Cheating Housewife Gets Caught

Hi all, Sumith, here once again to entertain you with one of my recent experiences about a cheating housewife. The very interesting part of this event was the background and how Dinesh got into cuckolding.

45-year-old Dinesh, married for 18 years, is naturally a very submissive man. He started developing the fantasy of watching his wife getting fucked by a man with a bigger dick. But his wife Priti had such a dominant attitude that he seldom expressed any of his feelings.

She was also the one who used to make important decisions, not just about domestic things but also in his business. Deep within, he was such a cuckold who wanted to suck the Bull’s cum from her dripping pussy. He also knew his dick of 3 inches was a small one.

His wife’s attitude towards him was as if she is not too keen to have sex. This doubled up as a reason not to speak about his fantasy with his 40-year-old wife, Priti. But one day happened to bring in a change in his life.

She looked at her mobile before going for a bath, and her phone’s auto-lock setting was set to two long minutes. As she started to bath, Dinesh happened to see a pop-up on WhatsApp, which said, “Hi Sexy.” He opened the chat.

For the first time, he discovered that his wife was intelligently cheating on him and was actually too active in sex. He was a bit shocked to discover it in such a manner and at such a time. He went on scrolling up to see the history, and there he was reading all of her sexting, and there were all the nude pics she sent him.

Looking at those, Dinesh was so immersed in it that he didn’t notice his wife coming out of the bathroom. And she knew about it only when she came behind and saw what her hubby was looking at. Priti never expected to get caught in that manner.

Discovering she is defenseless, she started to lose her energy in her legs, fell on the bed, and started crying. Dinesh tried making her speak but in vain. She was just crying and crying. Frustrated for not being able to talk, Dinesh raised his voice, very unusual for his character.

Watching him raise his voice, she got terrified and fell on his feet, pleading for forgiveness. Even before Dinesh could speak, she said she would do anything and everything to save her marriage and keep it a secret.

Dinesh thought this is a chance and said, “You have acted as slut behind my back.”

“Yes, and I am really sorry, I won’t do this again, please give me a chance,” Priti thought it was all over for her.

“What should I do now?”

“Please forgive me, I will do whatever you say.”

Dinesh thought his time has come, “You have to act like a slut and suck the dick of a man I bring in. You will get fucked right in front of me.”

Priti was relieved, as she thought that her marriage was in trouble. Otherwise, sucking dicks wasn’t new for her anyhow.

I met Dinesh when I got his request on an internet platform. He explained the history, and I asked him what his dreams were. He confessed that he wanted to lick my cum from his wife’s dripping pussy and wanted to see her getting fucked like a slut.

I told him that I will make not only to lick my cum from her but also make him fuck his wife’s used sloppy pussy. He started to get excited when we went into the details.

They both were from Mangalore. He asked my number, saying he will give me a call next week when he brings his wife to Bangalore. He called me to confirm my availability while they started from Mangalore. The next evening we agreed to meet at the Mantri Mall.

I took the Metro, which made me reach the spot 20 minutes earlier than my calculations. As people are yet to get used to gathering in Malls now due to the pandemic, there was no crowd. But a few couples had come to make the best use of it.

I just gazed at them, and none looked like Dinesh and Priti. I had never seen them earlier, not even their pics. But I sensed they were not yet there. As I have observed, particularly with the first time cuckolds, they generally opt for a table at the corner and never bother to check what’s there to eat.

They will just be in anticipation of what’s going to happen next. After a while, I saw a couple entering the area. The wife was wearing tight jeans and a top. Though aged, she had a very tight body and a shapely ass. I started doubting it must be them. It was 10 minutes yet to go to the time we fixed.

They entered the center table area, and when they opted for a seat right in a corner, I knew it was them. Each time I have seen the first-timers taking a corner seat. It’s a myth to believe corner seats don’t get noticed much. And I couldn’t help throwing a smile at the situation.

I just waited there and saw them settling down. Hubby was often checking his mobile. After a couple of minutes, he stood up and grabbed only one chair to place it on the other side. Rightly upon the agreed time, I walked straight to them at the half partition of the food court at the center.

Walking straight to them and saying, “Hi, how are you? I think I am the guy you are waiting for.”

They got startled a bit by my discovery, and Dinesh bumbled, “Yeah yeah… You… you are Sumith?”

“Yeah, just give me a moment, I will walk across and join you,” I observed that his wife started to check me out. When I walked to their table, I saw a smile on her face. I shook hands with both of them, openly checked her from top to bottom once, and said to Dinesh, “Nice, you have got an attractive wife.”

“Hmm… so let me directly come to the point. As I said, what we need is just for fun and ‘No Strings Attached’ and nothing else. Are you ok with it?” Another smile flashed over my face. He sounded as if he rehearsed it.

“Yeah, that’s the reason why we are here, and we all know it, isn’t it?” Both nodded when I looked at each of them for the response. “And you mistress, you will be taken too hard today, please be ready for it. Hope you can handle hardcore?”

Dinesh’s reflex came in, “Yes, we need hardcore.”

Priti talked to him about something, and then Dinesh said, “She is asking, are you ok with her.”

