Finally With My Hot Mother-In-Law

My hot mother-in-law was lying in her bed. Wearing a blue chudi. It was too tight for her. Her huge breasts sticking out. They were popping out of her bra to show themselves to me. She didn’t hesitate to bend and show her goods.

She would lie on the bed on her belly with her ass on top. I was very horny at this sight and had my hard-on all the time. She could clearly see my hard-on as I walked in front of her so many times.

In the beginning, I was hesitant to walk inside her room. I walked only near her, making excuses to visit her in the room. Every visit I made, she showed me her boobs. I’d see it come out and stroke myself. Trying to make her see me stroking. She saw but pretended to not see.

At last, I lost my control. I just wanted to climb on top of my mother-in-law and start fucking. But I still took it slow. I slowly started to go near her room. I slowly stepped inside and asked, “Is it OK if I walk here?” She said, “OK.” I slowly began walking. Initially taking long walks to visit her room a few times.

Then I reduced the walk outside and made it mostly inside. I had a huge hard-on all the time with her knowing it. We both stared at each other so many times. I would stare at her body every passing time. Check out her huge ass, her fatty thighs, bulky back, and boobs pressed against the bed.

She didn’t hesitate to show. She laid there talking on the phone to someone. I was just losing it every time. At last, she got off the phone. With one or two phony walks, I dared myself and asked where her legs hurt. She got up, cleared her clothes, and told me where her leg hurt.

It was near her ankles and towards her knees. I didn’t touch her and tried to tell her a few things to reduce the pain. This was the one chance I had to touch her. If I just walked without doing anything, it would be hard to try again. I had to go for it.

Once I touched her, it would be easy to continue. The first barrier is the hardest. I made myself go for it. I asked her if she wanted me to massage it. She declined. She said, “Absolutely not!”I didn’t stop.

I forced myself to say I don’t mind and asked her to lie down the way she was and not worry about anything. I got my chance. I gently pressed her ankles. I asked how it feels. She said it hurts. I said I understand and asked her to lie down while I massage some more. I pressed her ankle more.

After a few times, she let out a light moan. It was more of a sex noise than pain. She was a big attention seeker all her life, making noises like this all the time. I now did the same for another ankle. I tried to press on her ankles and her toes. I continued massaging for a while. Making her feel good.

She said to stop as she was feeling better. But am I a fool to do so? I asked her now to tell anyone about this because of our relationship, and she agreed. I now slowly started making it up to her calf. I massaged her soft old calf. Tucking in her lower leg from time to time to stretch it out.

I did a few times. The heat was on. We were both feeling more than just massage. Her body felt warm. I stretched more and more. Lightly touching her thighs. I moved up towards the back of her knees. She felt good and led out few more moans. With every massage, I’d move a little up.

Her thighs were enormous—fat, of course. I could not hold them with both of my hands. She tried to stop me from understanding where this was headed. But I didn’t back down one bit. I was now properly massaging her thighs, clearly seeing the top of her ass and slightly widened crotch.

I asked her to relax and assured her that the pain would go away. I massaged her thigh vigorously to try to touch her vagina from the outside. I was successful in touching inside her thighs. We were both horny and knowing about it. Now I was basically caressing just below her buttocks, touching her deep.

Every time I went inside, she lifted her ass up high. We both were still acting like we were just massaging. I was touching her ass with my wrists as I ‘massaged’ her thighs. As I moved up, I didn’t have a place to sit next to her. So, I tried to move up a little. But her hand was in the way.

I gently lifted her hand, moved a little up, and kept her hand on my thighs gently. Next to my thigh is my bulging manhood which was about to erupt. There was a small thin layer of shorts between her hand and my hard-on. If I came, it would be on the back of her hand.

As I did that, I now moved directly on to massage as ass as if it was no big deal. The moment I touched her, she jerked. She was afraid but didn’t stop me from going any further. I continued as though I was giving her a massage. I continued gently pressing and caressing her ass.

