My Senior Vidya

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This story is all about my senior named Vidya aged 34 from Kerala, a married Mallu girl who has a daughter. She was from a very orthodox family. She did her schooling in a convent school. She was my senior in college (Bangalore). We became very close since we were Mallus.

She had a boyfriend during college times but broke when she was in her last year. I had gone to her hometown once for her wedding. I know her parents very well. Either she or I would call each other once in a while and I would end up talking to her daughter.

I would send gifts through my friends for her child’s birthday who is 5 years old now. Vidya would still scold me for not coming down to meet her child. This has happened in December. I was traveling from my office and Vidya called me saying she needed help.

She was coming to Bangalore for training. She wanted a place to stay for a month or 2. Since it was short notice for me to find a suitable place for her I suggested she stay in my flat for the time being. We would find 1 later.

She knew that I was staying alone in a 1BHK flat in the electronic city (which was near to her institution). She knows me very well and she agreed. It was decided that she would be reaching Bangalore Wednesday evening.

On the day of arrival, Vidya called me up saying she is about to take a flight from Chennai and she would be reaching Bangalore around 6:30 pm. Since I had a meeting in the office and it was difficult to scroll down through this heavy traffic in Bangalore.

I suggested her to take an airport taxi. I shared my address. I thought of making her sleep in my room and made my room clean. Around 7:45 pm-8:00 pm she reached. I invited her to my home. She was surprised by the interior that I have done and also how I have kept my flat clean.

She went to freshen up and we went out to have dinner. We came back and I made her sleep in my room. I settled in the hall on my favorite couch.

The next day (Thursday) I woke up and found she was talking to her child. I found that her eyes were red and thought because she was staying away from her child. I freshened up. She had made tea. I took my cup and went to the balcony for a smoke.

I then got ready and left for my office. That day evening when I came, I found that she had prepared Kerala dishes. She was again on the phone crying. I went to take a bath. I found her used panty (black panty with red designs in it). I took that and inhaled. The smell was very strong.

I came out after my bath and found she was in the kitchen doing the last touch on the dishes. Anyone could make out that she wasn’t wearing any inner.  While eating I found she wasn’t normal and when I asked, she said she was missing her child.

To change the topic, I asked about the institution and course. We spoke about her family her husband, child, parents and later we slept.

The next day (Friday), as usual, the same routine. We went to our office and class but when I came back home, I found her happy. She asked me to take her out since it was an off for both of us the next day. We planned to go to McDonald’s. We spend time till around 1:30 and we came back.

Saturday (The D-day). Usually, I meet my readers at weekends. Today since Vidya was at home and I don’t want her to know anything about this. But I had a meeting at 11 am which was scheduled already a month before with my Mumbai reader.

She came to Bangalore for a function and would return by Sunday. She has taken a room for herself. I went out saying that have to meet my friend and would return by evening. Even she had some shopping and she asked me not to worry about her.

By evening when I came back home, I found Vidya again crying. She knew that I noticed this time. I took a bath and when I came out,
Vidya: Varun, do you still drink or you stopped? ( We both used to drink during our college time, say for our birthdays, festival season, etc)

Me: Nope I do drink.
V: I would like to have 1. Can we go and grab some?

Seriously even I wanted to have a drink, I changed my dress. We both went to the nearby MRP store grabbed some beers and bought some side dishes for the day. We reached home and started the party. Vidya was wearing a black round neck loose top and black skirt. I was in a t-shirt and shorts.

One by one bottle started to get empty. I could see Vidya was getting drunk. Vidya slowly started to open her issues. Her husband is living separate and her child is with him. After her child was born, her husband wasn’t interested in having fun with her.

He is always running for money. (There are some more issues which I don’t want to show) She started to cry. I got up from my place and went sat near her. I put my hand across her shoulders. She kept her head on my shoulders and kept crying. The smell from her hair and body was killing me.

Seriously these girls always have a different kind of smell from their body. I kept rubbing my hand on her shoulders for some time. I slowly lifted her face and saw tears near her eyes. I wiped her tears while she was looking at me. I couldn’t control looking at her juicy lips.

Now my right hand was on her side tummy and my left hand on her face wiping her tears. I could see her cleavage from her loose top (which was very deep). I slowly moved my hand down towards her lips. I rubbed my thumb finger on her upper lips and lower lips down.

I couldn’t control my feelings by looking at her wet lips. I moved forward and started to kiss her lips. For 15-20 seconds she didn’t respond and after that, she just pushed me away and slapped me on my face. I was fucked up and got up from my place.

I went to the balcony cursing myself for taking the wrong step. I lit a cigarette and started smoking looking towards the road. Suddenly I felt Vidya hugging me from behind.

Vidya: Sorry da, I didn’t mean to slap you. I slapped you because I wanted to take the 1st initiative, but you kissed me 1st. (I was shocked to hear this from her mouth and turned towards her) Yes da, I have feelings for you. I wished I had a partner like you.

Vidya: The care you give me when I was in need, the way you treat me makes me feel that I am your queen in every aspect.  Since college, I had a crush on you, but I didn’t have any clue on how would you take it. But 2 days back I understood that you had the same feelings for me.

She had seen my boner when I came out of the bathroom after playing with her panty. When she went to use the bathroom, she found that her panty had a small amount cum and she confirmed this. I was shocked as well as ashamed and didn’t know how to respond.

Since I was a bit taller than her, she lifted herself and started kissing my lips. I threw my cigarette and caught her waist and pulled her more up. I slid my hand inside her top and she shivered. We went inside her room after locking up the balcony door and lights.

I hugged her from behind and started to kiss her neck. She kept her hand on my head. I started to lick her right ear and she was giving a low moan. I whispered in her ears, “I always dreamt and jerked and had wasted a huge load of cum during our college time.”

She suddenly turned towards me and hugged me tightly. She was kissing my both side neck, my forehead, my eyes, my nose, and my lips, we were kissing madly.

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