City Girl’s Sexual Adventures In A Village – Part 4

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I got up the next day. It was Friday. And it started pretty lazily. I spent a lot of time thinking about the previous night. The excitement I had was something I had never experienced before. I thought about how he struggled to see me and giggled about it. I was also thinking of a safer way to entertain him.

I picked my towel and went to shower, an idea struck during that time. First, I looked at my pussy covered in pubic hair. I thought maybe if there is no hair he can have a better look at it. But how to fix it? I came out of the shower wrapped in a towel and checked on my grandpa.

He was sitting on the veranda reading the newspaper. My grandpa was a well-groomed man. He always keeps his face clean, so there must be a shaving razor with him, I thought. I quietly sneaked inside his room and was searching for it and finally found it on a shelf.

I grabbed it and went to the bathroom again. I applied some soap and started shaving. It was not the first time I was shaving my private parts so I’m pretty good at it. Within minutes my pussy was clean and glowing white. I admired the way it looked and was proud of myself.

Next was the problem of light. Since it was so dark the poor Gorkha could only see the outline of myself. I need to fix it somehow to give him a better show, I thought for a while then an idea struck again. I went to my grandpa. I told him that last night when I was sleeping, some insect ran over me.

I was very scared and there was no light to investigate what it was. He smiled and told me, “That’s why I asked you to take some lamp with you.” I smiled back. He went inside and bought a small lamp and told me how to use it.

The lamp burns on oil. There is a knob that controls the amount of thread in it, which controls the amount of light. Wow, perfect, I thought to myself. I only wanted a mild glow as I didn’t want too much light to put me at risk. With all these things in place, I decided to make the best use of my last night here.

As the sun kept going down, excitement was going up. I couldn’t keep myself thinking of what’s going to happen. I couldn’t keep my fingers from teasing my pussy. But my fingers aren’t enough for me. I wanted something more. Something big.

I went to the kitchen and looked around. There you are. I found the bag where my grandma kept her veggies. Browsed through it and found one long fat carrot and quietly slipped it and walked out. It was only 6:30 pm, and I was already losing patience.

I didn’t have any privacy to make use of the carrot I stole too. Out of frustration, I decided to go to the terrace for some fresh air. Wow! The country breeze was just amazing. It was not hard enough to blow my skirt, though. While I was enjoying that, I came across the dying plants on the terrace.

A genius idea struck again. I quickly scolded my grandparents for not watering the plants. I quickly went to the bathroom and started filling water in one of the steel buckets. The bucket was big and wide, and I couldn’t lift it even with half-filled.

So I filled only a quarter and took it up to the terrace. I watered the plants and came down. What is so genius about it? Well. Keep reading.

After finishing my dinner I wasted no time going up. I took the carrot and the lamp and marched my way to the terrace. As soon as I made my bed, I quickly slid my panty down. I pulled my skirt up, inserted the carrot gently, and left it idle there facing the night sky.

It’s the feeling that I miss even now. The time was 11:45 pm. It was dark and quiet and my ears were searching for the sound of the cycle bell. It’s only a matter of minutes, and I heard it. I got up with the carrot still stuck in my pussy.

I quickly removed it and ran to the end of the terrace to welcome my hero. There he is. He was looking at me and smiling all the way. I think he is more excited than I am. He stopped his cycle right in front of me. He got down from it and lighted up his beedi.

He had a lighter instead of a matchbox. He wasn’t wearing his khakis today. He was in a dhoti and shirt, and I was impressed. Maybe after seeing me in the half saree he thought I would like a more traditional dressing style. Whatever it may be, it worked.

I am standing there blushing in a half-saree attire with a blouse and skirt. We were constantly looking at each other without knowing how to start. He sat on the cycle carrier and slowly parted his legs. There came a gap in his dhoti and his thighs started showing up.

I couldn’t wait any longer, and I started massaging my tits over the blouse. His hands were rubbing his dick over his dhoti. I began to unbutton my blouse one by one. The buttons were present in the front. So I let my pallu down for him to have a better view.

