My Ex-Girlfriend Becomes My Mistress – Part 2

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In the coming week, Jasmine would move to Chennai and stay with her uncle’s family. She joined and was elated to start working in such a company. We often used to hang out with each other, have lunch together, etc.

After 15 days or so, I told her that some female colleagues share an apartment, and there is a vacancy. She jumped on the opportunity and moved closer to the office. This gave us more time to spend with each other.

The only drawback was I was on the night shift, and she was on the day shift. But still, we managed to hang out.

One Friday evening, she said that all her flatmates had left town. She has the whole apartment to herself. So she said to complete my work and reach her apartment by 3 AM. I did the same and reached her apartment. This was our first encounter in private. She was so excited about this sneaking past.

She was wearing extremely small grey color shorts and a white crop top just below her breasts. She came and sat on top me of me in a cowgirl manner. She hugged me and pressed my face onto her boobs. I hugged her back and enjoyed the warmth of her breasts.

She released my head and bent down to kiss me. She started slowly and steadily, and as time progressed, it became more intimate and passionate. Finally, she slowly started to grind her ass against my groin area.

We broke the kiss. In one swift action, she removed my t-shirt, and I removed her crop top. We continued with the kissing and with the occasional kissing of her neck on her cleavage. She would occasionally kiss my ears and lick them.

Not sure what magic she had, but every time she did that, it would make my dick twitch. She was wearing a black color sports bra. So I just removed it. In the same manner, I removed her crop top and released her boobs. I held each boob and squeezed them gently.

She just threw her head back, enjoying the squeeze. I teased her erect nipples one by one. I was licking them, sucking them, gently biting them, rubbing them between my fingers. While I was doing all this, she was enjoying all the attention being given to her.

I gestured to her move over. She moved and sat on the sofa next to me. I stood up, moved in front of her, knelt down before her and spread her legs, and moved in between them. I bent over and kissed her and continued downwards. Her lips, her chin, her neck, her cleavage, between her boobs, on her stomach.

I stopped at her belly button, blew air gently, and kissed the belly button. I could sense there was a slight shiver while I was doing that. I continued to kiss her fleshy navel. Instead of going towards her pussy, I kissed her inner thighs. She was losing control of herself. I could feel that in her actions.

She was squeezing the sofa fabric hard. I teased her a lot by ignoring her pussy. I tried to pull her shorts down. She raised her hips, and I pulled her shorts and panty down slowly. Her pussy was leaking with all her fluids. Her violet-colored panty had a big wet spot.

The lips of her pussy were also wet. I lifted her legs and pulled her closer to me, and adjusted her hips in such a way that I had better access to her pussy. I asked her to place her legs on my shoulders. I bent forward and kissing her navel and slowly went downwards.

Simultaneously, I held her boobs and was squeezing them. I was kissing and moving downwards towards her pussy. I had some hair on it. I kissed the top, either side of the pussy lips, the slit of her pussy, the bottom part of her pussy. Using my left hand, I opened her pussy lips and gave her clit a gentle lick.

She had already lost control. I started to eat her pussy gently. The pussy was warm and overflowing with all her juices. I licked her pussy clean and continued to do so for some time. She started to press my head against her pussy and was also grinding her pussy against my face.

I could sense she had two orgasms. After the second orgasm, I just looked at her, and she was panting and sweating. Finally, she said enough and told me to come to sit next to her. She took her crop top wiped her pussy first, and then my face.

While we were sitting next to each other on the sofa, she managed to catch her breath. She leaned towards me and rested her head on my right shoulder. She put her right hand on my zip, opened it, and put her hand inside to feel my cock. She told me to remove my pant.

I removed it and put it on the sofa along with her clothes. She saw the tent my had cock created in my boxers and giggled at it. She held my left hand, pulled me in front of her. She sat up straight, and my erect cock was right in front of her face.

She pointed to the massive wet spot on the boxer. She kissed that and inhaled it. She pulled my boxers down slowly. While doing this, she maintained her eye contact with me completely. My rock hard was pulsating and twitching and their precum on the tip.

She gave my cock a good look and said it is big. She caught hold of my cock with her left hand, stroked it gently, pulled the foreskin back to expose my shining pink head. She licked the head clean. She again looked up into my eyes. She started to suck my cock.

Less than half my cock could fit in her mouth. She did what she could manage. I loved it. I did not press her head against mine to push my cock deeper. I let her do it at her pace. She would suck for some time and stroke it sometime.

She would take my cock with both her hands to measure me and stroke me using both hands. Using her left hand, she would push my cock against my stomach. Doing this would reveal my balls. She would massage them occasionally.

Then she got down to business. She started to suck me hard and stroke me hard. Not sure how long she was doing it. But I said in a controlled manner, “I am going to cum.” She continued sucking. She probably could guess when I was going to cum.

The climax was building, and I could not hold it any longer. My first squirt of cum was into her mouth, and she pulled it out immediately. The rest of it hit her breasts.

She said, “Your cum is thick and warm,” and continued stroking it a little more. She could feel my cock go from rock hard to soft and limp. She signaled me to me sit next to her. I sat next to her, took her crop top, and wiped her lips and breast clean, drenched with my cum.

She lay down on the sofa and pulled me too. We were naked, our warm bodies touching each other. The smell of sweat, my cum, and her cum had filled the entire place. We were cuddling each other and kissing each other. She got up and tied up her hair into a bun, and checked the time.

It was close to 4.30 AM. She said, “Please leave soon before the house owner wakes up.” She hurried me up. She put her crop top and shorts on and came to close. Before I left, I kissed her once and went silently from there.

That weekend we went to the beach, had dinner outside. Then, I dropped her at her apartment and went back home. Such meetings became more and more regular. I would sneak into her apartment when no one was there, have some foreplay and leave.

Sometimes, if we felt horny, I would tell her to go home late. That time I would borrow my friend’s car, which had the dark tinted glass. We would drive to the highway, find a dark and lonely spot and make out in the car. Those moments of car sex with Jasmine were awesome.

Till then, we never fucked each other. But, we were getting more and more comfortable with each other. That day was not far when we were going to fuck each other.

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