Fun With Bhabhi’s friend

Hello all, Gaurav again here. Thank you all readers for liking my experiences and sharing your lovely comments. As you might have read my previous stories, Rashmi bhabhi was the wife of my college senior Amit sir.  I will share my fun stories with another married lady, who was Rashmi bhabhi’s friend.

Her name was Chaitali. She was a neighbor of Rashmi bhabhi. Her husband was an accountant with a company. Her age was around 30 years old. She had a 3 years old daughter. She was of wheatish color, not as fair as Rashmi Bhabhi.

But, her figure was very nice, long hair. Her eyes were like Konkana Sen Sharma’s eyes. She always wore Salwar suit. She was from a small town of Odisha. Her husband was 10-11 years elder to her. He was fat and bald. There was no match between husband and wife.

There was a playschool near my home. Rashmi bhabhi had put her younger son in that school and Chaitali had also put her daughter in that school. I met Chaitali several times in Rashmi bhabhi’s flat. We used to have a general ‘Hi, hello’. I used to address her bhabhi.

Rashmi bhabhi and Chaitali bhabhi used to come together to drop and pick up their kids. Sometimes, Rashmi bhabhi used to drop by my flat to chit chat while waiting for their kids to finish classes. Chaitali bhabhi also accompanied Rashmi bhabhi, whenever Rashmi bhabhi came.

Rashmi bhabhi later put her son in normal school when he became older. Chaitali bhabhi continued her daughter in the same school. So, next academic year, she used to come alone to drop and pick up her daughter. Saturday and Sunday, I mostly used to be at home.

On one Saturday, I saw her standing outside the playschool while waiting for her daughter to finish the classes. I was returning from the shop after buying groceries. I said hello and asked her how are you and all. It was April and so summer had already started.

It was around 1 pm and she was sweating a little bit. I requested her to come to my flat and wait. She was feeling shy. First, she continued saying no, but later she succumbed to my request and came to my flat. I requested to sit on my sofa, I offered her water and then made tea.

We talked a little bit but she was a bit uncomfortable. She kept on saying, I am disturbing you on your holiday. I told her I am all alone here so nothing as such disturbance. I told her its good that you have come so that I can talk to someone and pass some time.

She went out to check school after 15 minutes. The school was over by that time. She took her daughter and went home. We waved bye to each other. That was the first time she came to my flat alone. Next week, again we met while she had dropped her daughter. Again I offered her to come and have tea.

She was hesitant but reluctantly accepted my offer. That day she was looking pretty. White salwar suit which was little bit transparent. She had put dupatta on her neck just like a muffler. Her back was deep cut. I could see her bra was of cream color. It was perfect contrast with her skin color.

Though, I had seen her many times, but I never had any feelings for her. But today’s feeling was something different. We had tea, talked little bit and then she left. Now, it became her routine to pass by my flat for a few minutes on almost every Saturday.

She became more comfortable in our talks. Our conversations range from family, kids, travel, tour. She became sad as her husband never used to take them anywhere. Rashmi bhabhi had told Chaitali bhabhi about my girlfriend. Our talks sometimes turned towards relationships.

With these talks, she used to feel sad. Once, I asked her why she feels sad whenever I talk about her personal life. She used to just smile. Later, Rashmi bhabhi told me once that Chaitali’s husband is aged so he is not so active in bed.

Once, Chaitali bhabhi had come to my flat after dropping her daughter in school. Our conversation turned towards the Holi festival. She casually said you had played a very rough Holi with Rashmi. I was shocked to hear first and thought up to what extent she knows.

I asked her casually who said that I played Holi with Rashmi Bhabhi. She casually said you are not so innocent as you look. We were standing in my kitchen and I was making juice. She was of short height, she had kept dupatta on my sofa.

As I turned to escape from her soft punch, my hands went on her waist and saw her cleavage from top. She was wearing light green kameez and white salwar. Her sindoor on head was complimenting with her mangalsutra. She asked a few times how did I play Holi with Rashmi.

I told her she can ask Rashmi bhabhi only. Chaitali told that when they started playing Holi with Rashmi and other ladies, they were putting color inside salwar kameez. She saw that Rashmi’s body is already colored. Rashmi told that her hubby had already played with her.

After some time, Rashmi bhabhi confided to her that Gaurav (about me) had come and he just applied color. Chaitali teased her about me that he just applied color or roughly played color. Rashmi bhabhi became shy. Chaitali again whispered in her ear that it looks like we had awesome Holi.

Chaitali told her that she heard our voice in her bathroom as Chaitali’s bathroom and Rashmi bhabhi’s bathroom had a common wall. Rashmi bhabhi finally confided that yes, we played Holi in the bathroom and I applied color on her. But didn’t say that we had sex.

