Honeymoon With My Cousin: Sex With A Crush On The Beach

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A brief recap, I am Tamanna honeymooning with my cousin in Phuket. There is another college mate of ours called Arpit in the same hotel. Arpit is enjoying his intern (Ishika) in the same hotel. Arpit has yet not seen me and believed that Vinay is married to some hot girl (yes, that’s me)

This is my new incident on our honeymoon.

As you know by now, our wakeup routine was fixed in general, where I had to wake him up. One day after having a long night session, I was late in waking up. When I woke up, he was taking a bath. I realized that he must be up for quite some time.

He must have tried to awaken me as I was lying nude without sheets. Deep in guilt, I tried to amend my mistake. As soon as he was out of the bathroom, I walked towards him and said sorry. I sat down on my knees and said it won’t happen again.

I lowered his boxers and started licking his dick and balls. Soon it was up again, and I gave him a nice morning blowjob. He cummed soon, and I drank all of it.
I then went to the bathroom and finished my daily chores.

Before taking a bath, I asked him whether he would like to do me in the shower and forgive me for waking up after him. He denied. So I took a long shower and came out draped in the towel. I did not wipe myself because I wanted him to see me wet and do me if he was not angry anymore.

I started teasing him in the towel. Before he said something, the hotel bell rang. I thought he must have ordered breakfast. To tease him more, I dared to open the door while in the towel. I forgot to check through the peephole. When I opened the door, I was shocked. It was not the hotel staff but Arpit.

I closed the door at once, but he recognized me in one glance. He shouted, “Tamanna, you are with your cousin!” Vinay opens the door now. Vinay opened the door. Arpit and Ishiqa came inside and took the chairs. Vinay sat on the sofa, and I was standing there in a towel as if to be judged in a fashion show.

I was embarrassed to be there in such a condition. Arpit was curious to know how we were here on our honeymoon and whether our parents knew about this. Vinay told the truth and said that we were practicing our honeymoon, and our parents do not know about it. Vinay asked Arpit not to tell them.

After a few minutes of conversation, Arpit revealed that he had a huge crush on me. Vinay nodded, “Yes, she was the hottest girl in the entire college.” Then laughed that she has become so hot now that even her cousin cannot control it.

Arpit acknowledged that yes, Tamanna has become hotter now.  He recalled how he once tried to touch me in a crowded bus. He was lucky to be seated next to me a couple of times on the bus.

He said that one of the reasons he scored low in the exam was that I was in the same room. He would waste time outlining my curves and wait to see me tying my hair in between exams. Arpit then asked me to tie my hair so that he could see it once more.

Vinay signaled me to do as Arpit says, for we were in trouble now. I obliged. I took a hairdryer and dried my hair in front of Arpit while being in a towel. Then I came to him and tied my hair. Arpit was pleased to see his crush doing what he wanted. I could sense a little bulge over his pants.

He did not hesitate to comment: Tamanna, you are too hot now. Any man would die for you.

Vinay smiled and replied, “That’s why even her cousin is doing her day in and night out.”

Arpit: I realized that in the first meeting when I saw her in a saree.

Vinay: You must have checked her out thoroughly.

Arpit: Yes, as much as I could, but it was a short sight.

Vinay: Oh, poor you. You were not satisfied that day.

Arpit: Let’s do one thing. We all go to Phuket beach this evening and let Tamanna satisfy my eyes.

Me: We have some plans for today evening.

I tried to reject the offer.

Arpit: Come on, Tamanna, you can do me this favor for keeping your secret

Vinay signaled me to agree. Arpit and Ishiqa left after that. I was still standing there in shock. Vinay tried to convince me to bear Arpit, for he now knows our secret.

In the evening, Ishiqa came to our room. She said Arpit was waiting in the car and Vinay should join him, so Vinay left. She also said that we two should get dressed for the beach. I was wearing shorts and a top. But she opened her bag and said that Arpit has decided on another set of clothes.

I asked if he wants to check me out in clothes of his choice. She just smiled and said nothing. She opened the bag and took out 4 single pieces of clothes, much thin like a dupatta. She said pink ones are hers and blue ones are mine.

She removed her clothes and undergarments in no time. She draped a dupatta over her breast and another one over her thighs. She was wearing those two thin, almost transparent clothes. She asked me to do the same.

I looked at the clothes. One of the dupattas was cut to make my strapless blouse with a knot at the back. Another one was to mimic a mini skirt with a knot at the side to reveal the entire left thigh. I was shocked but did as she said. We then wore jackets to conceal our bodies in the hotel.

She also brought two sunglasses which we put on. We reached the car, and Arpit was in the driving seat, and Vinay was in the other front seat. Ishiqa reached the car first. She removed her jacket, handed it over to Vinay, and then took a seat behind Vinay.

She seemed comfortable in that clothing. I was expected to do the same. I went to Arpit’s door, removed my jacket while he was staring at me like a hungry dog, and then sat in the seat behind him. I kept my head low. He adjusted the car’s mirror to view me exclusively.