Knowing what I was doing, she would clench and release her ass to make my job easier. I planted both my thumbs deep in the cavity of her asshole through her pants. And gently started massaging. I could not take it anymore. I was going up and down, kneading her ass touching near her vagina.

I stopped massaging and basically started pressing her ass sexually. She now knew I was not playing anymore, and I was going for it. She acted like she’s struggling to get out. But the struggle was not sincere neither did it work. On my thigh, the back of her palm was properly lodged next to my hard-on.

Properly touching it. Every time she struggled to get out or moved, her hand brushed against me. I gently planted a kiss on her ass while caressing it thoroughly. I was touching everywhere down. Now I gently moved up to her hips, lifting her chudi and seeing her naked body for the first time.

I was touching her fat hips. She was old and not fit. The plump hips gave me hard on a second boost slapping her hand. Now she was well aware that her hand is touching my hard-on and hesitated for a second. I didn’t want to bring it back to touch me. I wanted her to want it.

Biting her plump hips, I was carefully moving up. Almost climbing on top of her, I was reaching for the bra. Instead of playing on the back, I went directly to her breasts. I had always dreamed of playing with these breasts. They were huge, 38 at least. Saggy, as I had seen earlier.

I thought I’d be playing with them on the bra. But they were out! Although she had not unhooked her bra, her breasts were out. Only one thought came to my mind, and I could not stop asking her. “Did you pulled these out so I could see your pokies?”

She moaned, “No!”

“You wanted me to see it, no? I could see them through your clothes. They are so big. You are so hot. I always wanted to do this.”

She moaned, “Stop. Please don’t! Let’s stop.”

I objected, “Don’t you want to do it? Are you satisfied? This is one time I wanna do it. Come on, don’t worry about anyone. This is not wrong.”

She just kept telling me to stop. I wasn’t going to. I bit her on the back. She was a big girl. Not super clean but still desirable. I caressed her breasts, pinching on her tits. Hard! She moaned. Trying to stop me. But I wasn’t going to let her go.

After a while of playing with her boobs, I moved back down, this time inside her pants and panties directly on her ass. Playing and biting on her ass, I pulled down half of her pants. I then realized this dirty whore didn’t wear panties. I widened her ass cheeks to find her hairy asshole.

It was smelly yet delicious looking. I wanted to insert my tongue right into her stink hole. But now, I was facing the hardest resistance from her. Although she wasn’t fighting back to get out of there, she was not letting me eat my hunt. I batted away her hands many times to try and eat her out.

But finally lost my cool and grabbed her hands by one hand and widened her ass from another hand. She was losing her mind just from this. I smelled her stinky shit-pipe. She realized what I was doing and tried to stop me from doing so. The stench of her sweat, juices, and shit mixed and hit me.

Although it was not pleasant, I was enthralled by it because of my raging thirst for her body. I wanted to call her swine. I did in many of my fantasies. I had hit her, cum on her, peed on her, slapped every inch of her body with my hand multiple times in my mind. I always wanted to realize these wild fantasies.

This was a wild side of me even I didn’t know about. I had always been the nicest guy being helpful and kind to everyone. But in my fantasies, I wanted to get all my rage out. I treated my wife like a queen and never did anything bad to her. The problem is she’s not very sexually aroused a lot.

We have great sex when we do, but nothing adventurous. But this woman is my ticket to Ecstasy Town. I wanted to torment her. And something told me she was a masochist who would enjoy all the heinous things I did to her. Slap her, cum on her, pee on her, choke her, call her bad words.

I wanted to show her off on the internet. And make other men call her disgusting names. I wanted to make her show herself to the world, and I knew she was a deviant to enjoy that. After I smelled her asshole, I slapped twice very hard on her ass. It made a loud noise.

The noise would have almost been less than the moan she gave. This masochist enjoys the pain. Acting as though she hates it. I bit her on the ass. Then widened her asshole again. This time I slightly licked the wall adjacent to her asshole. It tasted salty and sour at the same time.