Chaitali bhabhi was narrating this to me. I was feeling shy as well horny. Chaitali bhabhi asked me that whether we just played Holi only or did something more. She again asked me how did I put color on Rashmi. I just went behind Chaitali bhabhi.

I held her waist using my left hand and rubbed my right hand on her back over kameez. And whispered in her ear that I colored her like this. She was not ready for my movement so she tried to escape and in turn, she bent forward. Eventually, my left hand touched her breast and my dick started growing.

I realized I went a bit far. I regain my composure and moved back. I told her sorry. She smiled and said its ok. I also flirted with her and said you still look like a college-going girl and don’t look like a mother. She blushed. I realized her breasts were tight and firm and her body had almost no fat.

Slowly lust was building up inside me for her. I had sex with Rashmi bhabhi in between. But I observed that whenever Chaitali bhabhi was in my mind, I was more aggressive while having sex. I was not desperate to have her in my bed. But I thought it will happen some day for sure.  I didn’t have to wait for long.

It was July first week and there were strong winds. It looked like there will be season’s first rain. She had dropped her daughter and went to nearby shop for some groceries. Suddenly, it started raining. She didn’t expect rain, so she was not carrying umbrella. My home was very near.

She ran towards my home and was drenched with water by that time. She knocked my room. I opened the door and invited her. She kept shopping bag on sofa and removed her dupatta. Her dupatta was wet. She tried to loosen her hair by bringing her hair in front.

She was in yellow kameez and green salwar. I could see her red bra as it was yellow dress was sticking to her body. I gave her a towel. She was wiping her hands and face. I was enjoying the view, tightness of her bra over her shoulders. I touched her dress and told her that her dress is wet.

I will give her my dress so that she will not fall ill. I gave her my t-shirt and shorts. She felt shy, she said she doesn’t need as the rain may stop anytime and she will go. I insisted that she should change the dress and offered my dress. Intentionally, I gave her one of my V-neck white t-shirt.

She went to bathroom to change. I knew she was of average height so t-shirt will be loose for her. After some time, she came out of bathroom. V-neck t-shirt was not able to hide her cleavage. She felt shy as I looked at her. She said that the dress is loose for her.

I told her to come and see the wardrobe. If she likes anything she can change. She said its ok, anyhow rain will stop soon. Her red bra strap was visible on shoulders as the loose shirt was unable to cover on both side. Her mangalsutra was going inside the cleavage.

The sindoor was spread on her head, and my shorts was covering her knees. She was feeling shy when I stared at her. She said that she is feeling shy as she has never worn dress like this. I said you can wear such dress at home during night and winked.

She realized that the bra strap on each side is visible. She tried to pluck t-shirt edge with her bra strap. She asked me for iron so that she can dry her clothes. I gave to her and said she can use my bedroom. Meanwhile, I was making tea and the bedroom was in my direct eye contact.

She was bending to iron and I can see her cleavage from the side angle. I was unable to hide my excitement. She finished ironing the clothes and again put on hanger to dry bit more. Then she came to me in the kitchen and offered to finish making tea.

I told her I know how to make tea. She joked, “You boys are good in playing Holi, not in household work.” I stepped aside to make space for her. We kept on talking and said I can make her an expert too in playing Holi. She finished making tea and gave me a cup. We had tea while sitting on the sofa.

She was asking if I had played color only with Rashmi Bhabhi or something else. I told just played color. She said she had heard moaning voices of bhabhi in Holi as their bathrooms are separated by a wall. I blushed and told her you have wild imagination. Now, she blushed and got up to put the cup in the sink.

When she was washing the utensils, I observed that her bra is still wet as it was making the shirt wet at the straps. I told her bhabhi you have not removed all wet clothes. She said she did as the clothes are already hanged for drying. I said there are other clothes which are still wet. She again asked which clothes.

I was behind her. I put my hand on her back and moved along the bra straps. She didn’t expect my movement and shivered. She said, “What are you doing?” She took cup from my hand to wash it. I told her to go and keep her clothes for drying. She was feeling shy. She went back to the bedroom.

I too went to the bedroom. I saw her plugging the iron in the socket. She was facing the wall. Outside, there was huge thunderstorm sound. I positioned myself behind her. And put my arms around her stomach. I asked her, “What are you doing?” She said she is thinking to put her inners for drying.

I whispered, “May I help you?” She felt shy and said no. By the time, I had moved aside her long hair and kissed her neck. I tightened my grip on her stomach. She tried to break free herself from my clutch. But I kept on kissing on her neck, ears and shoulders.

I lowered the t-shirt’s arms and saw her bra. I kissed on the shoulders over her red bra. She was shivering. Then, I turned her and pinned to the wall so that she was facing me. There was a tube light in my bedroom. Her dusky color was making perfect contrast.

