One-Night Stand With A Friend In Hyderabad

Hello everyone. I have been an avid reader of XIS since my teens. I finally thought to post one of my one-night stand with a friend. Since it is one of my experiences, I want to explain how I was locked in Sneha’s arms in Hyderabad.

This incident happened in February 2020. I have a colleague named Sahi. I knew her for 4 years. We used to share all the kinky stuff and make shitty jokes on people.

She introduced me to some of her friends named Sneha. She is a perfect blend of a cute face and a hot body. I liked her and enquired about Sneha. I got to know that she had a bf and in a healthy relationship.

Sahi was flying to the US and planned for a home party for all of us. There I saw Sneha again. She was very depressed. So we people started to hit the bottles and opened up on things.

There are couples in our batch who started enjoying themselves. They went to the 2 bedrooms available and left me Sahi and Sneha. Suddenly Sneha started crying, and Sahi started to console her. This went on for some time, and Sahi made her sleep.

I asked Sahi what happened. She said that her bf cheated on her, and she caught him sleeping with another girl. She couldn’t take it.

So the day was over, and we all went home the next morning. The next day I got a ping from Sneha, and I was surprised. We started to chat normally and asked her how she is and all the other stuff.

Slowly the topic went to her bf. I told her, “You don’t get worried about that. You have a better life to live and start enjoying it.” Day by day, we got close, and our chatting slowly started to become kinky.

Finally, the day when Sahi has to go has come. Sneha and I went to the airport along with her to bid goodbye to her. While returning, we stopped at a restaurant, had some food. I asked if I could drop her home. She said her parents went to her hometown. She is alone and doesn’t want to go back soon.

She added that she is very low and needs some drink. So we decided to go to a pub. We went to the Club Rogue and started enjoying music. She had a few vodka shots and enjoyed music, danced, and had fun. While dancing, we both became a bit hot and started to hug and hold tight.

Then she started opening up and told me the things she loves. Slowly while dancing, my hands went to her hips and started getting hold of her hip. We were getting high on alcohol, and we didn’t have much space between us. Her voice, eyes, and smell were driving me crazy.

Somehow I controlled it as it’s a public area. It’s 11, and I asked if I could drop her home. She doesn’t want to go home since their apartment people might see her in this state. That would be a problem.

I understood and asked her if she is ok to check into an Oyo nearby, and she obliged. We checked into Redfox and took a room. As soon as we reached the room, she fell on the bed, and I started laughing. She pulled me, and I landed on her boobs.

We started fighting with pillows. I touched her private parts, and this made us aroused. Suddenly I dragged her, looked her in the eye. I could sense the wanted feeling in her eyes. Slowly I gave a kiss on her lips. She pushed me away and slapped me. I came to the senses.

After a minute, I slowly started to move away. This time she dragged me and kissed me very hard, and she bit my lower lip. We started to kiss passionately.

Let me describe her. She is 5’3 and 32-26-34. She had flesh at the right parts and had the best cute face. Her voice, while she was moaning, can drive you crazy. I am a normal guy with a height of 5’7 and a dick size of 5.8 inches. The x-factor of my dick is its thickness. It’s very thick that people fear while seeing it.

Coming back, I slowly caressed her over the dress. She is wearing black jeans and a blue checked shirt, which has spaces on her shoulder. I started to smooch her neck and kiss her. She hugged me real tight and slowly started licking her ear lobe, which made her crazy.

Then I started to kiss her neck. I placed small kisses, came to her shirt buttons. I removed the top button with my teeth and slowly licked her upper cleavage. She started enjoying it and placed her hand on my hair. I slowly removed shirt buttons one by one till last and kissed her over the bra and her navel.

She is wearing a black designer bra. She then took off my t-shirt and started to kiss me. I slowly held her by the waist and pulled her close to me and completely removed her shirt, and threw it away. Then I started to kiss her body below her bra line. I licked her navel and reached her pant button.

She was breathing heavily, and she held me standing. I unbuttoned her jeans and removed them. There she is, like a goddess standing in a bra and panties semi-naked. Her milky white skin in black bra and panty started to make me more and more erotic. I made her sleep in the bed and took off my jeans.

We were smooching like hell and kissing everywhere like hungry beasts. I went down on her and started to kiss her from the toe. I took her toe finger in her mouth, and that made her mad. Then I slowly kissed her legs to top tip by tip.

When I reached her inner thighs, I started going inside, kissed her thighs, and gave her a bite. I was near her pussy, and I could feel the smell of it. I touched her panty with my tongue and sensed the wetness on it. Slowly I made the panty strap aside and placed my tongue on her oozing wet pussy lips.

She gave out a loud moan. I could see a large white patch in her panty. I started to kiss her pussy while rubbing her clit on top of her panty. This is making her crazy like hell. She is shouting and pressing my head on it. I am eating her pussy, and it tastes like honey.

Then I went down the floor and dragged her to the bed end. She made her legs apart and placed them on the wall. I kissed her pussy on the panty. I suddenly started eating it roughly and finger it with my right hand and rub clitoris with my left hand. She is moaning like it’s the last day of her life.

