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Hey guys! This is Aryan Kapur from South Kolkata. Friends can call me Abhi too. So, I am 30 now and can be called a later bloomer. I’m 5’6″, good-looking, and blessed with a 6.5″ dick, which is enough to please any slutty girl, woman, milf, etc. I am half Muslim.

You can read my stories here, and yes, they are real-life experiences.  I write these experiences as I want to share them anonymously with you guys. I am thoroughly enjoying speaking to the ladies and gentlemen who wrote to me with feedback.

While I was going out with Cherry, I spoke to a 24-years old Anglo-Indian single mom, Vanessa, over Facebook. She opened up to me easily as we had many mutual friends.

She looked like the Australian Instagram Model Hilde but with hazel-colored eyes. She was separated and going through a divorce, and her daughter was 2-years old. That was her story, but I knew it was bullshit.

I knew from our mutual friends that she never really got married. She was living with her Goan boyfriend in Hyderabad. When she got pregnant, he just abandoned her because he was good for nothing back then. He currently raps with famous rappers in Mumbai now. But I let her feel that I believed her story.

We met before Christmas at Bow Barracks, which is a heritage Anglo-Indian locality. It is famous for Christmas Celebrations that happen with the entire locality turning into a Carnival-like area.

Vanessa and I were chatting and hanging out with friends, and she had some drinks. She was a little tipsy and was staggering. Her dad called that her daughter was crying, so I offered to drop her home. While walking, she stumbled, and I caught her.

I knew she liked me but was awkward about going ahead, given her daughter and our mutual friends. But this time, the alcohol took over, and she gave me a naughty smile. As I dropped her home, she thanked me and kissed me on my cheek. I liked it.

As she got down, she stumbled again. I decided to walk her home. The building was dark as it was late. Just before her floor came, I held her hand and pulled her a little to me. That was enough for her.

She came towards me and kissed me hard while pinning me on the wall. She kept kissing me for some time and then her phone rang again. She ran to her home, and that was the end of the night.

The next morning, I got a message from her.

Vanessa: Hey! Sorry for last night. I don’t know how I got so drunk.

Me: Sorry for what? It was a lot of fun.

Vanessa: Shut up! I was drunk ok.

Me: It seemed you knew full well what you were doing.

Vanessa: Angry Emoji.

Me: Anyway, I wouldn’t mind you doing that again. I really liked it.

Vanessa: Yeah yeah! You would like it only.

Me: I wouldn’t mind you doing more than that either.

Vanessa: You won’t be able to handle more than that. Nothing has happened in two years, so God knows what I’ll do.

Me: Oh! Sounds tempting. Is that a challenge?

Vanessa: We’ll see what it is. Don’t get ideas.

Me: That we will. For sure.

A few weeks passed. I met Vanessa at a house party. She was there with her daughter. We spoke about stuff in general. Her sister was also there, and she saw our chemistry, so she invited us to her house. Her sister was married with a son.

Next weekend, we went for lunch. After a heavy and spicy lunch, everyone took a nap after watching Suryavansham on Set Max as usual on a Sunday. Suddenly I felt Vanessa’s hand pull my hand. She was sleeping next to me, and her daughter was on the other side.

Her sister and her family were sleeping on the floor, and we were on the couch. Since it was still January, Vanessa had a blanket on her. She pulled my hand inside her blanket and slid it inside her pants and into her panties. She was clean-shaven and moist. She whispered to me.

Vanessa – My sister said she’d take care of my daughter tonight, and dad knows I’m staying over. If you want to take me somewhere, I’m free.

I was extremely horny now. And with her whispering what felt like a dream in my ear and with my hand on her pussy, feeling her wetness. I held her, and we drove to the nearest decent hotel.

We barely closed the door and started kissing. She didn’t wait for anything and took off my t-shirt and jeans. She took off her leggings and top and pulled me to the bed. We were kissing hard as I took off her bra and felt her tits.

She was still lactating. Boys, it’s a surreal feeling to suck a woman’s breast and feel milk on your tongue and mouth. It was almost orgasmic. She was moaning as I sucked her breasts. My other hand was fingering her clit slowly.

After having enough of her breasts, I took off her panties and started licking them. This was surprising and shocking to her as she suddenly retracted. She didn’t expect me to flick my tongue on her pussy.

Vanessa – What are you doing?

I didn’t bother to answer. I just held her hips and pulled her petite frame in, making her pussy land on my mouth. I started licking her hard as if my life depended on it. She had applied some aloe vera lotion all over her body, and the freshness was evident even on her pussy.

She started moaning, then stopped and screamed. She was literally screaming like a woman possessed as I licked her. Her not having fucked for over two years was evident as her juices flowed. My God, they flowed.

Obviously, my mouth was wet, but so was my neck, shoulder, chest, and the bed had an unbelievable damp spot. It didn’t take long for her to cum. And as soon as she did, she pushed me and started sucking my dick. She was out of touch, but her passion was compensating for the lack of skill.

She really enjoyed giving head. I was very hard with her tongue flicking the slit of my penis. She suddenly came over and sat on my dick. Her pussy was tight as she had the baby through a c-section. The lack of action surprised her pussy as my hard as an iron rod dick stabbed through.

She, in her excitement, didn’t calculate what she was capable of. She tried her best to ride. But after giving two stroked from the top, she collapsed on me and said it’s hurting. I lifted her, placed her below me, and started giving very slow thrusts that went deep into her pussy.

She sighed and moaned every time I did. I did this for 10-15 minutes. I knew it wasn’t yet enough, but I asked her if I can increase my speed. She just nodded her head with eyes closed and her teeth biting her lips.

I started increasing my speed. With just the tip of its head going into the front of her pussy and she was moaning. After some time, I, without any warning, gave a hard and long stroke that pierced through the walls of pussy. It shocked her as she screamed and orgasmed hard.

Her pussy felt like a marketplace as she came. My dick felt like it was getting punched, pushed, and pulled from all sides. Her juices flowed more than ever, and the bedsheet and even the mattress were not usable again.

But this wasn’t it. She had grabbed me tight and locked her legs with mine as she had cum, so I didn’t move my dick anymore inside her pussy. After she relaxed a little, she eased her grip and looked me in the eyes.

She was blissful with my dick in her pussy.I knew if she was a billionaire and I asked for her entire fortune at the time, she would have happily signed over everything. That is the power of sex.

As she eased me out, she thought we would relax a little. But I pretended to adjust my body around her hips. Without warning, I gave another long, hard, deep stroke that broke through her vagina into her cervix. I saw her eyes roll to the back of her head.

She screamed like she was getting murdered. Her nails dug into my back and made me bleed. I felt a cyclone in her pussy as she came again. My dick got twisted and crushed as her pussy juices flowed with the muscles contracting tightly on my dick.

She had passed out, holding me tight. When she regained consciousness, she said.

Vanessa: I’ve never been fucked like this. Don’t be gentle. Use me as you want. Please do whatever you want with me.

I would have done that even if she didn’t say that. I fucked her in missionary, doggy style (which pained her a lot), standing up, from the back with both of us lying down. I made her ride for at least 30 minutes to make me cum.

We lost count of how many times she orgasmed. But I knew, from that day on, she was my whore. Things took a weird turn a few weeks later. Stay tuned.

Please share your feedback with Abhi at [email protected], on Instagram – writer_abhi.kapur. Please don’t ask me for details about any of the girls in my stories.


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