Friend With Benefits – The Beginning

Hi Friends, I am back with another incident of mine. I am Ray, 6ft tall, fair and handsome with the average body for those who don’t know me. Those who haven’t read my previous stories, please read them here.

This incident happened around 7 years back. I argued with my girlfriend and broke up with her. I was sad, but life was going on as usual.

Meanwhile, one of my classmates introduced me to her friend. Let her name be SVM. She was fair, the average height of around 5′ 6″. She had tiny boobs (Don’t protrude in her dress) and an average ass. The most attractive part is her cute face. She had a smiling face which attracted me towards her.

As usual, our friendship started with hi-hellos. Over time, we exchanged forward messages and pics. We were close enough to share our personal information after some weeks. We spoke about our family, work, friends. Sometimes we discussed my girlfriend and her opinion on relationships.

After completing college, I came to Bangalore and found a job in a reputed company. I rented a room and was living alone. She also came to Bangalore in search of work, and she was staying in PG.

Since I was alone and bored over the weekend, I usually watched movies (porn) or went to malls and watched beauties to do time-pass. It was one such weekend, I was bored, and outside also it was cloudy. So, I was in my home watching a laptop, and I got a text from SVM.

SVM: Hi!

Me: Hi dear. (Yup, I was a little flirty.)

SVM: What’s up?

Me: (My brother, I thought to myself.) Nothing much. I was feeling bored at home.

SVM: Why? Didn’t you go out today?

Me: Why! What can an alone guy like me do in this cloudy weather? I miss my girlfriend. (Yes, she knows about my break-up.)

SVM: Hehehe, Naughty boy.

Me: Indeed I am.

SVM: I am also bored, can we go out?

Me: (Yes, thought of telling right away) I would like to, but I feel it’s going to rain. What if we get stuck in the rain?

SVM: You know Bangalore’s weather. Nothing is going to happen. You come, we will go for a ride.

Me: Okay. Just for you, babe. (With kissing smiley)

SVM: Good, I will meet you by 4 then.

I was happy because I got company. I could do some flirting and kill this boredom. I closed my laptop and got freshen up. I wore jeans and a white shirt and texted her that I was leaving home. If traffic were not there, I would reach her PG on time.

It was a little cold outside because of cloudy weather. It was a nice feeling to ride the bike in this chilly weather. I reached her place and texted her. She came out after about 10 minutes. She was looking damn cute and sexy in her tight white shirt.

The top button was open, which was showing a bit of her cleavage. The skin-tight jeans were showing her sexy round ass, though not big and booty one. I was busy ogling her, which she noticed.

SVM: If you are done with your eye feast, shall we go?

Me: (embarrassed) I can’t help it. You are looking so sexy.

SVM: Thank you. But, now let’s go from here else it will be a problem.

I started the bike, and we took off from her place. I asked her about the plan. She asked if we could go on a long ride. I was okay with it. And we headed towards the Nice road. As we neared the Nice road, the traffic reduced, I increased my speed.

She came a little closer. Her hand came to my sides from my shoulder. We were talking about random topics, about her job search, and friends. After about fifteen minutes of our ride, she was sitting so close to me. I could sense her breathing on my neck.

She had placed her hands on my legs. I was able to feel her soft breasts whenever I moved back to respond to her. All these were making me aroused. Her hands were rubbing my thighs. I wasn’t sure if it was intentional or because of bike movement. My cock was becoming hard because of all these.

It started raining after some time. I was like, what the hell as we cannot stand anywhere. There were no trees nearby, and it was dangerous to stand by the side on the Nice road. So, I drove to my room.

I told her to sit close so that she wouldn’t get wet much. While coming closer to me, she placed her hands around me. Her palms were resting just below my belt buckle. Her soft breasts were pressed against my back, and her face was resting on my right shoulder.

It looks like she has hugged me tightly. I was feeling warm because of this, even in that rain. We reached my room after about 40 minutes of driving in the rain. We were completely soaked. Our dress was sticking to our bodies. Her white shirt became transparent because of wetness.

It looked like that shirt was an integral part of her body. I could see the white bra and water droplets going inside her cleavage. It’s an erotic feeling. I shivered slightly, looking at her like that out of excitement. I could see her navel, and I wanted to touch it. Somehow, I controlled my urge.

My room was on the second floor. As it was raining, the rainwater was coming down on stairs. I told her to watch her steps and hold her hands to give her support. Her hands were so soft, and there were mixed emotions in my mind. I was afraid of how she would react if I did something.

Also, I wanted to make my move. I didn’t know how we climbed those stairs. It passed quicker than I thought. As we got inside the home, I offered her a towel to dry herself. I was also drying myself. It was already 8 PM.

SVM: OMG, it’s already 8.

Me: Yeah.

SVM: I think I can’t go to my PG now. Even it’s raining heavily. I will stay here if you don’t have a problem.

Me: (I felt so happy) Why will I have a problem? It’s my pleasure if you spend a night with me.

SVM: What?

Me: Nothing, I said It’s not a problem. (we both laughed)

SVM: Can you give me anything to change? I can’t stay in these wet clothes.

Me: Let me see what fits you.

I went inside, she also followed me. I opened my cupboard to look for some t-shirt and shorts to give to her. She stood close to me and was looking at my dresses. She took one big t-shirt which was big for me also, which I hadn’t worn.

She told me it would be perfect as it would cover her till knees. I didn’t need to find shorts for her size. She winked at me and went to the bathroom to change. I was dumbstruck by her words and smiled to myself. I started imagining how she looked in that t-shirt.

My cock came to life just with the thought that she was wearing only a t-shirt and nothing below. I was eagerly waiting for her to come out of the bathroom. As I heard bathroom door locks sound, my heart started to pound faster. I could hear my heartbeat.

She stepped out of the bathroom with a towel in her hand, wiping her head. Even though the t-shirt is loose to her, her hand movement showed her small breasts shape. Because of this cold weather, her nipples were hard and clearly showed their presence under that t-shirt.

I again started to enjoy her beauty. Though the breasts were not big, they were round and firm. The t-shirt was covering her till her knees. Her smooth white legs were shining in the room’s light.

As she was wiping her head, I got a chance to see some of her milky white thighs. I was so hard looking at her like that.

SVM: (Noticing me looking at her) What are you thinking?

Me: Nothing. (Coming to my sense ). I was enjoying the beauty.

SVM: Aha, like this, you get a fever for sure.

Me: Is it?

SVM: Yeah, you are completely wet. If you stay like that, you will catch a cold.

Me: Like that you are telling?

SVM: Go change yourself. I will be here only.

Me: Yeah, you are right.

I took my towel and went to the bathroom. I was already rock hard with all the proceedings. I stripped myself nude and went under the shower to take a warm bath. I was having all sorts of naughty thoughts.

At that time, it flashed to my mind that she came out with only a towel wiping her head. I saw her jeans and shirt hanging on the holder. I just went near the hanger and looked at her wet shirt and jeans. Her bra fell from the hanger. I took it and sniffed it. It still had her fragrance.

I was intoxicated by that aroma, and I started to stroke my cock. I was feeling heavenly. I covered my cock with her bra cups and started to stroke faster, and I came a lot in her bra cups. I was feeling very relaxed after that. I finished my shower peacefully after that, and I came out of the bathroom.

She was going through my phone. As I came outside, she kept the phone aside and smiled at me.

I will tell you guys what happened after that in my next story. Please write to me at [email protected] and give your valuable comments.

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