Her panty started to obstruct my licking. So I stopped and looked at her. She was pushing my head again on it. I tore her panty into two pieces, and she didn’t utter a word.

I liked it like a crazy jelly bean, and my beard was full of her juices. She gave out a loud moan and had a huge orgasm. Filling out my beard and mouth and she pushed my head to drink all of it.

I could see her legs tremble out of it. She hugged me and said she loved it and she is really in need of it. I told her I am not yet done and cupped her boobs over the bra and kissed her. I kissed her lips.

She kept her hand on my jockey and started touching my dick. Her smooth hand on my dick sent shivers in my body, and I started kissing her hard. I placed my hand on her pussy which was completely wet from her juices. Suddenly she stopped and said no.

Sneha: Give me some time.

Me: Ok, is it hurting?

Sneha: Yes, a bit.

I stopped and started smooching her and kissing her cleave on her bra. We smoked for 15 minutes. She removed my dick from the jockey and started stroking it. I took off my jockey and became nude on her and kissing her wildly. Due to ac, we started shivering, and the magic of vodka started to slow down.

We went under the bedsheet. I started kissing her by turning her to me and holding her smooth ass in my hand. I started biting her soft skin near her shoulders. The intensity of kissing increased. The hotness of our bodies is making us wild again.

She is holding my balls, pinching them, and this is driving me crazy. I made her sit on my lap. There is no gap between us, and my dick is on her wet pussy. She is grinding her pussy over my dick. I licked her ears and kissing her neck. This made her crazy.

She got into the mood completely again. I started playing with her bra straps. I lifted them and released them. Due to elasticity, they used to hit hard and make her moan. I let my hand inside the right bra strap and pinched the soft skin of her cleavage.

Her thighs and my thighs were completely locked. My cock is at the entrance of her pussy, touching it.

I slowly slid the strap on the right side and held her boob. It made her boob come out. I could see her brown nipple coming out of it. I placed my mouth and slowly touched it with my tongue. She is pushing my head towards it. I did the same to my left boob.

I held her by the waist and pushed her hard at me. This made my dick completely get inline on her super wet pussy. I kissed her neck, and she hugged me tight and started moving her ass and massaging my cock. I met my left hand on her right ass and held her bra hooks by her right hand.

In one go, I removed them. She slowly went back and leaned, which made the bra completely come out. There she is with perfect boobs, and I was looking at them like a hungry dog. I started kissing them hard, kissing right and holding left vice versa. I started to press them hard and kissed the nipple.

With my tongue, I am circling the nipples and sucking them in my mouth. This made her go nuts and made her go crazy on me. I played with her nipples and boobs for more than 15 minutes. Her boobs became red due to my pressing and licking.

She got down from my lap and slept. I went on to her navel, kissed it, and slowly went down and kissed her pussy. I made it wet enough for my dick and kissed her thighs, and bit them. Then I took my dick as folded her legs, and spread them.

She is ready and dying for it. I could see it in her eyes. I slowly rubbed the head of my dick on her pussy. She let out a moan of my life which drive me crazy. I started teasing her by rubbing my dick on her pussy. She was going nuts, and she shouted whether I put it inside or lick her till she cums.

I positioned myself and pushed it inside. Only the tip went a bit inside. This is my first time without a condom. She is only the third girl that I am doing. Slowly I started pushing it. Though she had sex multiple times with her bf (later she told me.)

I never expected her to be such tight. She said, “Gattiga okkasari pettey and kadaladdu. Nv slow ga chesthunte pain vastundi.” (Push it at once. Slow pushes are paining). So I gave a tight push which is painful for both of us.” She let out a huge moan.

I kissed her on the lips, and she scratched her nails on my back. This is the first time I am feeling a girl’s pussy skin to skin. It is very hot and wet inside. We are there for 2 minutes. Slowly I started to and fro. She started giving out moans and moving her hips in conjunction.

I increase the pace slowly, and the room is filled out with our moans. With AC at 20, we both are sweating like hell. Now we got into a rhythm after 5 minutes. I started giving strokes with super speed for 30 seconds. I suddenly stopped and gave gentle strokes for 1 minute.

This made us do it for longer periods. I could see white fluids on my cock. The sound of my balls hitting her ass and cunt is like thap thap, and it is increasing with time. Fucking like that for 20 minutes, we both are on the verge. I told her that I am going to cum. She said she is also at her end.

I started ramming her hard and held her thighs, and separated her legs apart. I could see her boobs swinging everywhere. She was biting her lips in pain and pleasure and holding the bedsheet with her hands. The sounds of my balls being loaded hitting her wet pussy are awesome.

She gave out a loud moan and came and asked me to stop. I was not in any mood to listen to her. I continued to fight her as hard as I can. I went on her right boob, took it in her mouth, bit it hard, and took out my dick from her pussy.

In a split second, cum from cock splashed till her boobs. Her pussy thighs, navel, and boobs got wet due to it. I was completely exhausted. She went to the washroom, cleaned it, and came back. I kissed her lips and hugged her, and we went inside the bedsheet and started talking.

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