Celebrating Holi With Bhabhi – Part 2

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Hello all, Gaurav again here. Thank you, all readers, for liking my experiences and sharing your lovely comments. I will continue my Holi series. As you might have read my previous stories, Rashmi bhabhi was the beautiful wife of my college senior Amit sir. And over some time, we have a family friendship.

She continued cooking breakfast. I opened the locked door. I sat in the hall and started having breakfast. Meanwhile, my senior Amit Sir came back with his kids. He asked me why I am having a late breakfast. I told him that I was helping bhabhi to make pooris. I continued my breakfast.

After finishing I went inside the kitchen to keep the utensils in the sink. I teased bhabhi by poking my finger in her ass and slightly squeezing her breast over nighty. She smiled. I whispered in her ear – “Bhabhi, please wear loose kurta and elastic band pajama.” She asked- “Why?”

I just smiled and said, “I will play Holi with you.” Before she could say anything I came out of the kitchen. I was not sure whether she will oblige my request or not. But, somewhere I was sure that she will do it. I took a leave from Amit Sir that I will take some rest before we start playing Holi.

He called after 2 hours around 12:30 to play Holi. I got ready wearing some old shirt and jeans which were to be thrown. I went to his home. He was waiting for me. He put colors on me. I also put colors on him and his kids. There were few neighbors also with whom we played.

I asked where is bhabhi. He said she is busy preparing lunch. I didn’t show any desperation. I just wanted to see what is she wearing and whether I will be able to apply color on her or not. Anyhow, we started moving from his home to our friends in that area. We met a few friends and played with watercolors.

After half an hour, our water bottles were empty. So, I volunteered to bring water from my home. He said that my flat is far and his flat is near. It’s better to fill water bottles and bring more colors from his home. I was on cloud nine. Meanwhile, I asked them to go towards our friend’s home as to why to wait.

I came to his flat running, thinking not to waste even a single second. I rang the bell. And waited for a few minutes before she opened the door. I asked why late she said she was changing her dress and she just now finished cooking. I looked at her and found that her kurta is loose.

I could see pink bra from transparency and she had worn elastic pajama. I asked her sir had asked for colors and have to fill up 2 bottles of water. She invited me inside and then gave me color packets. She then went to the bathroom and asked me to come and fill up water.

I was behind her and she bent a little bit to open the tap and put the bucket below the tap. I held her waist. She stood up. I told her thanks for fulfilling my wish. She asked which wish. I said for wearing a loose kurta and elastic pajama. She smiled and said, “Now fill up water in the bottles.” I was still behind her.

I opened one packet of color and mixed it with tap water. I took my hand towards her face and applied color and said, “Happy Holi, bhabhi.” Before she could react, I had held her waist by my left hand from behind and was putting color on her face with my right hand.

My dick had started rising by being close to her and my left hand started roaming on her upper part over her kurta. She said – “Please leave me, your sir has to play Holi with me too.” I said- “First let me play Holi. He has the whole of his life with you to play Holi.”

With this, my left hand squeezed her breast and the right hand moved from her face to her cleavage. I kissed her neck and shoulder. She moaned. And then I turned her face towards me. We smooched. She initially resisted for a few seconds and then she too started co-operating.

Meanwhile, I took my hand inside her kurta on her back and reached on her bra hook. Before she realized, I opened the bra hook and took my hands on the front. I raised her kurta from front exposing her smooth stomach and then her pink bra. I said, “Colorful bra on Holi?”

She said the color difference will not be visible on this bra. I raised her bra over the breast and saw her nipples. I pinched one of her nipples and took another one in my mouth and started sucking. She was moaning. She said- “Today morning only you have done and still you are not satisfied?”

Her breast also got color from my face as I was sucking her breast. She was holding my head. And I kept on sucking each breast. I stopped sucking her breast. She tried to bring down her bra and tried to hook her bra. I stopped her and held her hand and said, “Not so early bhabhi, still I have to play Holi.”

