Cute Marwadi Girl Moans In Gents Trial Room

Hi all, I hope you all are having a great time reading all the amazing stories on ISS. I have been a fan of ISS for a long time now. Today I am sharing my first experiences with you all.

Now, I am here to share a couple of short but crazy instances in my life with all you readers. Please do note that these are real-life experiences and not a work of fiction.

I have to mention here before you start reading that my writing style involves a lot of non-sexual details. This is to help you all get involved in the story and form a good picture in your brain.

If you are the kind of reader who’s only looking for ‘fuck-bam-fuck’ right off the bat, then I apologize that this isn’t the story you are looking for. Have patience and enjoy the ride.

This happened a couple of years back. I was single and as I was new to Bangalore, I used to stay in a gent’s PG and days were dry and monotonous.

I had come across Tinder and wanted to try my luck. After a few days of relentless swiping, I’ve matched with a girl. Let’s call her ‘Aish’ (fake name).

She was 20 years old, a Marwadi girl doing her studies in Bangalore. She was pretty cool and a party kind of girl. We talked about lots of stuff (I am not going to bore you with details of that).

We seemed to have connected well, and one day, I asked her out and she agreed. We decided to meet in Garuda mall. It was a working day and she skipped college. I didn’t have much work at the office so we decided to meet at noon.

I was waiting on the ground floor and tried to reach her on the phone. There was some network issue or something but the call wasn’t going through. My mind on the other hand was making me crazy with assumptions and lots of good old, ‘what IFs..’

As I was doing that, I got a call, and it was Aish. I heaved a sigh of relief. Apparently, the Marwadi girl was in the mall before me and she was waiting for me. She told me that she was on the first floor. I went up to meet her.

Let me tell you more about Aish. She was very fair and beautiful. She had a good fashion sense and to top it off, she wore spectacles which gave her that innocent look (You all know what I’m talking about).

The Marwadi girl was around 5.3’-5.4’ tall. She had a great body. I didn’t ask her personally but I can guess she was around 32C-28-34. She wore a yellow top, black jeans, and sneakers and she was looking sexy.

One thing I have to point out is, that she had got wide hips which complimented well with her sexy ass.

So, we met and she gave me a hug, and we said our greetings. She had a very pleasant voice which I found attractive. She said that she wanted to do some shopping. I accompanied her to ‘Shopper’s Stop’.

Since we were there, I thought I would also look through and buy some clothes for myself. I picked a couple of tees and pants. We went to different trial rooms to try out our new clothes.

Since she had picked just one or two clothing for trial, she finished first and called out to me, asking where I was?

I was in the men’s trial room trying my picks. She said that she was done with her trial. I asked her to come to the men’s trial section.

The men’s trial room in Shopper’s Stop didn’t restrict women from coming inside. There were seats and chairs for people to wait in.

The Marwadi girl came and sat outside my trial room. This particular trial space was in reverse ‘L’ shape and I was in the last room. Since it was a weekday, no one was there in the trail room. Security was also lax as no one was overseeing it.

She was waiting for me outside the room. I tried a shirt and wanted to show it to her, so I came out to show it to her. She liked the shirt on me and gave me good compliments.

I don’t know why, but while I was showing the new shirt to her, I noticed that the trial room was literally empty, and my lips formed an involuntary evil grin complimenting my thoughts at that moment.

Oh, I forgot to mention that after the initial meet, and once we got comfortable with each other, we started flirting and occasional hand-touches with my hands on her waist. We were pretty open and comfortable with each other by then.

I went inside the room thinking of the possible crazy fantasy everyone has. I decided to put it in action. I opened the door without wearing any shirt.

I am a fit guy, and workout sometimes although not to the point of having a ripped body, but I have been told that I have a good chest and shoulders.

She was wide-eyed when she saw me that way, and couldn’t say anything. Taking this opportunity in her absent-mindedness, I went near and held her hand and pulled her inside and locked the door.

She came back to her senses and asked,

Aish – What are you doing?! What if someone sees us?

Me – You felt the same sexual tension as I did ever since we’ve met, or else you wouldn’t flirt with me all the while.

Aish – I’m still worried, what if we get caught?

I then realized to my surprise, that she wasn’t opposed to this, but was just worried about getting caught. I have to be honest, guys, I was very nervous when I pulled her inside. I wasn’t sure if she was into it or maybe she would slap me and leave. I guess, I have to thank my lucky stars.

Me – Don’t worry. I’ve checked it and there is no one here and not even any security.

I put my hands on her waist and pulled her closer. The cute Marwadi girl’s boobs are pressing against my chest. I can feel the softness of them. I just moved and kissed her tender lips.

Though she tried to push me for a couple of seconds, she eventually let her inhibitions go, and got involved in the act. And that was the trigger that lit the spark to blazing flames.

