Unsatisfied Widow Maid Becomes My Sex Angel

Hi naughty guys and girls, how are you all? I have been an active reader in ISS since 2009 and finally decided to break the ice by writing my first story that has happened in 2018.

My name is Darshan and 29 years software engineer residing in Bangalore and I am from Kakinada, I am on a dusky side in color with an athletic body, 5.10 height, and with 7-inch thick dick.

Alright, no more wasting your time.

I was staying in a rented single room in a middle-class locality in Bangalore. I never interacted with owners during the first 6 months of my stay. One day I happened to cross my owner aunty (she is not important here), and she initiated some random discussion and inquired about my cooking and washing routines.

I expressed my struggles with cooking and washing, and she immediately suggested their maid (the main heroine of the story) and she told me she will talk to her maid.

The next day afternoon, someone knocked on my door. I opened it. She introduced herself as Kalpana and she was in her middle age (around 36) and 5.3 height with a fair complexion and protruding breasts. She had a body figure that can make any man horny.

The maid wore her saree like a posh family woman. And the naughty person in me was celebrating and my dick stood like an electric pole! Luckily, I covered it with my long t-shirt.

After finalizing the monthly salary, the new maid said that she will continue from Monday onward.

Kalpana started working as usual and for the first 30 days, nothing exciting has ever happened. I lost all hopes as she behaved very much tough and I didn’t wanna take any chances. So, I kept myself in a calmer state.

One day the maid wanted to wash clothes and the detergent was over. She informed me about that.

I went to the shop and purchased it and gave it to her. By that time, the maid was pre-soaking the clothes in water. Both her saree and blouse were completely wet.

I could clearly see the housemaid’s protruding boobs with a tiny part of the black nipple surface. I was astonished to see such a show and couldn’t take my eyes from the sight.

After the maid noticed me looking at her, she immediately adjusted her pallu and glared at me with a little anger. I immediately came to my senses and went back to my place.

After she left, I masturbated almost 5 times imagining her.

From then onward, I changed the way I looked at my maid. I was eagerly waiting for the right time to grab Kalpana and fuck her with the utmost pleasure. My thirst for experiencing her body was growing every day.

The next day, my maid was cooking some non-veg curry for me and her hand got slightly burnt due to excess flame. She shouted and I immediately ran towards her.

I took her hand, applied some ointment, and gave her some first aid medicines. I asked her to relax and leave the cooking part for the day.

That was when we both initiated our first discussion. I inquired about her personal life and she told me she was a widow and she had two kids. She was working for her kid’s educational needs and cried while recollecting her lost husband’s memories.

I don’t know how to react but held her hand and consoled her till she became normal. But my fear didn’t allow me to take the next step on her.

From that incident onward, Kalpana changed her behavior towards me. She was talking to me in a more friendly way. Her dressing style changed and most of the time she was showing her assets. This continued for a while and I was desperately waiting for a great chance with her.

The next day, my widow maid wore a thin transparent light green saree with some flowers on it and a dark green blouse. I could see her white bra clearly through it. Instantly, my dick formed a hard-on seeing her! I smiled with a quirk on it and welcomed her. Her fragrances created sexual arousal in me and I couldn’t control it anymore.

I started inquiring about her new attire and she told me it was her birthday. Immediately, I shook her hands and passed my birthday wishes.

I was continuously staring at my maid’s eyes and there the conversation started.

She: What’s the matter? Why are you staring at me like that?

Me: Your saree is looking awesome.

She: Thank you.

Me: Your blouse is looking nice. Especially the curves inside the pallu..!

She was silent with no expression on her face.

Me: You are looking beautiful and sexy.

She: How dare you are talking to me like that?! I never thought you would speak to me like that.

Me: Initially, I too never thought about it, but slowly generated feelings on you. Especially I love your boobs and back part. That makes me crazy every day.

She: I am leaving, I don’t want to work for you anymore.

But I held her hand, and pulled her towards me, and kissed her lips while tightly hugging her. She was slightly trying to get away but she never shouted at me.