I again mixed color with water and applied it to her breast and stomach. She tried unsuccessfully but her front part got colored. Then I turned her so that my front was facing her back. This time I put color on her shoulders and backside. She said enough of colors and requested me to free her.

She pulled her kurta down and was trying to hook her bra. Again I mixed color and water, and as she was busy hooking her bra, I just pulled down her pajama all of sudden. Her ass got exposed along with her dark pink panty. I said, “What was special that you wore matching pink bra and panty?”

She said that her hubby had asked to wear before he could play Holi with her. I laughed and said, “I got the opportunity before him.” Her pajama was below her knees and she was still struggling to hook her bra. I put color on her thighs, she started shivering. My dick was rising.

I put my hand on her pussy area over panty and started rubbing her pussy. She tried to remove my hand from her pussy. I then put my other hand inside her panty on the backside i.e. over her bum. She was trying to escape from me. I told her, “Bhabhi bucket is about to be filled up, please close the tap.”

She bent to close the tap and that time only I pulled her panty down. She tried to stand up to avoid the panty moving down. but by that time it was late and her panty had joined her pajama below her knees. I whispered in her ears – “Bhabhi please be bent in this position for some time, I will just kiss your bum.”

I also bent down, moved her kurta over her waist and kissed on her back and bum. I meanwhile opened my jeans which she was not aware. I asked her to bend a little bit more. My hand kept on moving on her pussy area and ensured her position that her pussy will be exposed from behind.

Then I stood up and positioned my dick just close to her pussy. I was playing with her pussy from the other hand. She thought that I am just touching her pussy. All of sudden, I rubbed my dick over her pussy. She turned her face and asked me what I am I doing.

I smiled, inserted my dick in her pussy and told her I am loving you. She moaned – “Please leave me, no more today.” I knew I had less time and so there was no scope of foreplay and long lovemaking session. I held her hair with my left hand and her breast with my right hand and kept on pumping her.

The bathroom was echoing with her moan and thap thap sound of our lovemaking. She was requesting me to please stop and finish as anyone can come fast. I was not in a mood to heed her request. I kept on pumping my dick in her sloppy pussy at full speed.

At the same time, my hands were busy with her breast, squeezing and punching. After 10 minutes of the session, I was on the verge of ejaculation. I got an idea to make this session nastier. I slowed down my movement for a while. She got that I am about to ejaculate. She tried to move ahead and stand up.

But, my left hand holding her hair stopped her to do so. I freed a right hand from her breast. I took dry color in my right hand. I was also about to ejaculate in few next shots. And I shot my first ejaculation inside her. She understood that I am going to empty my full tank inside her.

She said- “What did you do? Now it will take me more time to clean.” I whispered in her ear- “Just see what else I do with you now.” With this, I ejaculated completely inside her in one minute. I kept on holding her hair and didn’t let her stand up or move ahead.

And as soon as I removed my dick from her pussy, I inserted my right hand inside her pussy. And I just spread the green color inside her pussy which got mixed up with my cum. I used my two fingers to smash the color in her pussy and outside her pussy lips. I freed her hair.

She held her kurta from her hand and turned around to face me. I saw her pussy lips. Green color mixed up with my cum was coming out of her pussy slowly and was coming down along her thighs. She was making an angry look and said- “Who plays Holi like this?” I just smooched her and hugged her.

I said, “Now you can continue your work.” I filled up water bottles. I looked behind and saw her. She was still holding her kurta, her pajama and pink panty mixed with color were at her bottom part of the leg. And her pussy was oozing green color liquid. I smiled and left her.

I joined my friends and seniors to continue playing Holi. He just asked why late. I told that bhabhi was not able to find where is the color so she took some time. We finished our Holi and went back to my senior’s home for lunch. I didn’t show any expression and was normal. Bhabhi was also normal.

I finished lunch and went back to my flat. I took a bath and freshened up. And I slept at the noon. In the evening, we play with gulal wherein we just put gulal on each other’s face. I too went out with my friends and at last, I went to my senior’s home.