He got up and removed his underwear in flash. My eyes widened and my heart was beating wildly. As I finished unbuttoning I took my hands off it. The blouse parted and was barely covering my tits. The bulge of the tits just held the cups of my blouse.

My tits were slowly losing their grip on my blouse. Just before it lost its grip, I quickly turned around and left my blouse to fall off. He could only see my shining back in full view. I picked my pallu and covered my tits and turned back at him. He has now parted his dhoti completely and stroked his dick.

I bent down in the hopes of getting a better view. He understood my struggle and took his lighter from the pocket and lighted it up. “Wow, he came prepared,” I thought. The entire place was lit and for the first time, I had a clear look at him.

He is more handsome than I first guessed. His dick was long and thick, at least 7 inches fully erect and standing proudly. The sight of his dick made my cunt wet. I’m in no control of myself. I was impressed that the Gorkha came prepared to wear a dhoti for easy access. The lighter gave me a better view.

“If you call that preparations, allow me to show you mine,” I thought.

Remember, I watered the dying plants in the evening. I left the steel bucket here on the terrace and didn’t take it down. I brought the bucket near to the wall and placed it upside down. I stood on top of it. Before he could only see me up to my hips, the rest of it was hidden behind the terrace wall.

But now, due to the extra elevation from the bucket, he could see up to half my skirt, almost till my knees. His eyes widened the moment he could see more of me. The skirt I was wearing was pretty lengthy. It is at least 3 inches over my knees. So he could not see my skin under it.

Now it’s the best time to light the lamp, I thought. I placed the lamp a little further from the bucket and lighted it. I turned the thread to the minimum which provided the light only where I was standing. I stood back on the bucket and smiled at him. Now for the first time, he could see me clearly as well.

His mouth widely opened. He could also see my tits through the pallu because of the extra light from the lamp. He increased his pace of stroking, and I decided to do more. I lifted my skirt to my knees and put one of my legs on the wall while standing on a bucket.

It made my skirt open up underneath giving him a view of my shaved pussy.He became so happy and also struggled to get a view. The light from the lamp is not enough, and not going under the skirt maybe. So I got down and increased the thread a bit which gave more light.

I stood up on the bucket and removed one of the two safety pins holding my skirt in place. I turned around facing my back at him and slightly lowered my skirt to give him a view of my butt crack. And also lifted my skirt and gave a nice view of my bottom ass buns.

My skirt was in such a way that it covered only the middle of my ass. The top crack and bottom melon were completely visible in the mild yellow light from the lamp. I turned around and adjusted my saree covering all the exposing privates like a nice girl.

I looked at him. He is still stroking it. He is almost naked from the bottom down and taking no measures to cover up. I looked around in fear. It was pitch dark everywhere except where Gorkha and I were standing. It was lit with a mild yellow light from the fire.

I started sweating and the light from the lamp is actually more. Though I was standing in such a way, I was fully covered by the trees on one end and the wall on the other. If someone sees in this direction they can make out the presence of light.

I got down quickly and lowered the brightness of the lamp to be a little safer. I figured that he might have some problem with the visibility I decided to lose my skirt. Now there is only one safety pin that is holding the skirt in its place. I removed the pin.

I slowly lowered my skirt while swaying my hips from left to right in a very seductive way. As I lowered my skirt, my saree covered my intimates. Since it’s a half saree it could cover only half of my thighs. He was getting a very good view of my milky legs.

I kept lowering my skirt and finally removed it. Now I’m just standing there with only my half saree covering just my essentials. That’s when I remembered I brought the carrot along with me to the terrace. I quickly ran to my bed, grabbed it, and came back and showed it to the Gorkha.

The Gorkha quickly figured it and was waiting for my next move. I’m now standing on the bucket with the carrot in hand. I slowly kept one of my legs on the wall to give Gorkha the sight that he was dreaming about. To make it easier for him, I pulled my saree above my waist.

