BF Gives Surprise Birthday Gift To Girlfriend

Hello everyone! This is Arpita with the very first real story that happened with me that made my relationship with my boyfriend, Varun, much more intimate and romantic.

I have been reading stories on ISS for quite some time, and seeing others expressing their views, made me confident enough to express my incident.

Before proceeding with the story, let me give you some background about me and my boyfriend. We both met in Pune as we are working for the same IT company.

It is now almost 3 years of us being together. We love each other so much that we have sex almost 3-4 times a day. I won’t be exaggerating this as he can’t keep his hands off of my voluptuous figure of 34-29-36. And I can’t keep my hands off his thick, black 6″ dick.

Now, coming to the story, this happened in July 2019 in Pune. We were having a really good life situation going on, but for some time now, my boyfriend was really exhausted with his work because of a new project.

The corporate work pressure was getting a grip on him. The workplace was hectic, with huge assignments to be submitted on a regular basis.

I was not able to help him out, other than making some good food, massaging him and giving him some mind-blowing blowjobs. I was never frustrated with this life that we both chose, but recently this work-life was taking a toll on our sex life. And just to let you all know, I am the type of girl that won’t compromise with my sex life.

Varun’s busy schedule and hectic life really made our bedroom a deserted ground with no actions happening for straight weeks.

One day, on a nice sunny Sunday, I saw Varun standing on the balcony. He looked a bit down and sad. I prepared some tea for us, went to the balcony and offered him the tea.

Varun – Thank you so much, babe. I really needed something refreshing.

Me – It’s okay, jaan. What happened? You look a bit down.

Varun – Babe, the recent project has got me all occupied with the work and I am not able to spend enough time with you.

Me – It’s okay, jaan. I can understand.

Varun – I’ve been wanting to talk to you about our sex life. I know that for quite some time we haven’t had sex and I know how much you miss it. I am really sorry babe that I am not able to pleasure you.

Me – Oh, come on, jaan! Don’t be sorry. I understand how hectic your life has been right now. And you are not to be blamed for it. It’s true that I miss the sex but, I can’t force you to have sex with me if you are tired. I would be the most selfish person in the world to even think about it.

Varun – No, babe. Trust me, I really want to make love to you and I promise today I will make you so happy that you won’t be able to go to the office tomorrow!!

Me – Accha!! Let’s see what my jaan will do, to this sensual and curvy body.

After that my boyfriend kissed me on the balcony. We didn’t even care that there were people on other balconies. We were so into each other that we didn’t care about others. I was eagerly waiting for the night to come. Varun asked me to get ready by evening.

I was surprised why he was asking me to get dressed. Then I came to know that we were having dinner in a restaurant. I made sure to tease Varun that day, and so I wore the sexiest dress that I can.

I wore a G-string and a good padded bra that made my big melons rise up even further. On top of that, I wore a black one-piece that barely reached my knees. I kept my hair untied, with kajal in my eyes.

When I came out of the room, Varun was awestruck by looking at me dressed like that. The very first thing that came out of his mouth was “DAMN!! You are one sexy bitch.” I just laughed and kissed him.

Me – Just wait and see how this sexy bitch teases you today.

I made sure to tease my bf throughout our drive. I kept touching his dick now and then, but never pressed or caressed it. He was also constantly grabbing my ass and spanking it now and then.

We reached the restaurant and we quickly sat at our reserved table. I must say that I was looking like a high-paid prostitute because of the looks other men in the restaurant were giving me looks like they would eat me then and there.

We ordered our food and were waiting for our meal to come when Varun asked me something.

Varun – Babe, let’s play something.

Me – What??!! How we will play here?

Varun – I’ll give you a dare and you have to do it and vice versa.

Me – No. That’s so boring.

Varun – Come on, babe!!! It will be fun. Please for me. Please!!

Me – Okay. But first I’ll give you a dare. Okay?

Varun – Cool.

I looked around for something and gave Varun a dare. I saw a girl sitting on the bar counter with another friend. I asked Varun to go and ask her for her number. To my surprise, Varun was very determined and ready for this game. He went there.

I was sure that he would return with nothing but empty-handed. But to my surprise, he kept talking to her for quite some time. After around 15 minutes, he came back with her number on his phone. I was really impressed by this.

Me – Well done!! Now, it’s my turn.

Varun thought about something and the dare that he gave me really shocked me. He asked me to kiss the waiter.

Me – Are you mad?!!!! I am not doing this in any lifetime!!! How can you give such a dare??!!

Varun – Come on, babe!! Let’s enjoy. It’s already hectic on weekdays. At least we can explore different aspects of our life.

I was silent but at the same time, I thought about it. I haven’t been fucked for quite some time. But the thought of kissing someone else in front of my BF made me aroused. I was ready to do the dare. I was waiting for the right opportunity to come when I can make my move. I thought of something and came up with a plan.

I thought of going to the washroom being drunk and call the waiter asking him to open the door. I was not drunk but acted as if I was really high. I stood up and started walking towards the washroom. Varun was helping me out with this act, but he got a phone call from his boss and had to go out of the restaurant.

I was standing there now, alone thinking should I proceed with this or chuck the plan. But, by this time, the excitement had taken over me and thought of continuing the plan without Varun.

I started walking towards the washroom and called the waiter. The washroom was at one corner of the restaurant being covered by the wall. It was not big probably made to be used by one person at a time. The waiter came and asked me,

Waiter – Ma’am, are you alright?

Me – Yeah, I am good. Just a little bit drunk. Actually, can you please help me out with the door? I am feeling a bit drowsy.

Waiter – Sure, ma’am.

He then opened the door and I went inside. I asked him to keep the door open in case I was not able to open the door back. My phone fell down and I bowed down to pick the phone up. I realized that my one-piece was really short and by now he might be having a good look at my G-string.

I didn’t know what happened to me but somehow I was feeling really excited about this. I stayed in that position for a while. He came back from behind and asked if I needed any help. I knew that my G-string and my white big ass must have aroused him because I could feel the bulge of his dick on my ass.

I didn’t say anything but continued to act as if I was drunk. He must have thought I was really drunk, and he bowed a bit more so that he could rest his front area on my back. I could feel his dick and it was definitely bigger than my boyfriend’s. I thought of taking this to a next level.


Stay tuned for part 2 to know how that waiter got lucky and how that incident changed me totally and made me a slut. You can send in your response to [email protected]

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