First Sexual Encounter With Married Neighbour Aunty

Hello everyone, I am the thirst quencher, by my name itself I quench the thirst of all the ladies who are willing to enter the pleasure of life! This is my first ever story in this platform and this is also the first sexual encounter of my life.

I am an athletic personality, much concerned about my body structure and my health. This story starts when I was 19 years old was about 2 months away from my board examination.

I was fully involved in the preparation of my examination, but the preparation of examination was incomplete without the touch of porn and sex stories. At that time, I was very desperate for having sex and I was searching for it around. But, one day the search of mine was put to an end.

There was a lady in my colony. She was in her mid-thirties, about 35-38. Once my mom asked me to visit her as she wanted some help. Before that time, I had no such intentions towards her.

I went to her house and asked her about the work. She looked a bit worried.

I asked her what she wanted with me. She told me that she had a party the next day but the tailor to whom she had given her dress for alteration had altered it quite tightly. As her husband was on work and her only child who was in standard 5th was in school, she asked me to take her to the tailor.

I asked her to get ready as I was going to get my bike. I went to my house, took my bike and came back to her door. She was ready. She sat on my bike in the typical Indian style. Until then, I had no sexual intentions towards my neighbour aunty but as my accelerator rotated, my mind went awry.

We went to the tailor and we got another dress which she has given previously to the tailor and got back to the house. Then an idea struck my mind. I asked her to check the dress to make sure it was the right fit and if not, we can go back to the tailor.

My plan worked. She asked me to sit and she went inside to change the dress. While she was inside changing her dress, I was lost in the dreams of fucking this married woman. I had my dick up already.

All of a sudden, the door of her room opened and she came out. As it was a long time ago, I don’t remember the color of the dress but it was a churidar with a tight-fitting kurti. Her boobs were trying to pop out from her kurti and she was looking like a sex bomb.

I was completely lost in her valleys and all of a sudden, she asked me, “Hey, how is it?”

It felt a bit awkward. I stammered and my mouth automatically spoked the words, “You are looking stunning, aunty”. She had already noticed the way I was looking at her. She acted a bit shy and then said, “Ab wo baat kahan beta”.

After that day, every time when I used to meet her I would flatter her. I used to compliment her beauty and with my eyes, I used to let her know how I was masturbating thinking about her every night.

Our interactions went deeper within a very few days itself. One day, she called me for lunch at her house.

I went to her house and she started serving. Every time she bent down to serve me the food, I was clearly able to see her cleavage which was soothing for my eyes. While eating, I intentionally dropped my spoon down. As she went down to pick the spoon, a moan came out from her mouth due to a sharp pain on her back.

I asked her what happened and she replied that she was feeling pain on her back from a few days. It was a great opportunity for me and as I had mentioned earlier that I was athletic and interested in my physical health. So I was having some knowledge about massages.

I asked her to let me give her a massage so that she will feel much better. Although she hesitated for a while, my glibness was enough to convince her for the massage.

We went to her room and she slept on her stomach. My neighbor aunty was wearing a saree that day so it was easy to massage her. I put a few drops of oil in my hand and started massaging her back. Soon, she was feeling relaxed a bit satisfied due to my massage.

After some time, I tried my luck. I asked her to loosen the knot of her petticoat so that I can massage the back even better. She was convinced by my idea and loosened her knot of the petticoat. I was amused but afraid as well.

I started massaging my neighbour aunty’s back again. I often slid my hands to touch aunty’s big round plumpy buttocks. After a while, I noticed that she had drifted into a sleep (or the immature me thought so).

Now I got some courage and started massaging aunty’s buttocks. There was no reaction from her which enhanced my confidence. I was sliding my fingers towards her pussy. From the touch, I realized that there were no hairs in her pussy and it was completely shaven.

I started touching aunty’s pussy more and more now in the course of the massage. Suddenly, I started feeling the wetness on her pussy. Now my fear vanished. I pulled her petticoat down and her white round ass was right in front of my eyes. Without wasting a second, I spread her legs, making the crack to the heaven visible.

It was beautiful, hot and dripping. For a few seconds, I kept watching it. Then I brought my nose near my married neighbour’s pussy and started sniffing it like a sniffer dog. I won’t forget that smell ever in my life! After sniffing it for enough, my inner animal awakened and soon I started licking aunty’s pussy like chocolate syrup.

My monster which was 7-inches at that time was rock solid and ready for action. I pushed my dick into this married Indian woman’s pussy. Her pussy was tight and with every stroke, I was realizing the difficulty in getting my dick deeper.

Fucking my neighbour realizing was sexy as hell and very soon, I realized that I was ready to cum. I pulled my dick out of her pussy just in time and I shot my cum over her ass.

She was still acting asleep. I put on my pants and ran back to my house. After reaching home, I masturbated once but I was also scared thinking how she will react.


In the next part, I will explain what happened after this incident and how I managed to fuck her again and again.

If you like my story and want to know more about our relationship and more sexual encounter of mine, do mail me.

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Signing off for now.

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