A Stranger In A Theater

Hy guys. I am Richy. I am a fellow reader of the wonderful stories here. I am here to explain one of my lovely experiences that happened a few months back. I apologize for my mistakes as it’s the first time that I am penning down my experience.

Let me just tell you. It’s a long story but a worthy one. It was the Christmas holidays. The great time of the year with joy and laughter everywhere. I got stuck in Bangalore with my internship. I couldn’t go home. But then I got three days to leave in between continuously.

I was a bit happy to rest at home. Soon got bored out. I thought of going out for a movie. But sadly since most of my friends were out of the station and others were busy on that day (giving me one or another reason). It made me book the ticket and go along for the movie.

I bought tickets online for a random movie. It was not that packed with the audience. The rest all were completely houseful. The show was at 4. I went to PVR, dressed in denim jeans and a normal t-shirt. I went around the mall. Then went to the theatre by 3:30 pm.

I bought a basket of caramel popcorn and a glass of Pepsi and got into the theatre. The movie didn’t seem to have many reviews. But I didn’t get much of a choice. As I grabbed my seat I noticed theater didn’t have much of the audience.

After some time, a girl came sat on the seat near me along with her friends on her side. The theatre was a bit dark. I couldn’t see her face properly but had a glimpse of her figure as she came in. I assumed she was hot. Then the lights dimmed.

Then they showed some ads and trailers. I then took a good look at her in the light shimmering from the screen with the corner of my eye. She was a curvy girl. That I was sure. With quite voluptuous boobs. That stood out in her black t-shirt. I then took some more peeks at her.

She then saw me noticing. I thought I had blown it as she might move. But no such thing happened. Well, then I thought to myself. Why not try my luck. Then the movie started. I had kept my Pepsi near her seat. After 15 minutes into the movie, I was reaching for my glass.

I accidentally placed my hand on her hand which was kept on the rail. I rubbed it and he pulled away in an instant. I acted like it was an accident and carried on with drinking Pepsi and enjoying the movie. After some time, there was a steamy scene in the movie. I was a bit hard seeing it.

Then again noticed her hand on the rail. I did it as before. This time. She didn’t pull it away that fast. But our shoulders brushed and her hand slowly pulled away. I then was in full action. Through the next few minutes of the movie, I was in constant thought of what else I should do.

I then slowly moved my hand from the rail to her thighs. She was wearing jeans. She must have thought it was an accident. Slowly moved my hand to rail and continued with the movie. She then turned to a friend and told something. I sincerely thought I was over. But nothing happened.

Then there was a scene in the movie where the actress was nude. Just wearing a shirt with few top buttons open and trying to seduce a guy. The scene woke up my junior. This gave me up some courage. The lust thoughts filled in my mind. I slowly started to rub my elbow against her lower boobs and her curves.

It was just for a few minutes. I then got a stern, a bit angry look from her face. I was shocked that she didn’t slap till now. Even though she knew my intentions. I then adjusted my seat and my dick and looked to the side. I saw a couple of two-seat below and to the corner side, making out.

The girl had her top lowered. I was pretty sure. He was fondling her boobs. I was wanting a bit of adventure myself and truthfully curious how far I could take it. The movie was a bit drag after that. A few action scenes, it dragged. I then moved my hand back on to her thighs. Tried to rub on her.

I then went to her and whispered:- The movie is a lot of drag. Don’t you think?

I kept on rubbing her thigh with my index finger. She looked at my hand then at my face. I pointed my eyes to a couple making outa and told her, “At least they are passing time with entertainment.” She looked at them in awe. And she then turned her head to watch the movie. She acted as if nothing happened.

Her friend was focussed on the movie. I could see her eyes took small peeks at the couple making out. I placed my whole hand on her inner thighs near her pussy. And slowly pressed the flesh. I made sure my touch felt passionate about her body. I gave intermittent presses on thighs.

As my elbows rubbed and pressed into the corner of her boobs through her top. I then moved my hand a little more high up towards her pussy and gave her small press on flesh. I then moved to the edge of her leg. I started to press her little more widely than before. Her index finger was on her teeth, biting it.

As I pressed she would raise her lower body a bit and take a small stuttering breath. I was sure. She was getting a bit wet. Looking at the couple. I wanted it to continue. I then moved my hand bit to her curve. Her navel was bit exposed through her top was a bit raised. I put my hand over her navel.

I felt the smoothness of her skin and placed hard press over her navel. I rubbed over her navel with hands and slowly rubbing into her belly button and pinching the skin over there. She adjusted herself over to my side and brought her legs unbearably close to each other. She bit her fingers more.

I then slowly went to her jeans. It was barely holding in. As I removed the buttons of her jeans and dipped my hands into her pelvic area. I felt her panty as I gave little pinch over the skin at panty fiber. I moved my fingers into her panties. I moved my middle finger deep into the dip and found her pussy.

I then started to give slow but constant rubs on the pussy. My fingers felt her clitoral skin that was squeezed by me as her lower body raised. She was trying so hard not to moan. I squeezed her clitoral skin as my fingers gave her deep rubs on her pussy. With my fingers unraveled between her pussy lips.

I looked at her. Her eyes were closed. Her head was to the side. And my hands were being crushed by her thighs. She had a tight grip on handrails. As I moved into to pinch her pussy lips. Her pussy was slowly getting wet. I too was hard. As I was now fingering a hot stranger in a movie theatre.

I then rubbed over her pussy some more. And I squeezed and rubbed over clitoral skin once again. Then I extended my hands a little more down and bent my fingers into her pussy. I was stuck on her chest, in between her boobs. I slowly fingered her pussy with thorough rubs on her insides.

And pushing in with more and more thrust into her tight pussy each time. Her arms moved from armrest to my thighs as she took a hard grip on it. I then went in for the main course. As I dare to take her boobs in action. I slowly started to press them and fondle them. I then fingered her with my three fingers.

As I pressed on her soft left boobs more and more. I then kept on fingering her. As my hands reached for her nipples and squeezed them over and over. I learned a bit back on the seat. So did I. I then extended my hands deep into her panty. As drilled in between her asscheeks to asshole.

I placed my index finger near her asshole and slowly pushing it in. I had moved to the side more closer to her seat. I persistently fingered her asshole and pussy. As I fondled her boobs a bit more. This continued till the intermission. I couldn’t make her cum. But surely made her horny.

I then removed my hands as the light came on. Her friends wanted to get a snack. They went out for it. I asked her name. Her name was Priyanka. She was horny. We then exchanged our names and numbers. I asked her whether she wants to continue it after the interval.

She then told me to put my hands in her top. So it ‘ll be easy. It was a loose top. The once interval got over. After some time, she leaned on to the seat and so did I. Then gladly put my hand back in jeans this time. She had her panty lowered. So I would get clear access to her pussy and asshole.

I then continue the foreplay as I made her orgasm in the movie two times.  Using her nipples and fingering her both holes. As the movie got over. We had to bid goodbye. But we met again.

A more erotic session is about to come. Thank you guys for reading.

I always welcome feedback and comments at [email protected] Please take this a welcome to all ladies out there just looking for a casual chat or something fun.

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