I was surprised to see that Vinay was staring at the Ishiqa now. After around 15 minutes of the silent journey, we reached the beach. Vinay and Arpit came out and opened the door for us. Vinay opened the door for Ishiqa, and Arpit opened the door for me. He kept staring at me while I kept my head down.

We had a 5-10 minute walk towards the beach. The whole time Arpit was staring at me. He even put his hand over my waist after a couple of minutes, but I removed that. I tried to speak to Vinay, but he walked with Ishiqa with his hands over her waist. They were very close to each other.

Finally, we reached a lonely place on the beach. Guys took out the mat from their bag and laid down on it. Arpit then asked both of us to do the catwalk on the beach after removing our sandals. We did that for a good 15 minutes. These guys had a great evening for their eyes.

Our dress was very thin, with no panty or bra, and the sun was still there. Staring hard, they could see our entire body. And we were giving them looks from all angles.

After 15 minutes, Arpit said, “You girls can now go and enjoy the sea,” which was the instruction to go and bathe in the sea and make our clothes wet. We both went. After 5 minutes, when we were completely soaked. Arpit signaled me to come out. Ishiqa was still playing with the waves.

He was lying on the ground with legs open and asked me to stand between his legs and let him have a good look. My thin dress was now wet and stuck to my skin. My breasts, including nipples, were now clearly visible. Anybody could trace my curves now.

Arpit asked me to tie my hair and keep my hands in that position only. I obliged. The guys were having a really good time, and I was almost nude on an open beach. Arpit recalled how he would never miss a chance to see me in college.

Vinay also said that he also used to do the same thing, but now he sees me daily when I have become hotter. He would never miss a chance to touch my soft skin, and he would rarely get it. And now he touches me everywhere and fuck me day in and day out.

Vinay then said that Ishiqa was alone, so he should leave. He left saying show him what he wants and said enjoy to Arpit. I was standing there between his legs, and he was signaling me to lift the skirt. I did that for a minute, and he had a good look at my clean pussy.

I then lowered it down and raised my hand. He laughed and said, nothing happened till now. I kept my head low in embarrassment. He said to lift that again and please rub it for me. I lifted my skirt again and rubbed my naked pussy while biting my lips, and he had all the pleasure.

He then asked me to turn around and let him check my ass. The skirt was wet. It was stuck to my skin, and my ass was visible. Arpit could see the entire partition. And then he said to show my bare back to him, which meant that I should remove the blouse. I did that while covering my breast with both hands.

I kept my eyes closed, for being made nude in public is not something I want. And then he asked me to look straight. I was facing the sea, and I was shocked to see Vinay. Vinay was holding Ishiqa by her waist. He was also holding her skirt in her hand. It meant that Vinay was playing with her pussy.

It was clear that Vinay was about to fuck her in the sea. While I was watching this, I felt two hands on my arms. Arpit was standing and holding me. He said, “Look, Vinay is also enjoying it, and let us also do that.” I said nothing and closed my eyes again. Then I felt like Arpit’s hand between my ass.

He started pressing my buttocks and was caressing my finger in the partition.
He then said, “Let me check the boobs of the hottest girl in the college. Tamanna, let me check the boobs of my crush. Vinay must be a lucky guy to have you.”

“You are so hot that even your cousin cannot leave you. Then why should I leave you? Let me check your boobs.” Slowly he made me reveal them. He grabbed both of them at once. I was holding my blouse in one hand while Arpit started pressing my boobs.

My head was still down with shame when he started kissing my cheeks. He then kissed my lips and said, “You are a sex goddess, and your lips are sweeter than honey.” He kissed them again. He then slowly made me sit down on his lap.
While going down, I looked for Vinay.

Unlike me, he was happy. They have gone deeper into the water, and water was till the neck of the Ishiqa. She was holding her blouse and skirt above the sea. It seemed Vinay was pressing her boobs and enjoying her. Slowly it was obvious that Vinay had pierced her pussy hole inside the water he was stroking her.

Ishiqa was going up and down, and at every wave when she was pushed down harder. She was screaming. Vinay was doing it wildly. I just sat down over Arpit’s lap. I could feel his dick hard, and he was enjoying me like a first-time lover. He then asked me to do what Ishiqa was doing.

I firmly sat over his lap, and loosen my skirt, and spread my legs. This brought a smile to his face. Then I pulled his boxer lower and took his tool out in a way that nothing was visible to the outside world. It put that wet dick over my pussy hole, and he inserted that in one go.

Then he kept stroking me and pressing my boobs. He kept narrating all the incidents he saw me in college and thought of fucking me. He was very happy to have me. After 5 minutes, I started assisting him. Now the strokes went longer and faster.

The kiss went deeper and deeper with tongues involved. The boobs were now pressed harder and harder with much force, and the nipple pinch went sharper and sharper. I haven’t seen such love with Vinay for quite some time.