I lifted her face and planted my lips on her lips. First, she didn’t open her mouth. I kept on pressing my tongue on her lips and kept on kissing her lips. After some time, my tongue became successful in invading her lips and made way inside her mouth. She reciprocated now and started kissing too.

It looked like she was not much into kissing. I was making effort in arousing her. Her breasts were pressing against my chest. And it had effect on my dick which was getting tight. My hands moved from her waist to her breast area and squeezed lightly. She moaned the first time.

I stopped smooching and kept on kissing on her neck and shoulders. I tried to lift the t-shirt but her hand was stopping me. I forcefully removed her shirt and threw it on bed. She quickly covered her breast using her hands. I again kissed her neck. She pleaded not to do as she is married.

She indeed looked like a devoted wife: big bindi on her forehead, long sindoor lining on her head, bangles on her hands and mangalsutra on her neckline. I was feeling tempted to take one more married lady. I felt as she is an easy target. I held her left breast using my right hand. I squeezed hard and she moaned.

I started kissing from her lips going down to her neck and to her cleavage over her mangalsutra. Her mangalsutra was going inside the bra between the cleavage. Red color bra and her married status were having double effect on me. I kissed on her breast over bra. Her size was 32. It was firm and tight.

I used my both hands to lift her both hands on the wall. I bit the nipples over her bra. She made a hiss sound. I used my teeth to expose her nipple from her bra and sucked it. I kept on sucking and biting her nipples. She had big areolas like a resin which was fully erected.

She was moaning and struggling. I then freed my hand and pulled down her bra strap from shoulders and bra cups from breast. I took my both hands on her back and unhooked her bra. First time her both breasts were in full view. Light brown color breasts and dark nipples had amazing view.

I took the bra and threw it on bed. She was in shorts now. My mouth went to her nipples and kept on sucking. The other breast was occupied by my hand. The sucking and squeezing of her breasts were making her weak. I just bit one of her breasts and she screamed. I pinched her nipples using fingers.

Then I stopped sucking for a while but kept on pressing her breasts. I looked at her. She had moist eyes, messy hair, sindoor spread sideways on her head. I tried to kiss her, but she turned her face. So, I kissed her ear and neck. I whispered, “You are very sexy, I am not able to control myself.”

I was continuously pressing, squeezing and pinching her breasts and nipples. She again said softly to stop all this and said she has not done this other than with her husband. I just said please enjoy bhabhi. I removed my banian and then hugged her tightly.

Our bare chests collided against each other and felt body heat. Her nipples were piercing my chest. I again kissed her then my right hand went on to her bum. My dick was pressing on her abdomen. I took my hand on her pussy area over shorts. She shivered.

I started rubbing slowly while kissing on her neck and cleavage. I slowly came on her breast and then stomach. She had not much fat and looked slim. I inserted my tongue inside her navel. She held my head to keep me away. I suddenly pulled down shorts and saw her in pink panty.

I held her ass and kept on kissing on her navel and abdomen area. Slowly I came down on her panty and over pussy. I planted deep kiss over panty. She was holding my head and I was kissing over pussy area and on her thighs. I stood up and took her in my arms.

She was easy to lift. I made her sit on my bed and slowly pushed her so that her back was on bed. My hands went on her thighs and pussy. She tried to keep my hands away. I kissed on her thighs and on pussy for over 5 minutes. She kept on moaning and making hiss sounds.

I then exposed her pussy. She had a clean-shaven pussy. I inserted one finger inside pussy, she made a moaning sound. I then pulled down her panty. I had a cute little pussy in front of my hungry eyes. She kept her hands over pussy. I removed her hands and planted my first kiss on her pussy.

I spread her legs with my hand and then inserted my tongue inside her pussy. I used my fingers to spread her pussy lips to have more access to my tongue. She was wet and the whole of my mouth was wet because of her wetness. I kept on sucking her pussy.

I started squeezing her nipples and breast and kept on sucking her pussy. She had a dual assault on her body. She was moving and arching her body. I that her pussy was getting contraction. I knew that she is on the verge of her massive orgasm. Her hands and body movement became stiff.

I felt liquid gushing out of her pussy on my mouth. I kept on sucking those salty waters and finished licking. She screamed when she got her orgasms. She put a pillow over her mouth and face. I let her take some rest and gain some energy. Meanwhile, I removed my shorts and underwear.

I held her face with my hand and laid over the body. She felt my hard dick on her thighs. She again pleaded to stop. I kissed on her neck. I sucked and squeezed her breasts alternatively. Then I spread her legs with my hands. I positioned myself on her bare body.

