City Girl’s Sexual Adventures In A Village – Part 3

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The next day I was very sad that I couldn’t meet the Gorkha the previous night.  By this time, I had become an exhibitionist slut. I thought at least the farmer would come again, but he didn’t come either. I was waiting for the night. At least, it came. I went up the terrace at 10:30 pm.

I was roaming around there waiting for the Gorkha. I refused to sleep since I might miss him again.  So I kept myself awake. It was super hot. By now, I got a little comfortable that no one could see me on the terrace. After some deep thought, I removed my blouse and covered my boobs with pallu.

So I am roaming my terrace in the night with just a thin saree and a long thin skirt, without a panty and a blouse. The gentle breeze was hitting all over my body, and I was enjoying it. There it was, the cycle bell. I quickly came to sense and thinking to wear the blouse or to go without it.

Since I didn’t do anything adventurous the whole day, I decided to take the risk and went without the blouse. I quickly walked towards the wall and was standing there observing the cycle coming closer and closer. I ensured the surroundings that no one could see me in that state.

There was a huge tree to my right. And a huge terrace entrance wall to my left.  The only people who could see me were the people who were there on the street.  And even for them, it’s difficult since it’s very dark. For now, the only one who was there on the dead-end street was the Gorkha.

I was getting excited to see his reactions and was patiently waiting for the slow-moving cycle. To my surprise, he didn’t even look at me once while riding.  He rode past me, and I was a little disappointed.  He went to the end where the field started and stopped.

He got down to take a piss. My eyes opened wide to catch as much as I could. Surprisingly, he was standing a little to the left. I can see his side angle than the complete back like last time. He unzipped his pants, and my left hand was sliding inside my saree.

Since it was so dark, I couldn’t see his dick but only the action of him taking it out.  I can hear the sound of piss falling on the crops on the farm.  My left hand was busy pinching and twisting the nipple and playing with it under the saree. The Gorkha was now done pissing, and he turned around.

He took his cycle and started riding it. I am standing there still playing with my boobs and waiting for the Gorkha to look up.  Just before leaving past my house he saw me and smiled and went. Soon after he saw me, the cycle started slowing down.

I think two things happened here.  First, the Gorkha was aware I was standing on the terrace. He was teasing me by taking a piss by showing his dick.  Second.  His idea was to give me a known smile and move to the next street.

But what he was not prepared for was me standing in the terrace blouse less with my hands playing with my tits. On his glance up, he couldn’t see much, just the outline of a girl.  But what he could make out was the thin hands without blouse had slid inside the saree.

It took him a few seconds to realize it. I guess. That’s when the cycle slowed down. I quickly realized he had seen what he had to. He was waiting to see what he would do next. As expected, he took a u-turn and came back towards my house.  This time his eyes were glued on me.

I had taken my hands off my tits and was looking at him. I smiled at him, and he smiled back.  He stopped his cycle and got down.  I looked around the surroundings to ensure no one was there. He slipped his hands in his pocket took a beedi out. (something like a cigarette).

He lit it up and started smoking. He was looking at me now and then. By now, he should have a fairly good idea that I’m standing there without a blouse.  After a while, I developed courage and thought of giving him a better look.  So I slightly slid my saree from my right tits.

The right one is now in full view for him.  My extra-large nipples proudly poked out at him. He looked up and was stunned. It was dark, but he could make out my white skin glowing. It’s definitely where the tits are.  He stopped smoking and quickly went to his cycle.

What he did next was unexpected. He pedaled his cycle. While it was on the stand, the dynamo light started glowing. Before I could react, he quickly took the light in hand and pointed it in my direction. Fuck! I stood there stunned, covered in the yellow spotlight with my boobs out of the saree.

I was terrified and quickly withdrew myself from the terrace wall and pulled myself inside. On the other hand, the Gorkha was on cloud 9, having confirmed my intentions that I was exposing my tits to him. I regained my senses and covered my tits.

I found a small rock on the terrace and thrown at him in anger.  He kneeled and pleaded sorry.  I went away from the wall again and waited for some time.  After a while, I came out slowly, and he was eagerly waiting.  It looks like he lit another beedi.

I shook my head in disappointment, and he again pleaded sorry with gestures.  I quickly looked around and made sure there wasn’t anyone anywhere nearby.  I was standing there with a skirt and a saree with nothing else covering my essentials. I didn’t know what to do next.

The Gorkha was also standing there looking at me while smoking his beedi.  He quickly looked around, made sure no one was there. He slowly rubbed his dick over his pants. My eyes were glued to his gestures. I slowly started to slide my hands under my saree’s pallu.

Seeing that, he started to rub even more and gestured for me to remove my saree pallu.  I shook my head in disagreement, and he started to plead.  I slowly moved my right side of the saree to the middle exposing my right tits to him.  I slowly started massaging it.

I could see both excitement and disappointment on his face.  He was signaling that he could not see in the dark.  I was helpless in that situation.  Perhaps if I showed more skin, he could see something, I thought.  So I also brought the left side of my pallu to the middle exposing my left tits.

So I’m standing there on the terrace with both my tits exposed and the pallu running in the middle like a % sign.  I saw the smile on his face. Now he can make out something.  He slid his hands inside his pants and started shaking them. Due to darkness, I can only see his actions but not his thing.

I communicated that to him in gestures.  So he pulled his dick out.  I could barely make out the outline of a semi-erect penis. It looked like a small white rat.  He was holding it at the bottom and shaking it left to right.  That’s the first time I have seen a grown man’s dick.

My heart started pumping at double its usual speed. My hand automatically went in search of my clit.  Though I could roughly picture his dick and what he was doing, I haven’t gotten a clear sight of it yet.  I believe the same goes for him too.

I bent down in the hopes of seeing more of his thing. He understood that I was not able to see clearly.  He quickly looked around one more time, went near his cycle. He started pedaling it while still on its stand.  The light started to glow, and there it was, the white rat dancing in his other hand!

“I have seen it,” I thought and let a smile out.  He smiled back.  My pussy rubbing became a little intense, and he was able to see that.  He gestured to show me my pussy.  I liked that idea too. I slowly lifted my skirt and exposed it to him.

But unfortunately, he signaled he could not see because of the angle and the terrace wall in between.  I quickly understood his concern and thought for a while.  So I came up with a stupid idea.  I jumped, holding my skirt up, hoping that he could catch a glimpse.

It was too fast, and of course, he couldn’t see anything.  It was already dark. I have a decent amount of pubic hair, which is again dark. So there is absolutely no way that he could see it. My tits juggled, and my pallu fell from my shoulders.

Now the saree is only held by my skirt. My entire upper body was in direct view of him. I was laughing at my stupidity.  He also laughed and started stroking his cock vigorously, looking at my topless body.  I quickly picked my pallu and put it back in its place.

That’s when a stray dog started barking and charging the Gorkha.  Fearing someone might come, I quickly retracted inside the terrace and wore my blouse.  The dog was continuously barking, and one of the neighbors started coming out to enquire.

Seeing him, the Gorkha took his cycle and fled the place.  I couldn’t believe what had just happened. Both fear and excitement hit me hard. I kept fingering my pussy until I climaxed.

One part of my mind was constantly warning me that this was not going to end well. Another part was like, keep going, and let’s see how it ends.

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