Finally Laid My Senior’s Wife – Part 3

Please read these previous parts to know what happened earlier.

Finally Laid My Senior’s Wife – Part 1

Finally Laid My Senior’s Wife – Part 2

As you know, it all started with casual touching. I ended in having unexpected vigorous sex with Rashmi bhabhi. I got down from her and laid on the bed, covered myself with a blanket. I didn’t bother to wear underwear and shorts, despite sleeping between bhabhi on one side and her kids on the other side.

Bhabhi asked about her panty. I told her I don’t know where it’s fallen after removing from her body. I felt her hands were adjusting the nighty on her body. I had debauched her love holes. Very soon I got to sleep. I got up around 5 am. I looked on both sides.

Kids were still sleeping, and bhabhi’s face was away from my side. Her body was covered from the blanket. Hair was messy. I found my underwear and shorts. I wore it slowly inside the blanket. My bladder was full. So, I got up from the blanket, found my shirt and wore it.

Then I went to the bathroom to empty my tank. While doing the toilet, I recalled the previous night’s incidence and the dick became hard. There was no other way to cool it down without shagging. I masturbated after the toilet and relived my libido pressure.

It was still too early and there was not much agenda for today other than marriage in the evening.  So, I retired to bed again. Soon I went to sleep. I got up again with the movement of the bed. And I realized that Rashmi bhabhi had got up. I didn’t want to feel her guilty by showing my face to her early morning.

So, I thought that I will apologize to her later on. Now since I had got up and there was no chance to sleep again. Also, I didn’t want to get up from the bed. So, I pretended to be in sleep and started watching with small eye openings. Bhabhi removed the blanket and sat.

She looked at my side and observed that I am still sleeping. She put a rubber band on her pony. She stepped down from the bed. When she was standing on the floor, I got the morning visuals and was enough to make it hard. As her nighty was too transparent, her body was visible.

She was not wearing panties. I had kept her panty below my pillow. From the backside, her ass was giving an amazing view. Lights passing through her thighs were inviting and cracks were visible between thighs. And the red bra was also visible.

It was still unhooked after I had mauled her breast in the night. I can see the white patches on her nighty which was nothing but our love juices spread out from her pussy. She turned for a while. It gave me a view of her breast, as bra was just hanging on the breast.

I saw her sindoor spread on her forehead which was due to our struggle during our lovemaking. As she realized that she doesn’t have a panty on her body and everything is visible. She picked up petticoat from the table which she had worn the previous day.

She took the petticoat and went inside the bathroom. Then I saw her bed and saw the patches on the bed also as our juices had pierced her nighty and came to the bed also. She came out of the bathroom after 20-25 minutes. I saw she was wearing a petticoat inside the nighty and bra was hooked.

The tight strap was making a good shape on her back, shoulders, and front. By the time, I had also sat down on the bed. As soon as she saw me, I wished her good morning bhabhi. She was not making eye contact with me. I said good morning again to her. She just nodded by keeping her head down.

I folded the blanket. And I went to the other side of the kids and started getting them up. Kids got up, bhabhi got them ready. Then I also got fresh up. I told bhabhi, I am going with kids to have breakfast. She can get ready by the time. We went out of the room.

I had my breakfast and sat down in the hall for some time. I was feeling a bit sleepy so I asked kids if they want to go up or stay there only. The kids said they will be playing with other kids there. I went back to the room. The room was locked from inside.

After a few knocks, bhabhi opened the door. By that time, she had finished her bath was drying her hair. She had worn floral salwar suit. As the baraat was scheduled in the evening and marriage was in the night. So she might have thought to wear a salwar during day time. We were alone in the room.

I again apologized to her. I said- Bhabhi plz mujhe maaf kar dijiye, galti ho gayi thi. Main control nahi kar paya. She was unresponsive. I again said a few times, but she didn’t say anything and continued drying her hair. This time, I went close to her and held her hand softly.

I said, “Bhabhi galti ho gayi, ab to maaf kar dijiye.” She looked up and said to me, “Ye meri izzat ka sawal hai. Aap kisi ko kuch mat kahiyega aur bhool jaiye ki aisa kuch hua bhi humdono ke bich me.” She was expressionless. I was missing the bubbliness in her talking.

