Celebrating Holi With Bhabhi

Hello all, Gaurav again here. Thank you all readers for liking my experiences and sharing your lovely comments. Previous stories were the beginning of my sexual journey with Rashmi Bhabhi. As you might have read my previous stories, Rashmi bhabhi was the beautiful wife of my college senior Amit sir.

And over some time, we became like family friends. After our beginning during a marriage ceremony, we didn’t get any chance to fulfill our sexual desire. I was also not in desperation to have sex. Fortunately, I didn’t have to wait much longer to discharge my frustration.

Holi was coming soon. I got lucky again on Holi. That year, I didn’t go to my home town. Amit sir and his family too didn’t go to their native town. One day before Holi, bhabhi and Amit sir invited me to have breakfast, lunch, and dinner in their home.

As per the plan, I went to their home around morning 8:30 for breakfast. She had already cooked vegetables and sweets. And she was going to prepare puri. Amit sir was going out with his elder kid to buy chicken. He asked me to have breakfast. He will return in one hour then we will play Holi with watercolors.

Their younger son was at home only. I fed him breakfast as bhabhi kept on making puri. Once he completed breakfast, I gave him pichkari to play. He went outside home to play with neighbor kids. Then we were only two, myself and bhabhi. I went into the kitchen to keep the utensils and washed my hand.

She asked me to take a plate and help myself. I went behind her and kept my hand on her stomach. I forgot to describe her morning attire. She was wearing a semi-transparent purple color nighty with her cream color bra and brown petticoat inside the nighty.

As soon as I kept my hand on her stomach over nighty, she shivered. She didn’t expect me to do like that. She whispered what am I doing as the kid is around. I told in her ear that I have given him pichkari to play with and he will be busy with that.

By saying so, I took my hand up over the nighty only and reached her big breasts. I slowly pressed and squeezed her melons. She could only moan. There were 3-4 hooks on the front side of the nighty. I opened those hooks and put my hand inside. She was feeling shy and said, “Please, rahne dijiye koi aa jayega.”

I switched off the stove and told her that I have locked the flat from inside. If someone comes he has to ring the bell. So, I told her to relax and enjoy it. Though, we had 3 previous sessions. But all those were during the night and early morning. Here, we were doing in broad daylight.

I kissed on her neck and pressed her left breasts with my right hand as I was still behind her. I was getting impatient. I lifted her gown, reached to her petticoat knot and loosened. And it just fell down on the surface. I told her to let’s move to the bedroom. I lifted her petticoat and walked behind her towards the bedroom.

I kept petticoat on the bed and slowly pushed bhabhi on the bed lying on her back. I bent over her and my lips touched her lips. She shivered and slowly we started smooching each other. Meanwhile, my hands reached over her breast and squeezed her melons. I kissed on her neck and just above cleavage.

I slowly pulled down her nighty from her shoulders. Her bra and breast got exposed. I bit over her bra. I pulled bra by my teeth and her areola was shining brown. I bite her breast hard and she screamed. I took her nipples out of bra and sucked slowly one by one. She was moaning.

I was sucking her nipples by holding nipples between my teeth. Sometimes, I was biting also. I took her hands out of her nighty. Then, my hands started raising her nighty from down and lifted till her thighs. I moved down till my mouth was over her thighs. I planted a kiss on pussy over her pink panty.

Then, I inserted my tongue over her panty in a pussy position. I was tightly holding her thighs. She held my head with her hand. She was becoming restless. She requested me to leave her. I suddenly lifted her ass up and pulled her panty with my teeth up to her thighs.

Before she could realize, I freed her ass and used my hand to pull down her panty below the knee and then took out from her legs. I pushed my mouth over her trimmed hairy pussy. I spread her thighs and then her pussy lips with my hand and started deep sucking her pussy. She was moaning in a high voice.

Then I took my hand inside her nighty on her back and loosened her bra hook. I stood up and removed my all clothes. She was hiding her assets with her hands on the bottom. I went near to her and up above. Her nighty was between her cleavage and waist exposing her pussy.

I separated her folded hands which were over her pussy. I planted a deep kiss until she shivered and squirted. I pulled her nighty from her cleavage level till down of breast. It exposed her cream bra. As I had unhooked her bra, I took her bra out of her arms and threw it on the bed.

Now, her breast was also exposed, shining milky. She was feeling shy. I bent over her breast and kept on sucking, biting and squeezing simultaneously. Her nighty was now just covering her stomach area. I took my one hand on her pussy and inserted one finger inside.

It was wet as she had squirted. I positioned myself and rub my dick over her pussy. She sighed and moaned. She was looking into my eyes, smiling and holding my waist by her hand. I kissed her and sucked her nipple and then in one thrust I pushed my dick inside her vagina. She cried with little pain.

I kept my dick for one minute and kept on squeezing her breast. Then another thrust, dick went bit more inside and in next 3 thrust dick was completely sucked by her pussy. I saw her cute face, she had closed her eyes. I looked on her breast and nipples and nipples were full of red marks from my bite.

I said to her- “Bhabhi eyes open kijiye please.” She opened her eyes, felt sighs. Then I started stroking my dick inside her pussy. I then lifted her left leg and supported with my right shoulder. It helped my dick in stretching her pussy and my dick reached the farthest point inside her womb.

I kept on thrusting dick inside her pussy. I was smashing her breasts with my fingers and teeth. Then I removed my dick from her, she looked my eyes with a puzzle. Before she could realize, I turned her now facing her face down. I came over her, kissed on her back and shoulder.

I whispered in her ear- “Ab humlog doggy style me karenge.” She smiled. Then I lifted her waist to make her position. I went behind her. I kissed over the ass area and pussy. I positioned my dick and give a big jerk. She fell down. I lifted her up again and this time, I held her waist and again positioned my self over her pussy. This time, my dick went inside her pussy.

With a few more thrusts, she got accustomed to my movement. I freed her waist and held her long hair. I then pulled her hair with one hand, squeezed her breasts with another hand and kept on thrusting my dick inside. The pressure was now building up after 20 minutes of the sexual activity.

I then removed dick from her pussy. I ask her again to be upright. She understood my signal. I then proceeded for a final assault in a missionary position. I inserted back my dick and smooched her, biting her nipples. She knew that I will be in my final stage of ejaculation.

She requested me- “Please bahar giraiyega. Aaj aapke sir (her hubby) ki bhi farmaish hai sex karne ki. Unko shak ho jayega agar andar gila rahega.” I smiled and told her- “Bhabhi aapko lagta hai ki main aapki baat manunga?” She said- “Badmash kahi ke.”

With that, I lifted her leg again and made more space for my dick. And now it was the turn of my dick to spray hot lava. It finally emptied all its load inside her pussy in 3-4 lots. I release her legs, kept on lying over her body till my dick came to its normal position.

I sat over the bed and spread her legs to see my cum. She grabbed her panty to keep over pussy to avoid falling cum. I stopped her for a while. It was the first time I was seeing her pussy lips throwing some portion of cum outside. I released her legs.

She put panty on pussy, held her nighty and ran to the bathroom to clean herself. She got cleaned in 5 minutes wore her bra and petticoat. I too wore my clothes. She came out of the bathroom. I told her- “Bhabhi aaj aapke sath Holi khelenge aur aapke body ko bhi color lagayenge.”

She smiled and said- “Ye sab impossible hai, sapne dekhna chhod dijiye.” I told her- “Ab aap challenge kar rahe hain to dekhiye aaj aapke poori body mein color lagayenge.” We smiled and she continued cooking.

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