The moment I did that, she got her hands out of my lock and pushed my head back in embarrassment. I slapped her back on her ass. How dare she stop me from enjoying my meal? I again went back to her asshole. I licked it like it was Ice cream from one end to another, tasting her salty asshole.

She pulled her ass towards me, making me move away. I locked both her hands back and got another lick of her dark hairy asshole. This made her lose her mind, and she let out a big moan. I was scared the neighbors would hear her. I licked away my heart’s content while slapping her ass.

The whore let out more and more moans like she was being hit. She had stopped resisting. And I was just getting started. I had seen all of her many times while changing. Even her pubic hair, but never her vagina. I was dying to see it. I assumed it would be old and saggy. Maybe even dry. But still, I wanted it.

I removed her pants down to her kneed and tucked her top up so I could see most of her back. I put my one hand down. I touched her pubic hair. Now my hand lodged firmly on the top of her lips, covering almost half of it with my fingers. I lifted her ass up with one hand.

Surprisingly she was in on it. There was no resistance, and she put her hip up just so I could see her vagina.

Behold! I had what I wanted for a long time. Her vagina was wet. She probably was hungrier than me, I thought. It was old as I expected. As I expected, it was loose. I put two of my fingers in. She let out a gasping moan. I thought I should put some more lubricant.

And I spat on her vagina lips. I spat on my fingers and put it back inside. Gently touching the top of her insides, I went a little deep and came out. I did it again. And again. And again. Going as deep as I can. It was wide. I had a fantasy to shove my whole wrist in there.

I thought I could make that happen. I spat on it again and pursued fingering her thoroughly. While she did that, I took her hand and put it just below my belly button and above my hard-on. Her hand instantly slid down. My hard-on ricocheted like a bell.

She came back. Caressing me. Playing and bending my manhood while I fingered her. She slid her hands down my shorts. Her warm but rough hands held me. I was very happy. She had me in her hands, playing while letting out moans of joy.

Removing her pants completely, I made her sit like a dog showing me her vagina. I came behind her and smelled her – the stench of sweat and strong urine. I didn’t hesitate to eat her out and simply planted the entirety of my mouth onto her lips.

This was our first kiss. Not mouth to mouth. She splurted some creamy goodness from her vagina. Mixing with my saliva, I thought I can shove my arm up easily into that loose vagina. I drank her for a while, slapping her. She moaned and moaned with joy.

I stopped and came around to show her my hard-on. I whipped out. I shoved her into her mouth as I didn’t care about her feelings. She didn’t resist. I pumped and drilled my way into her mouth. Touching the back of her throat and making her gag. She spat out saliva mixed with my cum.

I slapped on her cheeks with my manhood. She laughed and held it in her hand. Stroked a few times. I came back to fuck her in the doggy style. I inserted myself in, and it slid so easily. She let out another big loud moan. She got up on her knees with me in her and kissed me. She held my head with her hands.

I ran my hands through her hands. Reaching her slightly hairy armpits. She felt ticklish and fell back down, pushing her butt to swallow me whole. I slapped and slapped. I bit and bit. I fucked and fucked. Her wide pussy took me in as I belonged there. Pumping and drilling the fuck out of her.

At last, I came. I took it out and jizzed on her back. I didn’t hold back and made it rain with cum all over her ass and back. Some of it hit her hair. I pumped myself back in a few times. She laid down on her stomach on the bed. I fell on top of her with cum sticking to me.

We rested without taking for a while. I knew it was about to get awkward. I didn’t say anything to her. I took her face in my hands and kissed her gently. She didn’t say much. We took a shower and got clothed.

The rest of the day, we walked awkwardly around each other. In time we forgot all about it with few beautiful memories. But we both knew we wanted more. I had to turn my fantasy into reality. Now we had to wait for another chance to get alone time with just her. I didn’t know when that would be, but we waited calmly.

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