I kissed her lips with my arms around her waist, and slowly pushed her against the door and moved my hand on her hips, and squeezed them a bit.

I broke the kiss and started kissing her neck while my hands moved on her ass. I got to say that this Marwadi babe had got one hell of an ass, so soft, bubbly, and firm.

I squeezed them and spread those ass cheeks a little while I bit her lower lip. She gave a faint, pained yet pleasured moan.

Then I moved my right hand from her ass to on her boobs and started pressing them slowly. I never stopped kissing her lips and neck, while my hands moved all over her body. I started to get rough with her boobs as time went on and we were at the peak of bliss at that moment.

I moved my other hand from her ass, and now both my hands were fully at work, playing with her boobs over her top. I then started kissing her neck and slowly started reaching her boobs. I pulled down her tee a little bit with my forefinger and licked her cleavage and kissed her upper part of her boobs.

Now, I so badly wanted to rip her top and wanted her boobs in my mouth.

I was pulling her tee down to the tearing point, she hit my head and said:

Aish – You are going to tear it. Lift up my shirt if you want to..

She trailed off with her words but I understood and I could see that she was looking at me expectantly. I slid my hand inside her tee and then slowly lifted it up.

She was wearing a black bra and it was cute with little flowery designs, but at that moment, it didn’t matter. I just pulled her bra down and there it was the long-awaited moment.

As I said before, the young Marwadi girl was very fair and she maintained herself well. So, she had got a great skin, smooth as silk and her nipples are light brown.

The moment her boobs are out in the open, I just pounced on them like a hungry beast, and started to suck her boobs with full ferocity. She had to push me a bit so that I don’t hurt. I came to my senses.

Then I slowly started to lick her nipples with my tongue tip. I was occasionally sucking her boobs, while my other hand got busy squeezing her boobs. It formed an odd yet satisfying rhythm which she’s enjoying, all the while releasing faint moans.

(If you ladies are reading this, let me tell you guys to love moans. It makes us go crazy. Moans don’t have to be only the ones we see in porn. But a guy can tell a satisfying moan from a pretentious one. If you want to make your guy go crazy in bed, moans are one way to do it.)

I constantly switched between her boobs and was just enjoying myself at the moment.

Her hands were in my hair and she was pushing me hard onto her boobs giving me the signal to go a bit rough, and that was what I did. I started to squeeze them hard and sucked half of her boob inside my mouth.

As I was playing with her boobs for some time, I wanted to explore further, so I moved my hand onto her jeans and removed the buttons. Then I slid my hand inside her panties. Man-oh-man, she was so wet. She apparently likes to keep herself clean most of the time.

I started moving my fingers on her pussy, while I keep sucking her boobs. Her breathing became very heavy so were her moans. I slowly slid my finger inside her pussy, and started fingering her. Her hips are moving in a strange rhythm, which was enchanting.

I stopped sucking the Marwadi beauty’s boobs, and looked into her eyes, and going faster with my fingers. I could see she was trying hard not to moan loudly and even biting her lips.

It was so hot, the way she was biting her lips and gasping for air. It only made me go crazy. I moved my other hand onto her neck and slowly started choking her.

I moved my lips closer, and we started kissing again. It was very different from the first time we kissed. It was more vigorous and wild. She bit my lower lip, and just wouldn’t let go.

I was not sure when it happened, but I realized that her hand had moved to my crotch area, and she had started caressing my dick. I moved closer to her ear and told her to pull it out. She looked at me as if telling me she understood and pulled my zipper down.

And there it was, my dick out in the open with her hands roaming all around it. She got smooth hands, and it was a wonderful feeling.

She started giving me a hand-job and I was with my hands, one playing with her wet pussy and the other squeezing her boobs. I wanted to taste her pussy.

I was about to pull her hands down but she was still afraid about anyone walking in on us so we just enjoyed that for some time.

Then we came out of the trial room. We are so lucky that no one came to check on us, and we spent a good amount of 15-20 minutes inside.

The very same day, we both went to the scary house in the mall. We made out, and I sucked her boobs but we didn’t do as much time in there as in the trial room.

We had like 3-5 minutes there and then had to leave. It was unfortunate, that we both were staying in PG and didn’t have a place to explore more. We could have done more than that.

We never met again after that, as she got into a relationship and I was busy with my life. But it was one of the best and crazy experiences in my life.

I thank you so much, all the readers who read to the end. I appreciate your patience. I hope you enjoyed reading it.

I’ll pen down more instances later. Please do send your feedback or any changes that I should make to my writing style. I would very much appreciate it.

If any of you out there are interested to share your own experiences but are not sure where or how to start, I can help you write it for you and post it in your stead.

You can get in touch with me on hangouts. My ID is: [email protected]

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