Car Sex With My Reader

Hello people, I hope you all doing great. It’s been some time since I was here. Let me introduce myself once again. I am Michael from Bangalore. I don’t want to rush into the story. That’s why I am giving a prelude. My last few stories got some good response to which I am very thankful.

Let’s come to the story then. I know there is a bit of a language barrier but just stay with me a little longer. Well, It was a normal weekday. After submitting my story, getting it published at this great site, I was just chilling at home.
By evening, I started receiving some emails and pings in the hangout.

I was happy they all loved the story. All of them were very friendly, eager to know the continuation. Then, by night, I get this ping in hangouts. It was a chat invitation from a girl named Namita. I accepted the invitation. Replied a hi to her hi.

Then the following is our chat.
Namita:- Hey. Nice story. I loved the narration.
Me:- Thanks. Glad to know you liked it. May I know your name?
Namita:- Wow, such formality. I am Namita.

Me:- Nothing like that. Just trying to be polite.
Namita.:- Oh.
Me:- Well it’s great to meet you. Namita. I am John.
Namita:- Same here. Where are you from?

Me:- Bangalore. What about you?
Namita:- Naanu same. Kannada barista?
Me:- A little. I have been here for some years so picking up on it.
Namita:- Ahaa. So what do you do?

Me:- I am doing my post-graduation here. You?
Namita:- Working in ************
Me:- Cool, nice dp by the way.
Namita:- Thank you.

Me:- Had dinner?
Namita:- Yes. you?
Me:- Just had.
Namita:- Neenu single huh, committed huh? (You are single or committed?)

Me:- Single. Broke up with my ex last year. Not much in love nowadays.
Namita:- Oh. That’s Sad. I am sorry for asking.
Me:- It’s fine. You?
Namita:-Single kano. (I am single)

Me: I thought a hot girl like you would have a boyfriend.
Namita:- What makes you think I am hot.
Me:- Just a strong feeling, you can call it a hunch.

Namita:- Ahaa. Well, I just like the freedom, the partying, and no restrictions to do anything, I can go anywhere I want and sleep with whom I like.
Me:- Wow. Well said.
Namita:- Hehe. A bit too open I guess.

Me:- Nope. I like open ladies. So, where do you stay in Bangalore?
Namita:- Jayanagar.what about you?
Me:- Whitefield.
Namita:- Oh. Ok

Me:- This is the part. I feel like asking you out for a cup of coffee, or hangout maybe. If you don’t mind
Me:- ???

Namita:- Why do you think I texted you? Lol. But let’s not rush.
Me:- Sure.

We had quite normal conversations. We then kept on chatting for a week, at first it was just two strangers getting to know each other. Then the topic shifted into more erotic things such as flirting, even some sexting at night. We both felt tension to meet.

We exchanged each other’s photos. She appreciated my beard. As days went by our sexting increased day by day. We even started to video chat over the phone.

Let me describe her. Namita was a curvy, slim girl, with at least 34c boobs with pink nipples, she had this cute smile. And her curves were maintained through her workout. We then leaped forward, exchanging our numbers. So on one Friday evening. I pinged her.

Me:- Hey babe.
Namita:- Hey.
Me:- How is everything?
Namita:- Work is hectic as always.

Me:- So, wanna hang out this Saturday? I could help you relieve that stress.
Namita:- I don’t know about that. It depends on what you are planning.
Me:- Well it’s a date. I am asking out a pretty girl. And good things are being hoped by the guy.

Namita:- Oh really. What is the guy hoping for exactly?
Me:- Depends on your reply.
Namita:- Let me see.
Me:- Ok.

She then by night gave me a green signal. So the time was fixed up by 8. I then took my friend’s car and went over to her place. I waited as the lady came out. Wow! She was a gorgeous lady.

She was wearing a tight red top, that bit revealed her curve and bit open near her navel, and black jeans, that stuck to her body, revealing her ass shape. She then hopped into the car. And we exchanged pleasantries.

Namita:- So, what’s the plan?
Me:- I thought of a movie. But I have some better in mind if you are up for it.
Namita:- Let’s hear it.

Me:- How about we grab something to eat, then go for a night out.
Namita:- Huh? ( She seemed confused).

I then kept my hand over her hand and shoulder and assured her its fine. She then smiled and said let’s do it. We then grabbed a pretty good dinner and started driving. We had to suffer sometime in Bangalore traffic. During that time my one hand was on the steering, with others on the gear.

I then slowly moved my hand onto her thigh. She noticed it. I then started caressing her thighs through her jeans. This continued as I drove off, it took us time and but got onto Hosur highway. She then wrapped her hands on mine. Crossing the fingers on our hands.

She had raised the hand and licked my fingers and kissed my palms. I knew something good would happen today. I continued caressing her thigh. She leaned her shoulder and held my elbow and settled her head onto my shoulder.
Thought of it was making a bit hard.

We drove on the highway for some time, breaking off to a service road. I then went a bit inside to the road and parked the car near the road was empty. I made sure none was there. She then got up and straighten her self. And asked me in confusion and a weird look.

Namita:- Why did we stop?
Me:- (I was hard and I was speechless.)

Namita then giggled at me. She then put her hand on my head, slowly caressing my hair, as I put my hand on the head too. Bringing our face closer together. As we slowly dislodged the seat belt, pushing our seat bit back. I then came close to her.

Then what happened was passionate lip lock. She too was kissing me, responding well. Our tongues rolled up against each other. Our saliva is mixed. Our breath exchanged. We kept on kissing like that for 10 minutes. She was a great kisser.

As we kissed I ran my hand through her body, through sides feeling her body, till her navel, pressing it. Then pulling it close. As her hands kept on caressing my head and hair. I then slowly raised my hands, putting them in through her top, feeling her bra and her boobs.