I was feeling bad that I have spoiled a good casual relation. She finished combing and started wrapping the used clothes. I saw her folding red bra, petticoat and nighty. She again asked me where are her other clothes. I told her which clothes bhabhi. She stared at me and kept her eyes down.

I said, “Aapko pata hai na koun se kapde ki baat kar rahi hu?” Again I showed ignorance and asked her, “Koun se kapde, Bhabhi?” This time she said, “Panty.” I told her I might have put it down. And did some drama by looking down the cot, here and there.

When she was looking away from me, I quickly took her panty from my pillow and kept it near to her pillow. I did again some drama to look on the bed and took put her panty from the pillow. I asked her, “Yahi tha kya?” She took from my hand.

She folded the panty with other clothes and was ready to go for breakfast. She asked me whether I am interested to go down. Though I had come up to have some rest and sleep, I couldn’t refuse her when she asked. I thought its good opportunity to normalize the relationship.

I kept on walking with her as took plate and foods. I offered a chair for her at the corner and pulled another chair for myself. I was cracking some jokes to cheer her up but she was in no expression mode. After she finished her breakfast, we took tea and sat near to each other.

I saw her itching around her thighs sometimes. So I said casually- Lagta hai aaj bhi bhalu (bear) hai kya andar mein jo kaat(biting) raha hai aapko?” She took a few seconds to realize my joke. Then burst into laughter and hit on my back, saying, “Itne badmash ho gaye ho besharam.”

She kept on laughing. She said, “Aisi baatein kaise soch lete ho?” And she laughed wholeheartedly. My poor joke did wonder and she became cheerful again. We talked casually about something. We returned back to the room along with kids. I took the corner bed and asked kids also to sleep for some time.

Bhabhi too slept for some time. All of us got up around 3 and went for lunch. Kids remained there. And we returned back to our room. Bhabhi was still not comfortable talking to me. When we reached our room, I closed the door. She was going towards the suitcase, I slowly pulled bhabhi’s hand towards myself.

I said to her, “Bhabhi, please maaf kar dijiye na, jo hua so hua. Ab to normal ho jaiye na.” I told her with a sad face. She finally said- achchha ok. I left her hand. She was arranging a dress on the table which she was planning to wear for baraat and marriage. I saw her a few more times itching.

Again I asked her, “Lagta hai andar ka bhalu abhi tak kaat hi raha hai. I was standing near to the table and suitcase, she got up to hit me and she lost balance and I held her waist. We both laughed. She said, “Aap nahi sudhroge.” I thought to carry forward this conversation.

So, I asked, “Bhabhi, aapne bataya nahi?”

She- Kya batana hai?

I -Yahi ki aaj bhi andar me bhalu hai kya?

She- Ha, tumhe kaise pata?

I – Just guess kiya. Bhabhi, aap par teddy bears achchhe lag rahe the.

She – Aapke sir pata nahi kaha se aise aise kapde lekar aa gaye hain.

I said- Aap nahi jate hain kya sath mein kharidne.

She said- Jati hu kabhi kabhi lekin wo jyadatar aapne shok ke hisab se le aate hain.

I told her slowly- Thank you, bhabhi.

She said- Ab kiske liye, bol di hu na its ok.

I told her- Kal raat ke liye.

She blushed and kept her head down. I guessed that situation is now normal. I told her I will get the kids so that you can make them ready and you can get ready yourself. I sent the kids to the room. After 45 minutes, kids returned and I enquired about their mom whether she is ready.

They said she is also coming. So, I went up the room and knocked the door. She opened the door, wearing her earrings. Oh my god, she was looking like an angel. She was wearing lehenga, blouse and chunri. She had kept her hair on side to put the earrings on other side.

She was struggling to fix so I took the earring and asked her I will put. Her deo fragrance was killing me. From the top, I got glance of her cleavage as chunri was too thin and was stuck to her neck. The deep cleavage of white melon was tempting me to crush and chew them.

Her reddish-brown blouse was deep on the back side. And pink lehenga was looking amazing on her. I complimented on her colour and design choice. She blushed. Her married look with sindoor, mangalsutra and bindi was amazing. Tight breast was ready to come out of bra.

I saw a gap of 6-8 inches between her blouse and lehenga. I placed my hand on her naked waist and said- “Pata nahi ab kab is kamar ko pakad kar dance karne milega.”

She – Ab chhodiye, late ho raha hai.

I – Thoda to feel lene dijiye.

