Helper Sai At The Gym Becomes Gay Partner

This is Sunil again with a new story. This happened unexpectedly, but I am very happy it happened. I hope you all will like it.

As I gained weight during the lockdown, I joined a gym for the first time. As I was working from home, the only time I would be free was in the morning. So, I requested an early morning slot and a trainer.

There was no trainer available in that early hours, so they asked me to join the coming weekend at an evening slot and continue my gym without the trainer on weekdays. I didn’t have another option as that was the only gymnasium around my place.

On my first day when I went to the gym, the trainer took some details and my measurements. He then showed me all the exercises I have to do and the diet I had to keep for the rest of the week.

On Sunday when I was about to leave, the trainer gave me Sai’s number and told me that he will be the one opening the gym.

“You can call Sai if he hasn’t opened the gym on time,” said the trainer and left. I knew Sai was a cleaning boy in the gym. I had heard people teasing Sai multiple times because of his innocence.

Sai was a young guy, 19 years old, with a well-built body, fair but too innocent. Sai had started working there from his childhood. As he was uneducated, he couldn’t mingle in groups well and got teased by everyone in the gym.

The next day when I reached the gym, it was not opened yet. So, I called the cleaning boy Sai and asked him to open it. He opened the gym from inside. I wasn’t expecting that because I knew that Sai pretty much stayed in the gym for the day but didn’t know that he actually lived in the gym itself. I was also shocked to see the tent created by his cock in his shorts.

He was very sleepy and didn’t notice that I was glancing at it. That was the first moment when I started having bad intentions towards him! I wanted to fuck him! To get a good glimpse of his cock, I started coming to the gym daily 5-10 minutes early and call Sai to open the door, and then glance at his cock and ass.

I slowly started to get close to him. I took him to dinner sometimes. After 2 weeks of this routine, one day my trainer called me on the phone and informed me that the gym will stay closed due to some minor repairs.

Even though I knew this, I went to the gym in the morning and called Sai by name as his mobile was not ringing. He came out and informed me that I can’t do my workouts that day as there was a repair in progress. I told him that I came to meet him and chat with him.

He welcomed me and closed the door. He said that his phone was not working since last night. He told me he was going to take it for repair to the shop that day.

Me: How and when did it stop working?

Sai: Yesterday, I was watching a video on Chrome. My mobile slipped and fell on the bed. But when I picked it back, it had stopped playing the video. I couldn’t call anyone and this plane symbol came in place of Tower sticks.

I laughed because I realized that it went into airplane mode and he didn’t know about it. I asked him for the mobile and then changed the mode. I thought I would show him that videos will be playing now and so I checked his history. I couldn’t believe what I saw. Last night, he was watching GAY sex videos!

I was so happy to see that. I thought that it was my lucky day. I played the last gay porn video he was watching, increased the sound and showed it to him. He was so embarrassed to see that and grabbed the mobile and turned it off. I smiled and told him, “Don’t worry, I too watch such videos. We can watch together if you want.”

His face glowed like a bulb with a smile of happiness. I moved towards him took the mobile and continued playing it. I could see the tent in his pants.

I removed my shorts and asked him to strip too. He showed some hesitation but did it eventually. He had a very thin but long dick. He saw me looking at it and covered it. I looked back at the video and started stroking my cock in front of him. I was getting excited with every stroke.

When my cock was at its full erection, I looked at Sai’s cock and grabbed it with my right hand and started stroking it. He went speechless but also was very happy in his expressions when I started stroking his dick. His moans became louder and louder.

Soon, the cleaning boy ejaculated and sprayed all his sperms on my hand. I cleaned my hands with the bedsheet.

Then, he came near me and gave a hand in stroking my cock, but I stopped him and asked for his mouth. Without a word, he started sucking my cock. I was in heaven. I didn’t know how he knew to suck, but he was pretty good at it. He was circling and licking at the right spots.

I was running my hands in his hair and enjoying every moment. With every lick, I was about to cum. I made him deep-throat by pressing his head towards my cock and sprayed it all in his throat. He had no choice but to swallow it.

I was so happy, but I was not satisfied. Instead, I got more excited and took my third step and immediately got naked. Then I made him naked. I got down from the bed, stood up, and asked him to suck my cock in doggy style. In less than a few minutes, my cock became erect again.

I asked him to turn around. I took the oil bottle beside the bed and a condom from my wallet. I poured some oil on his ass crack and wore a condom and applied some oil over it. Without asking his permission, I opened his ass crack and inserted my dig head in his ass. He shouted in pain.

I asked him to take a deep breath and told him to allow me to get into him. I was pushing my cock very slowly into him. He was shouting in pain with every thrust. After inserting it in completely, I stopped in that place for a few minutes and stroked his dick in the meantime.

When he started moaning with pleasure due to the stroking, I removed my cock, applied oil again, and re-inserted it. This time, it was less painful for him as he shouted very little. Then again, I waited for a few minutes. This time when I removed it before the hole got closed, I poured oil into it.

I opened the hole a bit and poured more oil. This time, I inserted my dick in one push. He didn’t have any pain and his ass was tight but slippery due to too much oil. I liked it.

I started ramping his ass slowly. Slowly, Sai got the pace and was pushing his ass towards me. I understood that he started enjoying it, so I increased my speed and started fucking him real good. I kept one leg on the bed and fucked him vigorously. He was moaning and stroking his own cock.

He announced he was about to bust his load and that excited me. I exploded all my nut juice inside his ass just before he made the bedsheet wet. He was very happy and said, “Thank you, master. I liked that very much.”

I then treated him like my bitch and fucked him 3 times that day.

Now every day in the morning, Sai is my cum dumpster. He teases me with different poses every day. We are fucking like dogs all over the gym every day now.

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