Finally Fucked My Best Friend After Her Marriage

Hi readers, how are you all, hope everyone is fine in this pandemic situation. I am from Visakhapatnam, Andhra Pradesh.

Coming to the story, this story happened between me and my best friend Sindu. We were good friends from our college days. She was my junior. She was a fair and cute-looking girl. Her height was about 4.10 feet and with small features. I loved her. She was my crush!

We both had a good love feeling toward each other. But, we never expressed it.

One day we met at our friend’s wedding. We talked a lot. I expressed my feelings (friends with benefits) toward her. She rejected my proposal but at the end of the function, she kissed me on my cheek and left.

After a few days, she was married to a person against her will.

Six months later, she came to her house. I went to her home to see her. She was not happy. I invited her to visit my house which she denied because of her family. Her family was old-minded and very strict with her. I requested her parents to send her to my home for some chit-chat and they agreed.

2 days later, my best friend came to my house. But, her granny was also with her. I was disappointed.

To my luck, her granny got a call to attend a community meeting near her house and so she left.

After half an hour of chitchat with my family members, Sindu said that she had some work to do online and wanted to go to the internet cafe.

I told her that she can use my system which is on the top floor. My house was a G+2 building. I live on the second floor. Nothing much had happened up to now. While using the system, the power went off.

I asked her to visit the terrace to feel some fresh air. Our conversation slowly became bolder. I asked why she was so dull when I visited her house. My married best friend said that her married life was not good. Her husband was not mentally matured and behaved like a child at times.

I felt very bad. I asked about her sex life. She did not want to reply. But, finally, she said that she was only fucked four times after the marriage. After hearing this, I wanted to try my luck again.

“Hey Sindu, if you agree I would like to have sex with you.”

She was shocked and said, “No.” “If you want to kiss go on, but don’t ask more,” she said.

Immediately, I grabbed my best friend near me and hugged her tightly. She closed her eyes. I placed a kiss on her forehead. The next one was on the cheeks. And then I kissed her lips.

Meanwhile, my dick poking out and it touched her. All of a sudden, the power came back and she pushed me away and went inside the house. I followed her and locked the door.

“Hey, why are you..” before she could complete, I grabbed her hand and kissed her lips again. She was trying to push me away so I broke our lip lock.

She: What are you doing??! It’s enough.

But I inserted my hand in my best friend’s panty and rubbed her pussy and separated her pussy lips. It was already wet!

I removed my hand and said, “You are saying ‘enough’ but your pussy is demanding more action.” She laughed.

I lifted and took her to the dining table. I made her sit at the dining table. I grabbed her face and started kissing her. I licked her lips and bit her cheeks.

Slowly, I was going down and reached her neck. I started kissing her neck and biting her ears, lips, and neck. My bestie cum crush started moaning lightly.

Then I made her lie on the table and removed her top. Wow, what a view! I loved watching her nude.

I buried my face between my married best friend’s boobs and sucked her small boobs. Slowly, I reached her belly button.

Then I rubbed her pussy over the dress. Sindu was moaning loud this time. I asked her to remove her pants and she did. She closed her pussy with her hands but I inserted my finger into her pussy and fingered her.

After that, I quickly became nude in front of my sex-starved best friend. I could see some happiness in her eyes.

I stretched her legs and rubbed her pussy with my dick and guided it to the entrance. My dick was not entering my best friend’s pussy. Every time I pushed, it slipped out. So I separated her pussy lips with my fingers and inserted my dick. The head of my dick went inside.

I could feel that my dick tearing her pussy walls hard. It was fully lubricated. But, my dick entered half only.

Sindu started was begging me and asking me to remove my dick because of the pain. To make her feel comfortable and forget the pain, I asked her that how much time that her husband fucked her and how he fucked her.

My best friend said that he had fucked her only for around 5 minutes and that too, without any foreplay.

(Guys, at that time I realized that she needed my dick and my time so badly.)

I continued fucking my best friend girl at a slow pace. Then I ejaculated my cum inside her pussy after almost 5 minutes. Her pussy was very tight. I removed my dick out and saw that the liquids were flowing. I took a cloth to clean her pussy and my dick.

In two minutes, I inserted my dick again. She asked me to remove saying it was enough. But I continued banging my best friend. I wrapped her legs around me and lifted her. She hugged me tightly and whispering in my ears to stop. But I started fucking Sindu in a standing position.

Due to her weight and my stroke, finally, my dick entered fully inside. While fucking, her juices were flowing toward my legs.

After almost 10 minutes, I switched my position to doggy and fucked her hard. I continued it for another ten minutes. Then I took out my dick and spat my cum over her cute little ass. She fell over me relaxed and thought that the task was completed.

I took my best friend to the bedroom and placed her on the bed. We both slept naked for nearly 15 minutes. Again, my dick became rock hard. She was smiling.

This time, she got up and sat on my dick. She was riding my dick like a woman riding a horse. Suddenly, her phone started ringing. It was her father. He was waiting at my house downstairs for her! She said, “Ok dad, my work is almost completed. I have to upload a file and then I will come down in 5 minutes.

She told me that she wants to leave. But, I requested her to stay for some more time. My best friend called her father and said that her mail got a reply and she has to reply and needed another half an hour. I took the phone and said, “Don’t worry uncle, I will drop her.”

Then we continued our session. Finally, I switched to my favorite position – missionary. I climbed over her, stretched her legs and inserted my dick, and hugged her tightly. This time, she was responding well. She was kissing me hard and moving in sync with my rhythm.

I continued to fucked my best friend for about an hour and then I released my cum inside her.

We were both exhausted and I slept over her for a few minutes. My bed became fully wet with our fluids.

Later, we cleaned ourselves and dressed up, and went downstairs. I dropped her at her house.

The next day morning at 9 am, I got a call from her mother. I was shocked. Her mom told me that Sindu was still sleeping. Her mom thought that she was very relaxed by the motivation I gave her. She had no idea what had happened.

This is how I fucked my best buddy after five years of waiting. After some days, she messaged me asking me to visit her home as her husband’s family was going to a relative’s wedding.

Thank you for reading my story.

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