He was there alone as bhabhi and kids had gone to neighbors’ home to play gulal. He offered snacks and asked to have dinner in his home. I told its ok, my stomach is full. And I took leave from his home by 7 pm. I went back to my flat and changed my dress. I washed my face and was taking rest in my room.

I heard the ring of the bell and opened the door. I found bhabhi. I welcomed her and asked her where is she coming from. She said she had gone to her friend’s home which was close to my flat. But her friend’s home is locked and no one is there. So, she thought to pass by my home.

She was wearing red and green sari with a light green blouse. She was in perfect makeup. There were red and green gulal on her face. I just joked- “Looks like you have already played gulal with sir.” She said- “Yes, your senior doesn’t leave any chance to play.”

She looked at my face and said, “Looks like you have not yet played gulal, your face is neat and clean.” I told her already I played gulal and returned from her home half an hour back. She said – “No issue, I will put gulal now.” She was carrying a packet of red gulal.

She came near me on my sofa and put her soft hands with gulal on my cheeks. I was trying to move away but she held tightly. She said- “Why are you trying to run away?” I smiled and told her – “I have already played gulal.” She said- “So what, now I am putting a little bit.”

I happily let her put gulal. I told her now it’s my turn to put. I took gulal and started applying on her cheek. She smiled and said- “Now don’t misbehave, put gulal gently.” I told her- “As you say, bhabhi.” I started rubbing gulal on her face and my face was close to her face.

She had closed her eyes to avoid eye contact with gulal. I just smooched her. She was shocked and opened her eyes. But, I kept on kissing her. I then said again- “Happy Holi.” She smiled and said, “Happy Holi to you.” I asked her to sit. I will make tea for her. She said ok. I went into my kitchen to make tea.

She also came there and we started general talking. Then our talk took the turn of today’s event. I asked her how was her session with her hubby. She politely hit me and said- “I had problems because of you.” I asked- “What happened, please tell me in detail.” Then she started narrating.

She said her pussy was full of my sperm and green colors when I left after my session. It took her half n hour to clean her pussy of cum and color. Then we all had come for lunch. Her hubby was desperate to play color and have sex with her. She gave a bath to kids and put them to sleep.

And then my senior removed her salwar kurta. He applied color on her body part, on the stomach, on her back. He asked his wife how did her bra get color. She said neighbor ladies had come and so they have also played Holi and color got through salwar kurta.

More surprise came when he opened her bra to color her breast and he again asked her how did breast and nipple get red color. She again gave an excuse that one of the naughty neighbors was putting color inside all the ladies’ bra and coloring inside. He then removed her panty and saw green color on her thighs.

He removed his own dress and inserted his dick. He said that her pussy is a bit sloppy. She said to him, she is excited and so she is wet and so her pussy is sloppy. He finished and they took a bath together. With her narration, I was feeling horny. By the time, tea was prepared.

We were having tea in a standing position facing each other very close. I told her she is looking beautiful. She said- “Now don’t keep any high hope.” She smiled. She was holding the cup with both hands. I kept my cup on the kitchen slab. And held her waist with my right hand. She asked what I am doing.

I kissed on her neck. She was looking beautiful, mangalsutra around her neck, bindi on her forehead and sindoor on her head. I kissed on her neck and try to slide down her blouse using my mouth on her shoulder. And I used my right hand to start lifting her sari and petticoat.

She shivered and said please don’t do anything. She has to go now. I smiled and said- you can stay for a few minutes. She kept the cup on the slab. By the time, I was lifting her sari and petticoat above her knees. I too sat down on the floor and kissed her knee. She held my head and was moaning.

My hands were roaming on her thighs and were close to the pussy area and panty. Slowly I took my hands on both sides of her leg above the pussy area and suddenly I pulled down her panty. It came near to her ankle. Before she could understand, I held her legs tightly on her knees.

I saw the red color panty with flowers printed on it. I smiled and asked her to step out of the panty. She said no. I said- “You don’t have any option.” She said- “Why am I doing again when already I have done today 2 times.” I told her in fun- “I will keep your panty as a souvenir.”

