeping her gaze at me only. That was something I couldn’t handle and cum in gallons. Her mouth filled with my cum and dripping through her lips. Still gripping the base, she drained me to the last drop.

I thought she will gulp it down now as in porn. But she spat all my engineers and doctors on the washbasin and cuddled me in bed. “How was it?” she said. “You are a pro. Where did you learn all this?” I replied. She said, “ CBSE girls are smarter than ICSE boys. Now it’s time to see my rider accelerate.”

I obliged by sucking her nipples, kissed her navel (not so deep as she had a flat stomach). I removed her panty to discover the small pubic hair on top of what seemed like a single vertical line. I got myself between her legs and inspected the vertical line.

She had glistening lips, but they were joined together. Her mound was like a ‘pav bhaji bun. Her clitoris was big and looked like her nipple but thin. An intoxicating smell burned my nose, but somehow I loved it. I kissed her pink lips one by one, chewed them.

I tried putting my tongue in there, but it didn’t go there. I got hold of her ass cheeks that were just a handful. I lifted her ass and started digging with my tongue, chewing her pussy lips. She was continuously moaning. I put my tongue on her clit and started sucking.

I put my ring finger in her pussy and started finger fucking her. Then I sucked her clit, pull with my teeth, and release then again pull, started fucking her with 2 fingers. She was wriggling like a snake and dripping like a hot water spring.

The onslaught continued for 15 minutes, and man, it was a tiresome job. I am hard as a rock till then and perspiring as in a sauna. She must have at least 3 mild orgasms, and she pulled me up, kissed me. “Now, ride me,” I put my throbbing dick on her pussy lips and pushed.

It didn’t go in. I rubbed my dick head on her pussy lips to get it wetter. Again I pushed, bingo, and “Oh no,” she cried. My dickhead made its way to the glory hole. Still, she was in pain. I kissed her vigorously, sucked her nipples, pinched her nipples to divert her mind.

A grand push got my bike parked in the best parking area of the world. If I hadn’t been kissing her, my whole apartment could have been knocking on my door. The teary-eyed Jassi hugged me so tightly, my body ached. After some time, she took my head and guided me to her sensitive tits.

Within no time, her pussy was filled with her juices. I could feel her vaginal walls gripping my dick. She started her slow upward pelvic thrusts. Now I got control and started fucking her at slow speed. She was in ecstasy, biting her lips, pinching her own nipples.

Now I started fucking her harder. She was holding my hips and thrusting herself harder. Sometimes she was biting my nipples, shoulders, cheeks, wrapping her legs on my waist, and holding my shoulder to thrust very hard. This went on for 20 minutes.

She shouted, “Amma,” and she fell flat panting, breathing, relaxing, and bathing my dick with her juices. I let her enjoy her orgasm and just laid on top of her. She opened her eyes and smiled at me, “It was a good ride, Rupu. I never knew you could drive this fast.”

Me (smiling) – My bike is in top-notch condition. I got such a smooth and lovely highway. I ran an extra mile.

Jassi – But you have got so much mileage left. Still, your bike is roaring to get speeded up.

I was hard still and haven’t cum yet. She pushed me on the bed and came upon me. She stroked me 2-3 times and put her pussy on my dick. With a hard push, her pussy engulfed my dick in a fraction of a second. She put her hands on my shoulders, bite my nipples hard, kept sucking without moving.

I held her bums and gave hard slaps on each. With an ‘Aah,’ she started grinding her pussy on my dick. She soon got speed and started fucking me faster.

Jassi held my dick in her hands and told me, “This is my hero. So I am riding my hero puch and now see my Hero Puch speeding.” Jassi started giving full and hard strokes. ‘Thap thap’ sounds were echoing in the room. I was nearing my orgasm due to such high speeds of fucking.

I kept giving hard strokes from below also. She must also be nearing as she was moaning at a very high pitch now. Soon both of us climaxed. I unloaded my hot lava into her burning valley. I could feel her tightening of pussy walls, and her juices were drenching my balls.

Me – Jassi, you really ride faster than me.

She had a winning smile and a satisfied look on her cute face. We slept in each other arms like that, Jassi above me, and my dick was in her glory hole.

That’s it, guys, happy fucking and riding for love and lust. We had many love/sex escapades till she was in my hometown. I was the first one to make love to Jassi, but Jassi lost her virginity to her toothbrush (she told me later).

She moved to Bangalore for higher studies, and later we broke up. Jassi, if you read this story, you can contact me. My email id is [email protected]

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