My First Lesbian Experience With My Neighbor

Hi everyone! I am Vaishali (names changed). From Tamilnadu. I am 19 years old. This is my first time writing a story. I am going to share my first lesbian experience. It was with my neighbor who is a college girl.

About me: I am a dusky color girl. I have decent sized boobs. I have no boyfriend and not had sex before. But I was always fascinated by sex. I masturbate a lot. I watch porn sometimes. I have weird fantasies like any other girl.

About my neighbor: Her name is Sharon. I had known her for a long time. She is a nice girl with a good personality. She rarely comes to home as she is studying in a city. Her boobs are about the same size as me. But she has a lot bigger ass than me. She is a very cute looking girl. I had never imagined she would be a lesbian.

Here’s what happened: We were in the middle of a long holiday. In their home, both mom and dad would go to work. I always used to spend a lot of time there. I used to watch TV, play games on the laptop, help in kitchen works, etc. Our family was close.

On the first day, I was watching TV with her. Her parents were out to work. Then we just started talking about random stuff. We switched off the TV and talked a lot about school life, college life, relationships, etc. Soon we were talking about sex and boys.

It felt good to open-mindedly talk to someone about everything. I admitted that I masturbate. For the first time, I shared that with someone. She told all the kinky stuff she would do. And she revealed that she has a dildo. She openly explained how good it would feel.

I got excited and horny hearing her masturbation tales. Then she got up to take a piss. When she came back, she had a dildo in her hands. I was shocked by seeing that. It was brown like a penis I saw in porn. About 6 to 7 inches in size. She handed it to me and said to me to try.

I got a little wet just by having it in hand. I said that I can’t take it to my room as my mom would be there. She asked me to do it in her room. As I was very horny, I accepted her offer and went into her room and locked the door. The dildo felt like heaven in my pussy.

As it was my first time such a hard thing getting into me, I bled a little. Overall, it’s the best masturbation of my life. After I finished, I came back to the living room and shared my experience. She said I can use her dildo anytime I want and that she would not tell anyone about it.

We again chatted a little and I went home. I admired her openness about even the biggest things. She was really sweet. At this point, I never thought I will have lesbian sex with her. I don’t even think or know about lesbian before. Not even watched lesbian porn. It all changed the next day.

On the next day, I went to her home as usual. But I was shocked to see her wearing a t-shirt and only panty. It was a sexy thong exposing her milky butt. It shakes a little when she walks. Her nipples point in her T-shirt. She looked very hot as an actress. I sat on the floor watching TV.

She cleaned the house like that her bottomless isn’t even a thing. All the time, I can’t take my eyes off her butt. I got wet seeing her butt shake. I felt jealous. After a while, she sat on the sofa tired and sweaty.

After some time, I was shocked to see her fingers inside her panty, biting lips, watching a Hindi item song on TV. I think she got turned on by the item song. Her little panty was a lot wet. I hesitantly asked may I leave. But she asked me to go to her room and grab the dildo from her closet.

When I got back with dildo, she was on the floor with her panty removed and legs spread. Her pussy was light brown and hairless. It’s horny seeing it. She asked to dildo her pussy. I didn’t know what to do, seeing her. I was nervous and my hands were already trembling.

I could hear my heartbeat. But she remained cool. I inserted the dildo inside her and moved it in and out. She moaned a little. Her face reactions are very horny. I now got wet. Then she stopped me in between and asked me to join her. As I was horny already, I sat next to her and put my fingers into pants.

She asked me to remove the pants but I was shy to remove it. She grabbed my pant and panties and removed them one by one exposing my black hairy pussy. Then she removed her t-shirt exposing her boobs. They were firm and milky and the nipples were erect. They were perfect boobs.

Then I removed my top without her asking. My body is very sweaty because of all this happening and nervousness. So, she suggested getting to her room which has an air conditioner. Then she said to me to hold the dildo and suddenly lifted me with her hands. And got me to the room and threw me in bed.

We laughed a bit. We sat face to face and fingered ourselves. I used the dildo. It was too horny to watch her while masturbating. Then all of a sudden, she removed the dildo from my pussy and put her mouth in my pussy. It felt like heaven. Her tongue did magic to my pussy.

I was moaning a lot and shouted. I can’t control myself. My hands grabbed the bed and my legs were shaking and finally, I squirted to her face. I have never seen so much juice coming out of me. Even she was surprised to see so much. She drank a little.

Then she made me lay in the bed and sat on my mouth with her pussy. Her pussy lips were very soft and juicy. Even though her whole body is cold of air conditioner, her pussy was damn hot. I put my tongue inside her and sucked hard and also spanked her butt hard. With every spank, she shouted hard.

She took some time and finally squirted in my mouth with a loud shout. My mouth was overflowing with her juice. I drank her juices. It was really hot. Then we cleaned the bed and get into the shower to clean ourselves. All of a sudden she kissed me on my lips.

It was romantic as it was the first kiss of my life. I never expected my first kiss by her. We kissed for a long time. We soap each other and laughed a lot. Then again we watched some TV, except this time, nude.

Overall, we had a lot of fun that day. Thanks for reading!

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