She said that my senior can have doubts as she had worn the panty in front of him. I stood up and took her panty in my hand. I was going to my bedroom. She was behind me coming and said, “Please give it to me.” I sat on my bed. She was in front of me pleading to return back her panty.

I just smelled and said, “Nice smell. You will have to do a task if you want the panty back.” She said that she will get late and she is not going to do anything. I asked her that it will take a few minutes. She said today she is tired by now as she has been fucked 3 times. She doesn’t have enough strength.

I came close to her and said in her ear- “You have enough strength.” She said, “Please leave me, as it will take time to remove and wear the sari.” I kissed on her neck. Her blouse was deep from behind. I roamed my hand over her back. I was in shorts and banyan.

I took her hand and brought it to my rising dick over shorts. She said no. I told her- “Please calm my dick.” She asked- “How?” I pulled down my shorts and kept her hand over my dick. I told her to shake it. She said that she will not do it. I told her, “You will not get your panty then.”

She again requested to give back. I told her she has to calm down my dick now. I told her to give blowjob and shake it. She said she has never done this and she doesn’t like it. I told her atleast shake using your hands. I sat on the bed. She sat on the floor and started shaking it. I was enjoying.

I started fondling her breast with my hands over her blouse. I requested her to atleast suck few times. She said ok. She brought her lips full of red lipstick over dick and kissed on the tip. I said- “Bhabhi please take more inside.” And she took inside almost complete portion of dick.

I held her hair and head and I too gave slow movement. She was unable to match my frequency and she was choking her breath. She took out and took a deep breath and said – “I can’t do this, please give my panty back.” And she stood up.

I then laid on my bed and took my hand holding her panty over my head. I smiled and pointed towards my dick and said- “Calm it and take it.” She pleaded next time maybe. I told her she can do without removing any of her dress. I told her- “Come over me and jump on my dick.”

She was thinking about how to do it. I was already laying on my back and dick was like standing pole. I said- “Hold your sari and petticoat, come over me and position your pussy over my dick and lower yourself.” She slowly came holding her sari and petticoat.

I saw her trimmed pussy in front of me. It has still green color around the thighs. I held my dick straight and she positioned her pussy by lowering herself. I felt like cutting a slice of bread using a knife. She too sighed and moaned. We were motionless for a minute. I let her make space inside her pussy for my dick.

She moaned and said she is getting hurt now. I said, “Now start jumping slowly.” My both hands held her both hand and she started jumping. I slowly opened her blouse hooks from the front. She was trying to avoid but I said, “Don’t worry, I will not open the whole blouse.”

I started squeezing her breast. Her mangalsutra was dangling across her neck, little bit sweat was coming down from her forehead. She was feeling tired and so slow-moving. I was also tired after 15-20 minutes of the session. I then started jerking up and down inside her pussy very fast.

She started shivering and said she can’t take like this. I told her- “I am trying to finish this session soon.” She sensed that I can come anytime now. She requested again not to come inside to avoid cleaning. She tried to move up but I was holding her hand and waist.

Meanwhile, she also squirted and became quiet for a few seconds. I let her grasp some air and suddenly put her down. She came on top of her in the same condition of my dick inside her pussy. I lifted her left leg and again started pumping. My mouth was on her cleavage.

I gave a few long jerks and then shot my first batch of cum deep inside her womb. She sighed and said to take out my dick. By then, I had shot my remaining batches of cum. I was on her, releasing her smooth leg. I thought to clean her pussy using her panty only. I took out my dick.

Her sari and petticoat were over her stomach. I held apart from her thighs and saw my cum oozing out. Before I could grab her panty, she grabbed my shorts to keep on her pussy and laughed. We laughed. She rubbed her pussy using my shorts. I gave her tissue paper and helped her in wiping and cleaning her pussy.

She wore panty. She got ready and said I am going now. I kissed her and said, “Thank you bhabhi for playing Holi with me.” We continued our relations for a very long time. I will share a few more instances of our fun.

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