Cuckolding My Wife To My Enemy

Hi, I’m Arjun, 35 years old. I’m using my wife Anjana’s profile to post this story of how my bully humiliated me by fucking my lovely wife. And I was the one cuckolding her. My wife has a lovely chubby body with curves to die for. Her figure is 34-28-32. Yes, her boobs and ass are huge and super sexy, and she is from Kerala.

Ramesh was my bully back in high school. He tormented me and humiliated me during my school days. After school got over, we never saw each other for 20 years. When my wife and I relocated to Bangalore, we both ran into Ramesh accidentally. He was the landlord of an apartment, and we decided to rent there.

He was a well-built man, tall, works out more often, and was recently divorced. When I heard that, I thought the bastard got what he deserved. He was very nice to us in the beginning. He helped us move our furniture. More than once, he even offered to pick up my wife from the office and drop her at our house.

He seemed nice. AT FIRST. 3 months later, he came to our house to get rent. I asked him to sit in the hall, and Anjana was preparing coffee. I gave the cash, and we were chatting. My smoking hot wife, Anjana, came out from the kitchen wearing a half saree with a low-cut blouse.

The curves on her stomach were visible. As she was serving coffee, she bent down and revealed her hot cleavage to Ramesh and me. It was accidental, I THOUGHT. As Anjana walks back into the kitchen, I noticed Ramesh watched her ass move.

Not only that, his right hand was rubbing his pants, where I can see his erect penis. I felt so ashamed. This bastard hasn’t changed at all.

“Your wife is an elegant woman,” he said.

“She is,” I said hastily. He then left, still getting a glimpse of Anjana working in the kitchen.

6 months after we moved in, I wasn’t able to pay the rent on time. Since we invested a lot of money in our dream house back in Kerala, I had some budget problems. I decided to speak to Ramesh about getting some time extension.

“Ramesh, I need some time to pay this month’s rent,” I said to him sadly.

“No worries, brother, just pay me back in some other way,” he said with a smirk on his face.

“I don’t follow,” I said.

“Listen, dude, let me sleep with your gorgeous wife once. You don’t have to pay rent for a month,” he said by stroking his dick inside his pants.

“What the hell, she is the love of my life,” I screamed.

“Either let me enjoy her once. Or you both pack up your things and stay on the road,” he said.

I had no other choice but to comply. I was ready to pimp my 25-year-old wife on my high school bully.

“But she won’t accept this,” I cried.

“Let me worry about that. I have a plan,” he said.

As per Ramesh’s plan, I told Anjana that I’m working on night shift on Saturday. I left home at 8 pm. Then I snuck up inside again without Anjana noticing. As per Ramesh’s instruction, I undressed completely naked and hid inside a large cupboard inside our bedroom.

From inside the cupboard, we can see our bed directly. As I was standing inside the cupboard, all naked, I heard my doorbell ring. It was surprising to see Anjana wearing her red half-saree that night.

Her cleavage was visible, and you can see her ass curves through her saree. Just looking at her made my cock erect.

She opened the door. It was Ramesh waiting outside. She invited him inside.

Anjana: Hey Ramesh, come in. sit down.

Ramesh: Thanks, dear. Love your saree.

Anjana: Thanks. My hubby bought it for me.

After some chit-chat, Anjana asked.

Anjana: Do you want anything?

Ramesh: Yes, baby. YOU.

The room was silent. My heart was pounding so fast. What the hell was happening outside? Both Ramesh and Anjana came inside the bedroom tangled between one another, with their lips interlocked and saliva dripping all over Anjana’s face.

Anjana: God, my body aches for you, Ramesh.

At that moment I realized, my wife has been cheating on me with Ramesh behind my back. Ramesh just wanted to show me how much of a whore my wife was.

They both were hugging each other, kissing and biting each other’s neck. Ramesh turned Anjana’s back towards the cupboard in which I was hiding. As he looked directly at me and smiled, his hands slowly reached towards Anjana’s plumpy ass.

As he started to squeeze, my wife left out a moan, “Aah, baby.”

For some reason, my dick became erect. Ramesh tore my wife’s blouse and bra, revealing her naked boobs. Her nipples were so hard and erect. He undressed her completely. There, my lovely wife was standing naked in front of my enemy, and I had no other option other than to watch.

“Ramesh, take off your shirt,” she said.

He obeyed her. His body was ripped, Anjana rubbed her hands in his chest.

“I wanna taste you, Daddy,” Anjana said to Ramesh.

Ramesh opened his zipper. Anjana knelt down in front of him like a cheap whore. He kissed her lips and said, “My sexy little slut, suck my dick dry.”

Anjana removed his briefs and, in an instant, put his 8-inch thick cock inside her mouth.

“Yes bitch, suck it, suck it like a good little whore,” he screamed as he grabbed my sweet wife’s hair tight.

After about 10 minutes of sucking, ” Ah, bitch, I’m gonna cum,” he moaned. He ejaculated all his cum inside her mouth. She did not spill a drop on the floor.

“God, that was tastier than my hubby’s,” Anjana smiled.

I was angry and aroused at the same time. He then carried my naked wife and threw her into our marital bed.

“I’m gonna fuck you as your loser husband has never fucked before,” he said.

Anjana smiled. They both got into the missionary position, and he never bothered to put on a condom. He spread my wife’s legs and, without any second thought, pushed his penis inside my wife’s already wet pussy.

“Ah, Daddy,” Anjana screamed.

I could not control myself. As I was standing naked, I started stroking my cock, listening to my enemy fucking my wife.

“Ah, baby, you’re so tight,” Ramesh said as he kept thrusting his cock inside my wife.

“Oh god, it hurts so much, but don’t stop,” she screamed.

“You whore, you like to cheat on your husband, huh,” he asked as he kept fucking.

“Yeah, of course,” she screamed.

“Do you know I used to bully your husband 20 years ago?” he said as he spread her legs even wider and penetrated even more.

“Oh, Yeah, I know, that’s why I love to fuck you,” she said as she was moaning.

I was so sad and horny at the same time. I kept stroking my penis.

“Baby, your hubby is a loser. You are so tight. Does he even fuck you?” he asked as he ruthlessly fucked my sweet wife.

“Yes. But you are far bigger than him,” she said as she hugged him and kept kissing his body.

About 20 minutes later.

“Oh, shit, baby, I think I’m going to cum,” Ramesh moaned.

Anjana took this opportunity. As they were in missionary position, she quickly grabbed Ramesh’s ass and pulled all of his cock inside her pussy.

“Fuck cum inside me, daddy,” she screamed as Ramesh shot all his cum inside my wife’s pussy. At that moment, I also orgasmed and shot my cum dripping in my legs.

Anjana quickly got up and sucked Ramesh’s cock to swallow any leftover cum on his penis. As she was sucking, Ramesh looked back into the cupboard and winked.

“That fucking bastard,” I thought.

They both cuddled up and slept in my bed as I slept inside the cupboard like a loser.

This is the story of how my wife started down her cuckold journey with me. 3 years later, my wife has fucked a lot of men with my knowledge. But her sex with my bully will forever be etched in my memory as both painful and pleasurable.

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I encourage her to have sex with other men, provided they both use proper protection. She will keep posting her wild experiences.

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