It gave him a view of my newly shaved pussy.He couldn’t believe what he was looking at. He got up from the cycle carrier and stopped stroking his cock for a second and trying to eye every inch of my body. My pussy is now in the direct line of sight shining in the lamplight and ready to be penetrated.

I slowly inserted the carrot inside. His eyes were stuck at my pussy. I started stroking the carrot up and down in a predictable motion. He was so aw struck by that sight, he didn’t even realize his dhoti has slipped his waist. We both are practically naked below our waists and masturbating for the streets to see.

I moved the other hand and brought my pallu in between my globes. My nipples are now more prominently visible and glowing in the light. I kept massaging my tits while masturbating with the carrot. My pussy became so wet and my juices started flowing over my thighs.

I removed the carrot and showed the carrot to him. He quickly made a gesture to throw the carrot at him. I was taken back by that dirty idea of giving him the carrot I used for masturbation. My juices were all over it and perhaps that is exactly what he wants.

I thought for a while and asked him to come closer to the wall and dropped the carrot. He grabbed it like a hungry dog and smelled it applied all over his face while stroking his dick at a merciless pace. The fact he worships my juices brought a new strange kinky feeling all over me.

I was getting hornier and hornier. I wanted to show all I got to my worshipper. I signaled him to look and in a swift, I removed my saree at once and became completely naked. The poor fellow couldn’t take it anymore. He started ejaculating all over the road.

He was still looking at me and smelling my pussy juice from the carrot. I’m now completely naked with one of my legs on the terrace wall and masturbating using my fingers. That is when I started hearing some sounds. I paused for a second to listen to the sound better.

Oh shit. It’s the sound of someone climbing the stairs of my terrace, maybe grandpa. My entire body froze, and I am now in real danger. The worst part is I was completely naked. I know my grandpa is really slow in moving, so I have about 10 to 15 seconds before he comes up.

I signaled my worshipper to run and quickly got down the bucket and put the lamp off. I saw all my clothes lying here and there. I quickly started grabbing them. I figured that I didn’t have enough time to wear. I tiptoed to my bed, which was about 10 feet away.

I pulled the sheet and covered my entire nakedness along with the face and my clothes. I literally felt my body shaking due to my heavy heartbeats, patiently listening to the sounds around. I can feel the presence of my grandpa on the terrace and come near me.

What if he calls me and wakes me up? What if he pulls the bedsheet and sees me naked? All weird thoughts are running in my mind. Thankfully he figured I was still sleeping. Maybe he just came to check if I am ok since I complained about insects disturbing my sleep.

All my senses were active at once. I could feel he was getting away from me. The sound of the footsteps started to fade away in distance indicating he left the terrace. What a relief! I still remember my hands were shaking in fear for the next 20 minutes.

I got up very slowly and put on my clothes. I checked for the Gorkha, but he left. I came back to my bed in disappointment.

The next day my dad came to pick me up. Though I physically left that place my heart was still there. Throughout the journey, I was only thinking about my adventures on that terrace. How risky it was for me to behave like that, but it was still worth it.

I came home watched a lot of TV throughout the whole day. When the night came, I couldn’t control myself. Flashes of my adventures started flickering before my eyes. Just to re-live my adventurous experience, I decided to go to the terrace.

When I went there, the memories returned. Strangely I felt that my house terrace was pretty close to my grandparents. It’s a dead-end roadhouse and the dead-end is actually the back gate of the kindergarten school which is on my left side.

There are houses on the right side and opposite but they are lower than ours. There are a couple of street lights but they are dim and barely work. It’s very risky since I know all the people around. When I considered the possibility, I saw a man in his mid-40s coming from the school and spreading his steel chair to sit.

He was the school watchman. I have seen him a couple of times before but not really paid any attention. But this time is different. This time I am different. I felt a tingling sensation and was getting very wet. So I decided to take a calculated risk to satisfy myself.

There is no turning back now. So let’s go forward.

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