With My Colleague’s Mom In An International Flight

Hi all, I am pretty excited to share with you an incident that happened recently. I am a 31-year-old male currently living and working abroad.

I had recently been to India for a vacation with my family and on my return trip my colleague Richa, who was planning on bringing her mom abroad had booked the same flight for her mom as that of mine so that if she needed some assistance during the journey she could reach out to me.

Richa was not only a colleague but also a good friend of mine. Her parents were divorced and Richa used to stay with her mom. But now that she was living abroad, she thought of bringing her mom as well with her. Of course, traveling abroad on an international flight all alone is not easy so I agreed to help her out with this.

I called up her mom a few days before the travel day and agreed to meet near the Delhi International Airport. Somehow, I expected to see a slightly aged woman probably in her mid 50’s, dressed up in traditional attire but was completely surprised to find a much younger and stylish woman walking up to me with a bright smile.

I was like, “Wow! I never expected Richa’s mom to be this sexy”. Her name was Shobha and she was wearing this sleeveless western frock/maxi (I don’t know what’s that called) kind of a dress which was tight near the waist and free-flowing below.

Shobha was probably in her early 40’s, had a wheatish complexion with a nice pair of round shapely boobs and a firm round ass.

Although Shobha was a bit chubby but looked damn hot in her outfit and when she raised her hand to put her glasses over her head her clean and nicely shaved armpits looked too sexy on her.

At the check-in counter, I asked for 2 seats together and checked with her if she is okay with it and she was completely fine with it. I helped her with the customs and other formalities as she got really nervous with all the processes and she thanked me for taking the trouble of helping her with this.

To be honest, my colleague’s mom was very friendly and bubbly and made me pretty comfortable around her, it appeared as if a young girl was out on a date with a charming man.

It was around 1 am in the night when we took our seats inside the plane and she appeared pretty excited as it was her first international flight and started clicking pictures.

To my surprise, we got a 2-seater for us and I offered her the window seat. I helped her with the touch screen and we both started to see some movies. Soon the dinner was served and the lights were dimmed off. I made myself comfortable and wrapped myself with the blanket provided by the aircraft and started watching a movie.

After some time, I could feel something heavy on my shoulders. Turning around, I found Shobha had slept off leaning with her head on my shoulders.

I tried nudging her gently but she adjusted herself and then resting her head on my shoulder, went off to sleep again. I thought to myself, maybe she was tired and continued to focus on the movie I was watching.

Suddenly, in her sleep, she wrapped my arm with both her hands and made herself more cozy on my shoulders. Her boobs were crushing against my elbows. I thought of waking her up but the evil side in me had already started enjoying the moment and I was feeling my dick rising inside my pants.

I switched off the movie and closed my eyes pretending to be in sleep so that she doesn’t feel embarrassed about the situation if she happens to wake up and I could continue feeling her boobs with my elbows.

I was exploring my colleague’s mom’s round and soft boobs and was careful enough to not wake her up. She was breathing heavily, completely enjoying my moves.

I was rubbing her slowly around her nipple area with my elbow and could feel her nipples getting hard with each rub. The situation was highly erotic by then and my precum had already started oozing from my dick.

This continued for some time, her breathing became heavier. And suddenly taking me by surprise, she clenched my arm hard and opened her eyes.

I got shit scared on finding her looking at me with her half-opened sleepy eyes. But then she did the unimaginable. She kissed on my cheeks and put her hand inside my blanket and started stroking my dick from over my pants.

I was completely shocked by this and kept staring at her looking surprised. Shobha understood the situation and kissed me once more to comfort me and took my hand and placed it on her tits and covered it with the blanket.

Shobha’s eyes were closed and she was enjoying her boobs getting pressed while playing with my dick. I was getting horny as hell. I pulled her closer to me, took my hand around her and pressed her boobs with both my hands and within no time, my hands were all over her exploring in all places, squeezing and pressing to my heart’s content.

My colleague’s mom smiled looking at the lust in my eyes and then taking her hand towards her back, she unhooked her bra and invited me to come inside one blanket. I couldn’t believe what I was doing to my colleague’s mom whom I had met barely a few hours ago. But this whole thing had got me too excited by now to put any more thought into it.

We wrapped ourselves in a single blanket and my hand started exploring inside her dress feeling her breasts, her nipples, and all her body. She had big round soft boobs and her erect nipples felt like big buttons against my hand.

Shobha brought her hand inside my underwear and was rubbing my dick up and down with her hand, playing with my balls.

My dick by then had a thick sticky precum oozing out on to her hand. It was too much excitement being rubbed by a pretty woman and now I was pulling her erect nipples, pressing her boobs, exploring her sweaty shaven armpits and pressing her round ass.

But I didn’t want to cum so early so I signaled her to stop. She smiled and spread her legs slowly raising her dress above her waist.

I wasted no time and slid my hand inside Shobha’s panty. It was dripping wet and within no time my finger was inside her. Shobha moaned softly with her eyes closed as I plowed her pussy with my finger. Her juicy wet pussy was now allowing me 2 fingers inside her and she was enjoying this absolute ecstasy.

Shobha tried hard to control her moans biting her lips, clenching her teeth and breathing deeply.

Seeing her this wild and turned on, I really wanted to fuck my colleague’s mom badly. But inside the aircraft, this was the best we could. So now I wrapped the blanket tightly around us and unbuttoned her top releasing her big breasts. While I continued to finger her with one hand, with the other I squeezed her breasts and nipples.

While I had 2 fingers going in and out of her, I was rolling my thumb over her erect clit. She was going wild with pleasure and her pussy was secreting more and more juices on my hand.

I whispered into her ear, “I want to fuck you hard”. Shobha whispered back, “Fuck me” and kissed me on my lips and rolled her tongue inside me. She was nearing climax as she was shivering and trapping my hand that was going inside her pussy with her thighs.

Shobha whispered to me, “Do it harder, I am going to release now”.

I grabbed her boobs tightly in one hand and with the other, I started to rub her pussy vigorously. She let out soft moans, ‘uff’ ‘uff’ while I rubbed her clit and put my 2 fingers deep inside her and out.

Shobha was closing her thighs on my hand and then opening it, doing it for some time, pressing her boob and nipples with the other hand until finally, she whispered, “Ufffffffff” and released all her juices on my hand.

Shobha dropped back at her seat exhausted, looked at me and smiled. Then my colleague’s mom proceeded to play with my dick and release my cum as well. But I stopped her, looked into her eyes and asked her, “Did you like it?”. “I loved it!”, she responded and kissed my cheeks.

“Then I want to fuck you”, I said.

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