Sex With XIS Reader’s Mother

Hi everyone. My name is Ajil. I am a 34-year-old software engineer. Basically from Kerala but working in Dubai. I am 5ft 8 inches tall. Aesthetic fit and 6-inch rock solid dick. Please respond with your comments on the story at [email protected]

In my previous story, ‘Sex with ISS reader’, I told everyone how I had hard sex with the XIS reader Sarita. She had contacted me on hangout. It had turned out to be hot sex when she visited Dubai with her mother to see her father. We had hardcore sex.

But before she left she asked me to fulfill her fetish desire to watch her horny mother getting fucked. Her mother’s name was Reena. With a figure of 36-34-40, she was a super sexy lady with a beautiful and fleshy ass. I am getting horny explaining her asset that hot she was.

I made a plan with Sarita to get her mother on my bed and I didn’t want to delay. So that night itself I took her number from Sarita and started chatting, I told her I know she was cheating on her husband in India with many guys. I also told her that I will tell all this to her daughter.

She was responding like who is this, what do I want and things like that. Then I just stop responding to the messages. I called and chatted with her for 1 whole week. And at the end of the week, she agreed to see me. I told her to come to meet me at a place near my flat.

Sarita came early to my flat and waited in my room. Reena came there by next Friday at noon and called me. I went near her and introduced myself to her. She was in a red-blue denim skirt and white top. She was surprised to see me but kept on asking how I know about her.

I asked her to come and have a coffee and talk. She was not agreeing at first but then she followed me. I took her to my flat. She came inside and asked.

Reena: Is this your flat?

Me: Yes, I came here so that we can talk freely.

Reena: How do you know about me and what do you want?

Me: How I know I will tell you later. What I want is simple, I want to fuck you.

Reena: That’s impossible.

Me: Reena aunty, either you fuck me just this one time and I won’t tell anyone. Or let me tell your husband and daughter and you face it.

Reena waited there thinking, I came close to her and started kissing her. First, she refused a little. But then she started cooperating. Then she was getting hard on me by pulling my hair and biting my lips. She then held my dick over my pants.

She told, “You want to fuck me, boy? Then fuck me. Let me see how good you are.” I pulled her towards the sofa and broke her shirt buttons. Then I ripped off the white bra from her and started squeezing it. Oh, she had really sexy boobs. Then I pulled her hair with my left hand and started sucking her nipples.

She also pulled my hair real hard as if giving me pain. After some time of sucking she removed her skirt. Now she was in her underwear. Oh, what a sexy ass she had. I was getting so horny and my bulge was breaking my pant’s zip. She then took off my t-shirt, removed my pant zip and started sucking my dick.

I held her hair and fucked her mouth, All these while Sarita was watching us from inside my room and fingering her pussy. I then pushed my dick fully in Reena’s mouth and fucked her hard. The bitch can really take some hard shit. She then removed my pants and underwear. Now I was fully naked.

She then sat on the sofa with her leg wide open and asked me to suck her. I ripped her panties off her and started sucking her pussy. She was moaning with pleasure, “Suck my pussy, please!” I then inserted my dick in her pussy and started fucking her.

She was shouting with pleasure, “Oh fuck me, fuck me hard you son of a bitch. Fuck me.” I kept fucking her hard, after 10 minutes I turned her around made her in the doggy style. I pulled her hair and started fucking her from behind,

Now Sarita was not able to control and she came out of the room. Reena was shocked to see her. But she was in the middle of the fuck session and was not able to react. I did not have any intention to leave her hair and let her go. I asked Sarita to come and suck my ass, which she did.

After 20 minutes of fucking, I pulled my dick out and asked Sarita to suck me. By now Reena realized that this was a plan made by her own daughter. She shouted saying, “You dirty bitch, you set all this up, right?” She started sucking her daughter’s pussy.

Now I inserted my dick in Sarita’s pussy and fucked her for 10 minutes. She cried with pleasure, and she came in 10 minutes. Now I pulled Reena back and fucked her pussy again and came inside her pussy. She enjoyed my cum in her. But I was not ready to stop.

I kept fucking her with my cum inside for another 10 minutes. She was really happy and told me, “Fuck me, fuck me hard, fuck me.” I took out my dick and asked Sarita to suck her mom’s pussy. She did that and I inserted my dick in her ass and started fucking her ass now.

In another 15 minutes of fucking her ass, I was about to cum. So I took my dick out and came in both their face and boobies. Sarita and Reena sucked and kissed each other. This was the beginning of their sexual life. From then they both decided to have sex with me every time they visit Dubai.

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