I used one of my hands to hold my dick and rub over her pussy lips and another hand to hold her thighs. She was shivering as I was moving my dick on her pussy lips. I could see the fear in her eyes. I said, “Relax bhabhi nothing will happen.” I was rubbing my dick for 3-4 minutes and her shiver became less.

Then all of sudden, I inserted my dick inside her pussy. She raised her ass to scream which in turn helped my dick to go deeper in her vagina. I was in that position for a few minutes. Her pussy was very tight despite it was lubricated by her orgasm. I had to make a hard thrust.

I hugged her tight and started a slow movement. Half of my dick was still outside. I was wondering where is the space inside her vagina to take this remaining half portion. I slowly started pushing more. She was moaning continuously as I successfully tried to insert more portion of my dick.

Again, I let her regain her breath by being stagnant. Meanwhile, my mouth had a good feast of her nipples. Her breasts had become red in many places. I again started my movement. I felt like she is not accustomed to my 3/4th of dick. I kept on fucking her tight pussy. Now, it was time for the final assault.

I used my right hand to raise her left leg. It made more space inside her pussy. I kept on pumping at the same speed. However, the final hard thrust was required to invade her uncharted pussy by my dick. And then all of sudden my dick was at her womb hitting with its tip. She had tears in her eyes.

Again, I was silent for a few minutes. Then I started my final journey of her pussy’s invasion. I kept on sucking her nipples and breasts, at the same time, I was pumping her hard now. Each of my thrust was going to her womb. It was almost 20-25 minutes of pumping.

Meanwhile, she had released her second wave of orgasm. And it was time for my orgasm. I was still holding her left leg high in the air. I released her leg as I had now space inside her vagina. I took her hand over her head. I kept kissing on her neck, armpits, breasts and nipples.

At the same time, I was pumping her hard. I was on the verge of ejaculation. I thought to ask her where to ejaculate. But her pussy’s tightness made me ejaculate deep inside her vagina. I just fired sperm and on the interval of 5 seconds finished the remaining stocks of sperm.

I buried my face between her breasts on her mangalsutra. I kept on pumping till the last drop of cum came out of my dick. Then I became numb over her stiff body. We were in that position for 5 minutes, our eyes closed, my hands holding her arms and body.

Slowly, I lifted myself when my dick became normal. I removed my dick from her pussy and she gasped. She moaned as the dick finally left her pussy. I saw the cum trying to come out. I gave her hand towel which she took and placed over her pussy. I lay beside her. We were silent for 5 minutes.

Our body pulse was high, I could see her breasts and nipples movement was high after our session. I then got up, kissed on her forehead. She was feeling shy, I gave her towel. She covered her body with the towel. She was looking cute and sexy as towel was covering her cleavage to thighs.

I told her that I forgot to take out in the last moment so I came inside her. I said I will bring medicine to avoid getting pregnant. She smiled for the first time and said its ok, she has medicine at home. I asked how come she had medicine. She said her hubby also doesn’t like to use condoms and he asks her to take pills.

I asked bhabhi how often they do sex. She said hardly once in a month so she doesn’t have problem in taking pills once. I smiled and asked her how was our session. She was shy and said it was the best she ever had. I again laid down beside her and pulled the hand towel to see her pussy.

It was still oozing out white liquid. She then said that she knew I had relation with Rashmi Bhabhi. She sometimes had fantasized for extra marital affair but she didn’t have guts to go ahead. However, she was ok as it happened with me that too without any plan.

She then got up and went inside to clean. She said her hubby had a small dick so she didn’t realize the pain and enjoyment of long dicks. Meanwhile, I ironed her panty and bra to dry those. She came out of bathroom. I gave her the undergarments.

She wore undergarments and kameez. Her salwar was still wet. I told her, “You can get ready and at the end you can wear salwar.” She went in the room to comb her messy hair. I too went inside room. I saw her face in the mirror. She was looking cute with a bindi on her head, bangles on arm.

I couldn’t control. I went behind her and held her stomach. Her back was facing me. She had hair on one side to comb. I kissed on the other side of neck. She hissed. She said just now we have finished. I said I am unable to control now. My hands roamed on her thighs and slowly removed her panty.

She requested her dress may spoil. I told her no need to remove any more dress. I took her on the edge of bed. She bent forward. I lifted her kameez to expose her pussy lips. I rubbed my dick on her pussy and gave a big thrust. I held her long hair and breast over dress and kept on pumping for 10 minutes.

She said she is feeling tired now. I turned her and pushed her on bed. I entered now in missionary position. In the next 5 minutes, I emptied my sperms again deep inside her vagina. She got up, cleaned her pussy with hand towel and got ready. We hugged and smooched.

Meanwhile, it was time for her to pick her daughter. I gave her my umbrella to keep from getting wet. She left my home with big smile.

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