I started pressing them with passion. She got a bit excited. We then moved out of the car, shift the escaped to the back seat. We then were in the mood. She helped me remove my shirt. And threw it into the front seat. We then grabbed each other faces as our lips once again pressed against each other.

My hands slid over into her top once again. I then slid my hands to her back. I rubbed through her upper body. I pressed in her navel and brought her close. I then brought her and made her sit on my lap. I broke the kiss and moved my lips down.

From lips to the chin, then to her neck, softly kissing and biting the skin. I felt her nails rubbing through my chest. She bit her lips in passion. She was feeling up my body, as I went over to her shoulder kissing slowly lowering her top near shoulders. Then in haste, she helped me remove it.

I then kissed her face all over to her earlobes to shoulders, to the nape of neck then coming back to her neck. I then wrapped my hands around her softback, running my fingers through her backbone to her bra hooks. I kissed on her cleavage, licking it as I unbuttoned her bra.

I then pulled it off. Those beautiful boobs with brown areolas and hard nipples were in front of me. I was ecstatic. I then kissed her. I grabbed on them and made her lie on the backseat, lying along with the seat. She then wrapped her long legs around me. We were entangled in pleasure.

I starting moving my tongue down her body. Kissing down from her lips to her neck, to her collarbone, then to cleavage. I continue to kiss and suck all around her upper body for some time. Then finally grabbed on her boobs tight, both secure and bigger than my hands. I held on to them, pressing them softly.

She was drowning in pleasure, biting her lips, her voice and her moans stuttered. Her deeps became deep. Then I took her boobs one by one in my mouth, sucking on her nipples. I then circled around and moving my tongue on her nipples very passionately.

I squeezed it. I did it to both her nipples one after another, building up her passion. I was sure I am making her horny. I then after some time, moved my tongue down her body, started to lick her belly button and her navel. Then went to her jeans.

I unbuttoned it, slowly removed it, it was a bit difficult, as I found it hard to closed space. She giggled as I tried. Then she then raised herself, kissing me passionately once again. As I removed her jeans, I ran my hands through her hips into her soft thick thighs.

Her skin felt smooth and feeling made me hot. I then went down on her body as she raised her upper body a little bit to her head leaning on the door. I started to kiss her from toes to her thighs. then kissing and licking her inner thighs. I bit the skin in between on her thighs, which made her jump.

I was holding her right leg, as her left leg on my shoulder. I then slid my tongue to her panties. Before I touched her pussy, I raised my head and looked at her, she just nodded her head up and down and bite her lips hard. I then pulled out her panties with my teeth.

I could see she enjoyed them, with her expression as she closed her eyes. She gasped for air a bit. I then started to tease her a bit, slid my tongue along sides of her pussy. Her legs held my head at the site. I raised my hands once again to her boobs, fondling those boobs, as my tongue licked along her pussy.

I then kissed her pussy and her inner thigh on both legs, one after another. My kiss on her pussy a bit longer than my kiss on her thighs. I switched them one after another. I then lowered my hand for a bit to her clit, rubbed over for some time. She had started whimpering and light moans came out of her.

I then started to switch my tongue and lips between her pussy and clit. But with more long kisses, she would adjust and whimper. My tongue touched her pussy each time. This went to for some time, till she broke and told me, “Babe, go ahead eat my pussy.”

I then looked at her and smiled. She had this kinky smile and as I went to her pussy, blew in some hot air. Afterward, I started licking her pussy, spread her pussy lips and pushing my tongue a bit deep inside. She then started moaning even more and took my hands my squeezing her boobs.

I then squeezed her nipples one by one as Is tarted to finger her pussy inside. Her juices slowly started to leak. She then jumped on the seat. I put my one finger into her asshole she was in awe and moaning loud. She didn’t expect it. I then looked at her. She then smiled at me and told me to make her cum.

Her moans got louder and louder, her whimpers became faster and faster. She grabbed my hair and pushed me down even more. I squeezed her nipples, she moaned like anything. I was fingering her asshole and pussy at the same time with her nipples squeezed and pulled.

She squirted all over me with a loud moan and tremble through her body. She jumped on the seat. She then smiled and made me lie against the door. She then jumped on my jeans and lowered them. She took at my thick cock. She was wild and with a dirty smile and lewd face, she took it in her mouth.

She then started giving me a great blowjob. She took more and more, deeper and deeper down her mouth. She was pro at blowjob, soon I pressed her head down as she stroked it hard. Then she took it out, it had its precum on her lips. I then took the condom and put it on my cock.

I then made her slowly sit on my cock, on my lap. I slid in my cock into her tight pussy, deeper and deeper. She moaned with a light voice in a pleasured mood, as half of it went in, I then went it full. I then slowly started to thrust her. I then pumped her, thrusting hard each time.

The car started to shake in accordance without sex. She then put her hips too into it. My dick was hitting deep inside, she was moaning like hell. We got sweaty, even with A/C. I then slide her hair to the side as I kissed her neck. I pressed her hips bit more down, fucking her hard.

I thrust my cock with more force. I squeezed her boobs, licking those nipples, sucking them, rolling my tongue around. She was getting a bit loud, so I kissed her. Her body starts to lose it, as she was trembling. She then gave whimpering moans as she came over my cock.

I then kept on kissing her and pumping her. As I was about to cum. I told her. She then got down and took my dick in her mouth as I came in her. We then cuddled a bit more in the back seat. We then drove, headed off to the airport, we had tea and a bit of snacks there. We came back and I dropped her off at 7.

Thank you for being wonderful readers do expect more feedbacks and comments Its an invite to all my readers out there and to all ladies who are in Bangalore or anywhere else. Ping me at [email protected]. And ping me in kik. My username is MichaelmikeJ1.

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