Making Out With Ratna Bhabhi

Hello once again to all the horny and lusty readers of this platform. First of all, I am very grateful to all the readers who read my sexual encounters and mail or message their feedback. This time I am going to narrate to you one of my sexual encounters that happened in December 2019. I met a hot Bhabhi of our residential colony in a marriage party.

Let me again introduce myself. I am Mr. X (name changed), 24-year-old, MNC working guy of Kolkata. I have a height of almost 6 feet and a dick size of 6 inches.  The female lead of the story is Ratna (name changed). She is one of the hottest bhabhi of our colony.

She has a body stat of 36-28-34. Height of about 5 feet, long hair, fair complexion. A lady who always applies kajal on her eyes adding charisma to her sexiness. Apart from her sexy body which is gifted by the supreme force, her dressing sense is also very seducing.

She mostly wears saree below her waist. A sleeveless and backless blouse just to fit her round boobs into it. Keeping almost 7 inches her body nude from her blouse end to the waist where she ties her saree showing her heavenly navel and stomach.  She also keeps her hair around one side of her shoulder.

She always keeps her armpits clean and never misses an opportunity to show off her armpits whenever she gets a chance. Her husband is a naval officer. He remains out of station for most of the year leaving the lust of this gorgeous lady unsatisfied.

Coming to the story. It was December 2019. One of our colony members was getting married and we both were invited in that marriage. I was wearing a blazer suit with jeans and a t-shirt. After sometime Ratna arrives and seems like the moment has stopped there.

She was looking extremely gorgeous and every invitee has started staring at her instead of the bride and groom. She was wearing a red-colored transparent saree with a sleeveless and half backless bikini styled deep cut blouse. It is showing a bit of her cleavage and her 7 inch naked stomach and navel through the saree.

We both looked at each other and greeted with a smile. Ratna knew about my interest in married women. She came to me and asked who is the lucky lady you are dating nowadays is. I replied none but want to spend some lovemaking moments with the lady standing in front of me. To which she smiled.

The DJ started to play some Punjabi music to which Ratna got excited. She asked, “Want to have some lovemaking moves here?” in a wicked tone and blinking an eye. While dancing I held her by her waist feeling the naked moistness of her body. I also touched her ass whenever got an opportunity.

When the party was over, we left the marriage hall together. I asked Ratna to come with me as it is already midnight. Booking a cab will not be safe. She agreed and sat on my bike. While riding back I was driving slow and was taking the longer routes so that I can spend some more time with Ratna.

I was also applying break quite often to enjoy the pumping of her boobs over my body. She was also holding my waist like she is my mistress. Whenever I used to apply break I used to look at the rear mirror and see Ratna smiling. She also understands my intentions but she is also enjoying.

While driving, I also noticed that she held my crotch couple of times which was a green signal to me. When we reached the colony, Ratna thanked me and said that the door of her flat is open tonight for someone special. She smiled and went inside keeping a bit of her flat door open.

I understood her intentions. I parked my bike in the garage and without wasting a second I rushed towards Ratna’s house. I entered and locked the door and calmed down my lust. I saw Ratna was busy doing something in the kitchen. I tiptoed off to the kitchen and caught her by her waist from the back.

She understood it was me. She gave a gentle smile and rested her head on my shoulder. I started caressing her stomach with one hand and pressing her boobs with the other while smooching her neck. Ratna was getting aroused now. She was breathing heavily and also started making slow moans.

I continued to caress her navel and press her boobs while smooching her neck and back. Suddenly she turned around and hugged me. Now I started pressing her ass. Ratna lifted her head and crossing both of her hands around my shoulder. She lip-locked me.

It was wild and crazy. The smell of her armpits was adding delights to the moment. I lifted Ratna while she continued kissing and headed towards the bedroom. I put Ratna on the bed and we quickly undressed. Ratna’s pussy was already wet by that time.

I just jumped up on my sex queen. We started a very wild liplock, almost fighting with our tongue and biting lips. The taste of her saliva and the aroma of her body was making the environment more seductive. After a quick session of lip lock and smooching now it was the time for real fun.

We placed ourselves in the side cuddle position. Ratna placed one of her legs on my hip. She applied some saliva over her pussy so that her pussy hole gets a bit to widen. I placed my dickhead upon her pussy hole and turned her face towards me to kiss her. So that she does not scream while I penetrate her.

I slowly inserted half of my dick inside her pussy. She almost pulled out me hair and almost dried my lips. But after stroking a few strokes she was coming back to her senses and was moaning. It was a delight to hear. We had sex in the side cuddle position for almost 7-8 minutes. In between, we both cummed twice.

We laid flat beside each other and were playing with each other’s private parts. It was almost 3 in the morning and I also need to leave so that we not get caught. I dressed. Ratna gave a quick blowjob satisfying my dick and drinking my dick’s juice. I kissed her on her lips and we parted.

Hope you all liked the story. Any lusty and horny aunty, bhabhi, or woman who wants to enjoy a sex chat can contact me. All the readers can solicit their valuable feedback at [email protected] Till then keep reading and cumming. Bye.

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