I kept my both hands on her waist side and she was putting lipstick. I felt to smooch her deep. I controlled my desire. I had to get ready. I asked her if she is ready, she can go down. I will finish my bath and get ready. She asked me what’s problem if she will be in the room if I go for bath.

I said since you already got ready no need to wait for me. She said she will fold the clothes. I said fine. I took towel and my undergarments and went to bathroom. I saw her panty hanging there. It was similar design and pattern panty having teddy bears and flowers. I touched and smelled it.

It has different level of aroma and gave instant boner to me. I thought to have fun with bhabhi. I informed her, “Bhabhi aapka bhalu yaha rah gaya hai. She came quickly and I opened the door. I handed over her panty and said- ye bhi achchha hi hai. She felt shy.

I asked her, “Agar bhalu bahar hai to andar mein ab koun hai?” She hit my shoulders and said, “Ye sab band kijiye aur jaldi se ready ho jaiye.” I relieved myself first by shagging again and took bath. By the time, I came out, bhabhi had gone down. I got ready and I too joined the people.

Baraat was supposed to start at some distance from banquet hall and will be coming back to hall. We put the kids in a car and we two started walking towards the starting point of baraat. There were many relatives of Aakash sir walking along us. Bhabhi didn’t know them despite from the same village.

So, she was walking with me only. We were talking few casual stuffs. Casually I asked again, “Bhabhi, aapne jawab nahi diya”

She- Kiska jawab?

Me- Wahi jo maine puchha tha?

She- Kya puchhe the?

Me- Agar bhalu andar nahi hai to andar kya hai?

She got what I wanted to ask is that if she is not wearing teddy bear designed panty then which design is she wearing. She hit my shoulders again and blushed. She said, “Phool hai.” I asked smilingly, “Ab phool ke colour bhi bata dijiye.” She smiled. It was bit cold as it was February month.

She said she is feeling cold so I offered to hold my hand and come close in the group. So, she came more closer to me. Our hands were brushing each other. Sometimes my hands were touching her breast from side. Sometimes my hands were getting feel of her wide ass.

Despite knowing her for more than 2 years, I had not got such devil thought. But yesterday’s sudden turns of events changed my perception towards her. I didn’t know that the path of intercourse will be so sudden and short. Now, I had got some courage to do it again. I was in no hurry to seduce her.

I knew it can spoil her life and our relationship also. Such thoughts were going in my mind. And we reached the baraat originating point. Lot of dance and music started. I mostly remained mute spectator. Bhabhi was very excited to be part of marriage and dance. So, she kept on dancing at regular interval.

After dance, again she used to come near to me and restore her energy. Kids were also enjoying. Bhabhi few times pulled me also to dance in the crowd. I used to touch her hand and waist. Every touch was giving spine chilling sensation. Her breasts were jumping.

Her sindoor bit spread due to her dancing and sweat, was giving much more temptation now. Her chunri was around neck. Her mangalsutra was going deep inside the cleavage valley. I was recalling previous nights moment how I conquered those valleys with 34 D mountains.

How I ravaged her melons and pussy. I tried to divert my mind but in vain. She came back after dancing and was walking with me. I congratulated her for her dancing skills and energy even at this stage. She blushed. I thought to have a non-veg conversation.

So, I told her again, “Thank you Bhabhi. For the good times of yesterday night.” She pinched my elbows and in reciprocation, I pinched her waist. I whispered in her ears, “Bhabhi, red color ka aap par bahut achchha contrast aa raha tha. Aaj koun sa colour hai? Aaj aapne mujhse help nahi li.”

She kept on smiling. In the last 2 hours, our relation became the same casual. It seems she too was enjoying the company and due to societal reasons, she was not opening herself up. We reached the marriage hall and it was time for varmala. After that we and kids had dinner.

Kids were tired. So, they went to rest in a big hall on that floor where many other kids and elders were resting. The marriage ceremony was going to start after 2 hours. We had enough time. We chatted in the hall for some time. I went to see the kids what they are doing.

They had slept by the time. I put blankets on them. I told bhabhi that kids have slept in the big hall. After some time, I told her I will change my dress and will take rest in the room then will attend the ceremony.

Please wait for the next part to read how this time it turned into consensual intercourse. Meanwhile, please feel comfortable to share your feedback. Bhabhis and aunties are most welcome to connect through mail: [email protected]

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