I locked my maid’s lips. This time, she started co-operating passionately. I was a bit surprised and shocked by her reaction. After 15 minutes, we broke our long kiss and she revealed her side-story.

Kalpana revealed the fact that, from the beginning itself she was feeling attracted toward me. And that day, she was prepared to experience everything.

After listening to that, I kissed my maid hard and pulled her towards me. I made sure her boobs pressed against my chest. I started pressing her buttocks.

The maid got more aroused from that and was pressing my back with her nails. We both twisted our tongues against each other and were swallowing each other’s saliva.

I bit on her neck and she was moaning softly. Then I turned around her and took the servant’s breasts in my hand. I pressed them on top of her saree and simultaneously bit her neck and back. She moaned this time.

After almost 10 minutes of foreplay, I took her saree pin from the pallu and slowly removed it. Now I saw her sexy boobs and noticed her erect nipples. With my fingers, I pinched them softly and she immediately felt a current through her body and held my hands tightly

I continued pressing the maid’s boobs from the blouse and slowly led her to the bed.

We both sat on the bed. I placed my hands again on her boobs and started pressing them. She closed her eyes and was enjoying my touch.

Finally, I removed my widow maid’s saree completely and saw a green petticoat.

I turned her to the other side of the bed and started kissing from her toes. I licked her skin while I was pinching her waist. She felt ticklish. She was reacting in a rhythm and with soft moans.

Then I lifted the maid’s petticoat and kissed her thighs. I could see her floral designed pantie. I touched her love-hole from the pantie and it felt wet. I inhaled the aroma of the pantie and it took me to the next level of the aroused state.

I licked from the top of the pantie. She was trying to stop me due to the excess pleasure. But I continued to finger her love hole from the side of the pantie.

After some time, I removed my maid’s pantie and put my finger in her love hole. I felt a wet volcano. I fingered it for some time and licked my finger. Wow, what a taste! It was a mixed seductive taste blended with salt and vaginal juices.

After some time, I decided to use my tongue against her love hole. I started licking my widow maid’s vaginal walls first. That pungent taste aroused me to the core.

Kalpana was pulling my hair with force, but I continued to lick her vagina. And in between, she released her excess vaginal precum and I drank it all.

Finally, she orgasmed and released all her juices. My mouth was overflown and I felt suffocated. But I managed to drink it all.

Then I moved up and removed the maid’s blouse and bra. I started sucking her dark brown nipples. During this time, I managed to take her hand and keep it on my dick.

Kalpana started stroking my dick slowly and started teasing my dick tip with her fingers. Wah, what a pleasure!

I asked her to give me a blowjob but she was reluctant and she told me that she had never done it in her life.

I told her, “You will love it once you experience it”. Somehow Kalpana was convinced but was afraid to take the initiative. So I held her head and took it towards my dick and put my dick near her mouth. The amateur maid started licking my dick’s tip first and then went back.

I asked her to try it again. This time, she managed to lick my dick and that was when my dick felt the best pleasure ever. A different feeling. A warm wet mouth wrapped around my dick giving the best oral pleasure!

After a few minutes, the maid managed to stroke my dick with her mouth. I couldn’t control it anymore and I released my juices. She took out her mouth immediately as it was her first blow job experience.

Then we both adjusted at the corner of the bed. I talked something naughty while seductively teasing her private parts. After some time, my dick again came back to its normal position.

I pulled Kalpana again and started chewing her lips. Slowly, my widow maid spread her legs and asked me to put my dick in her love hole.

I took both her legs in my hands and put them on my shoulder. I slowly inserted my dick into Kalpana’s vagina and she shouted with pain. But I stroked it hard to give way for my dick. I stroked her hard while pressing her boobs. In between, we changed position and tried again. Finally, we both were tired and lied next to each other.

We slept for 1 hour due to tiredness. She wore her saree again and rushed home.

From then onward, we continued fucking each other for almost 6 months. Then I left for Hyderabad due to my job change. We both are in contact to date and recollect our old fucking memories.

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