Before cumming he said that he fantasized about marrying me and having 12 children. But I was way out of his league. He said that he truly loved me and wanted to have me, but not in this fashion. He wanted to marry me and lead a happy life, loving and caring for me each day.

And there he was fucking me. He was very sorry for doing me in forcefully and that his lust overpowered his love. He would be much happier if he could just love me. Soon he said he was about to come. I said that if he fantasized about 12 children, he should practice cumming inside.

He was very pleased and came inside me. As soon as he came, He took my blouse and covered my breast. He also helped me tie the skirt. He was very caring and said he truly loves me.

I then saw Vinay, who fucked Ishiqa badly. He came out of the sea with her clothes and forced her to come out nude. She was begging for clothes. This was unlike Arpit, who covered me as soon as he was finished. I liked him. So I asked him feebly whether he would like to have a walk with me.

I asked him while tucking my hair behind my ears and my head down. He said yes, and we started walking along the beach. I then grabbed his hand and kept walking. I asked him what else he liked about me. He went into detail about our college memories.

After a few steps, I put his hand on my waist and put my hand over his back. I kissed him on the cheek, and he loved it. He then started giving me small lovely kisses on my lips while putting his finger on my navel. We kept having small talks between the kisses.

We walked till sunset on the beach like a romantic love couple. When the sun went red, I broke one of the lovely kisses and looked into his eyes. I asked him, would he like to do it in the sea like Vinay. He just gave me a big smile, and I ran fast into the sea. He came running behind me.

It was already dark, and there was nobody around. So I opened my blouse and waved it while running topless in the sea. He finally caught me by my waist and lifted me in the sea. Then he lifted me in his arms, and I started kissing him on his lips.

We went further into the sea. Water was just below his waist. I opened my skirt also and laid nude in his arms, holding the blouse and skirt behind him. He stopped and stared at me for a minute.

I  said, “Now you have completely checked me. Let me check with you also.” I then took out his t-shirt and then lowered his boxer. He was very muscular and solidly built. I then grabbed his balls and said, “Your tools look hard enough to be checked.”

His dick was very long and thick. Even after having Vinay’s, it looked like an iron rod. Then we went inside the water, and he put me down. I stood there kissing him. He was caressing my bareback. After some time, I could feel his dick raised fully.

So I inserted that in my pussy which was already wet by then. Slowly he started stroking and lifted me while I crossed my legs around his waist. His hands were on my fat ass, and he was enjoying my ass. I kept kissing him and did not leave his tongue even for a second.

He then put me down and started stroking harder in a standing position. I could now feel how Ishiqa was being fucked. I put my entire weight on his muscular shoulder, and he kept stroking harder. He gave me a few slaps on my ass. He did that for some time.

When he was about to come, I said, “You would never need permission to come inside me.” He gave me a long kiss and played with my tongue while he came inside me. After he was satisfied, I kept all the clothes in one hand and held his hand with another.

We walked to the shore. It was already dark, and none of us bothered to get dressed. We walked for a few minutes, nudely over the beach, talking about old memories. Then I stood in front of him and said, “Do you want to check me more?”

He ran his eyes from top to down and just smiled. I pushed him in a friendly way, and then I kissed him and said.

Tamanna: Friends?

Arpit: Best friends. (while kissing me again)

Tamanna: Lover? (and kissed him once more.)

Arpit then inched closer to me and touched his dick on my pussy.

Arpit: Friends.

I also touched my pussy to him and said, “True Friends.” But I blushed a lot. Arpit then touched my pussy again and said, “Lovers?” I blushed a lot, and then I touched my pussy to his dick and said, “Fuckers.” I laughed then.

I bent down and kissed his dick and said that we’d keep seeing each other. Then I presented the boxers to Arpit, and he pulled them up. Arpit then sat down while I was standing up straight, waiting for him to touch. He teased me a little but then touched my pussy and said, “I’ll be there for you.”

He then fingered my pussy a few times and said to get used to it. Then he kissed my pussy. He spanked my ass and said, “You would be great friends too. You’ll be the one who would take the punishment for the mistakes of others.” He then draped my skirt around me.

He then stood up, and we stared at each other. He then pressed my boobs one by one and said, “I’ll free you both. I’ll play with you daily. You’ll be best friends. I’ll call you guys first.” And then he placed my blouse over me. I ran my hand over Arpit’s clean-shaven chest.

I said, “You are not getting your clothes back,” and I denied him his t-shirt. We came back to the place where we left Vinay and Ishiqa. While I was now happy, Ishiqa does not look nice. Her face and arms, and legs were rubbed with sand. Her hair was scattered, and she was not wearing the clothes we were given.

While Vinay was in a dry boxer, she was just draped in a towel. It looked like Vinay gave her a hard time in our absence. They were waiting for us. Vinay had already booked a secluded place on the beach for the night. He also brought a carton of chilled beer to enjoy with us at night.

We went to that place and spent the night there. We talked about how Arpit and Ishiqa came together. I’ll narrate that in the next part.

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