An Indian Housewife

A 40 years old Indian housewife named Sujata stayed with her husband, Sanjeev, two daughters, and a son. They were happily married for 20 years and stayed on the outskirt of a city. Her husband worked in an electricity department and earned enough to feed the family and educate the children.

Besides, he was a modest, humble, and caring husband to Sujata. Sujata was not lesser either than her husband in terms of modesty and humbleness. She was very loyal to her husband. She was a very hardworking housewife who did all the household chores. She cared for her husband and children.

Her neighbors talked about her politeness and kindness. She wouldn’t skip someone asking for help or beggars begging her.

She woke up early in the morning, took a bath, said a prayer (she was a pious woman). Then she prepared breakfast and lunch for her husband and kids to send them to work and school. After they left, she finished the remaining task of the day: washing clothes, mopping the floor, etc.

After that, she got ample time to watch her favorite serials on TV. In the evening, she went shopping at the grocery. Sometimes her husband bought the household items, but mostly she went alone.

Occasionally, she hung out with the neighbors’ ladies and talked about new saree models or blouses.  On one occasion, one neighbor lady talked about a saree exhibition held in other parts of the country. She also said that it was aired on a particular website but didn’t know the exact website.

But Sujata, eagerly, wanted to see the exhibition as she was fond of sarees. So she determined to search on the internet and typed the words. But she accidentally typed ‘Saree exhibitionist’ instead of ‘Saree exhibition.’ That small mistake was going to change the life of a faithful wife.

The first result among the pop-ups was a porn site. She didn’t even know what porn was. So she entered the site with joy as she thought she could watch the exhibition. But what she saw after entering the site shocked her life and gasped her for a moment.

In the first video, a woman wearing a see-through saree but nothing else underneath walked freely in an open area. There were few people, and the woman in the video enjoyed the moment.  The next video was also about the same woman in the first video.

Here she flashed her tits by raising her blouse and not wearing any bra in the middle of a mall when no one was there. And in the following videos, there were women wearing saree and sucking cocks, boobs massaging by a man, etc.

Sujata checked out the videos one by one, still gasping and dumbfounded but also curious. She came across a video which, at the sight of it, gave her nausea. It was a woman giving a rim job (anal licking) and a handjob at the same time.

When further checking out, she came across a gangbang video in which a woman was fucked from all her holes by 5 men.  She got more shocked than ever. She couldn’t go on with her curiosity anymore. She put off her phone, threw it on the table, and ran to the bathroom.

She put on the shower and sat under it to cool off the heat. (Yes, she also developed a new sensation she had ever felt before.) After a few minutes, she came out, changed her dress, and went to the TV room. She tried to watch the TV serial, her favorite ones, to erase what she had seen.

But she couldn’t get it done. She was deeply emerged in thought, even unknowing to herself. When she came back to her sense, she remembered that she had to visit the grocery. She forgot to pin her saree on the blouse.

While bending over and observing the vegetables at the grocery store, her saree fell off, revealing her cleavage of 35 stats breast. She was wearing a normal blouse, but her large breast revealed a little bit of her cleavage.

The seller who respected her and called her ‘Memsaheb’ got a glimpse of the view. His eyes widened and didn’t take off. She rose and noticed the seller and came to realize the predicament. She immediately pulled it back and hurried back to her house after buying the vegetables.

But the seller kept watching the swaying of 40 stats butt of the mother, which he never thought of doing it before. (If you want to know exactly what her figure looks like, please search ‘Sara Jay’).

While cooking dinner, she kept pondering what the seller might have thought of her and reminded what she had shown earlier. The seller’s lustful eye and all of the sex stuff made the faithful housewife bewildering and exciting. She blamed herself for remembering such a thing but couldn’t get it off that easily either.

The conversation with her husband and the children while dining made her forget the predicaments. She enjoyed seeing her husband playing with her children and blessed herself to have such a family. She helped the children to do their homework and made them sleep in their beds.

All these activities brought her back to a normal state. But nor for long. While she was sleeping beside her husband, all the hellish thoughts came back again to her. She couldn’t sleep and asked her husband to have sex with her. But he was tired and ignored it.

She eventually ignored her thoughts, but her body wouldn’t. Tension was built up. The next day, she woke up as normal and did everything as usual as past days. When the husband and the children left, she waved them off from the gate.

She would be all alone until evening. She thought of watching her favorite serial. While watching it, she felt an uneasy feeling in her body, which she couldn’t explain.

Suddenly, the unfaithful thought came back to her. She kept trying to ignore it. But there was no husband and no children to divert the attention. She finally opened her phone and started typing as same as yesterday. Reluctantly! She started watching the same videos again.

She, attentively, watched the exhibitionist video of the woman wearing only a saree. And she started thinking of doing the same thing. So, she went to her room and started taking off the saree, the blouse, the bra, and so on. Now, she stands completely naked.

But she noticed something different with the video. The woman in the video was hairless in the armpit and had a ‘landing strip’ shape pubic hair. She went to the bathroom, grabbed her husband’s shaving kit, and shaved off exactly as the woman did.

She picked her black chiffon saree and started wearing over her naked body without undergarments and blouse. The outline of the boobs and the nipples could be seen through the semi-transparent saree. When she bent, her buttocks and the ass crack could be seen.

She watched herself in the mirror and admired her sexy body. Now, she came out of her room shyly and cautiously as she feared someone might see her. She continued doing her household chores wearing only the saree. It gave her a feeling of excitement and joy.

She started getting used to it. After washing the clothes, her saree became wet, hugged her body more, and became more transparent, clearly revealing her 35 stats boobs. She went to the terrace.

But when she was about to step out, she remembered that she was wearing only a saree, which became fully transparent.  Her heart pounded heavily, and she feared someone might see her. But she also felt wet in her pussy.

She stepped out on the open terrace carefully, looking all around, checking each direction, and started spreading the clothes. With every minute passing, her excitement also increased. She couldn’t imagine how a faithful and pious woman like herself ended up semi-naked in the middle of a terrace?

Anyone from the neighboring house could see her if they came upon their terrace. What would they think of her if they saw her kept pondering her.

But the thought of being seen by someone made her aroused more, and at the same time, she felt fearful. She came down from the terrace and was surprised to find her pussy dripping wet. All her uneasiness was gone. She changed herself to her formal attire and awaited the return of her husband and children.

But she was wondering if she would do that thing tomorrow also?

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