“Yes, but looks can be deceiving. So I think I can answer only after exploring,” I winked at her. But I added, “So you wanna have some snacks here?” With a deep stare and a devilish smile, she asked, “We will go to the room and have it there. What do you say?”

We started walking towards the hotel. She had a round and fit ass and moved nicely when she walked. It was prominent but not heavy. While getting out from the lift, I patted her ass casually, saying, “Let’s move.”

She noticed my appreciation of her ass and gave me a seductive smile. We walked the distance for 5 minutes. As soon as we entered the room, Priti excused herself to the bathroom. But while moving, she ordered her hubby to fix a drink for all of us.

We started having drinks, I began to caress her thighs. After that, she too placed her hands over my thighs and started to move it on my dick. I looked at her hubby and said, “She seems to be a very good seducer.”

This motivated her to make a bold move. She just grabbed my dick over my pant and said, “This motivates me to do a lot of things.”

“But let me also see how motivating is yours” I put my hands into her t-shirt to feel her boobs. She put her head backward while still pressing my dick. I then circled my fingers across her nipples, pinching it a bit. Then took my mouth near her 36D melons and started to lick at the sides of each of her nipples.

“Shhhh…” with a hiss, she pushed her back forwards, pushing her boobs to the front and head backward with closed eyes. When my circling tongue reached the other side of her nipple. It was too much for her, with one go while still grabbing my dick. The other hand was to hold my head and push it towards her nipples.

While I was still sucking, she opened my jeans button with just one hand. “Oh, what a bitch you are. How many pants have you opened like that?” I couldn’t stop saying it. She grabbed my dick, felt it from top to bottom, and jumped out from the bed.

Kneeling down on the floor, she said, “Quite a few, but this one looks interesting.” She put my dick into her mouth and took it deep in first and then started to move her head up and down. I looked at her hubby Dinesh. He was just taking out his pants but eyes glued to his wife sucking my dick.

She looked at me with eyeballs rolled up and licked my dick through its length. She looked damn slutty. I asked Dinesh, “What a pro she is in sucking, does she suck you too this well?” At the very moment he dropped off his undies, his fully erect cock was 2.5 to 3 inches looking like a small plug.

She looked at him stroking his small dick, licked my dick again from tip to the balls, and said, “I like some real meat like this. How do you think I can be satisfied with your small dick?” She then started licking me like she had gone mad. I stood up from the bed.

While she was still on her knees, I held her head and started to mouth fuck her. In between, I made her lick my balls. I mouthfucked this mature bitch until I filled her mouth with my cum. Dinesh was closely watching until I emptied fully, pulled her up onto the bed, and started to lip her mouth.

He wanted to suck a Bull’s cum from his bitchy wife’s lips. In the meantime, I started to finger her. I had hardly given her 10 strokes, and her pussy grabbed my finger like a forceps. She raised her hips, twisting her waist, while her hubby still kissing she orgasmed.

She started to flood as the dam gates got opened. I again pulled her towards me and ordered him to lick her pussy clean while I pushed my cock into her mouth. She sucked it so well that within seconds my dick was rock hard all again. I then pulled her towards the edge of the cot and pushed my dick in.

I was amazed by the tightness her pussy had. It was as tight as that of a teen. And she also knew to clamp my dick for a moment and then release it. But she was as filthy as a hotwife could get.

While getting fucked by me in that position, she told her hubby, “Just look, how had he pushes with each stroke. Have you fucked me like this even once?” And then shouted, “Fuck me hard and hard. I am a bitch, I am bitch. I cheat because my hubby can’t fuck.”

I then made her get into doggy style. Her pussy was placed deep below, and her ass was easily accessible in doggy. I put my dick in her ass hole and then rammed it. A jolt was sent into her body, and she quirked for a moment. This time she was much louder and started to humiliate her hubby.

“You bastard can never enter my ass with your tiny dick, just watch and enjoy, you idiot,” Dinesh was enjoying it like watching porn. The expressions in his face said that he is deeply involved in it. After banging her ass hard for a few minutes, I made her stand up and lifted her leg all up.

I asked Dinesh to hold her legs and help me enter his wife’s pussy. He obligingly did it. Meanwhile, his small dick had leaked off and looked too tiny. So much so that his balls appeared to look bigger. I stood right in front of Priti, while her boobs rubbed my chest, and my dick entered into her pussy.

“Wonderful!” she moaned. My piston worked on her with fast motions until she came again. I then pushed her into bed. She instantaneously spread her legs wide apart. I entered her in missionary until her pussy leaked again. But this time, the hot fluid across my cock made it cum again.

“He emptied his load, my dear, where are you?” This bitch wanted to make her hubby a perfect cuckold. A humble wife got caught cheating, and now she has turned to become the ideal dominating mistress. He obediently started licking his wife’s dripping cunt.

I went into the bathroom. I came back after washing my tool, and I saw Dinesh was all above her, mounting his wife’s sloppy pussy. As I was fixing a drink for myself, I heard Dinesh letting out a moan, and he leaked again very soon.

They both left to clean themselves. We three had another round of drinks while having some cool-headed chats. While I was about to leave, Priti took my dick in her mouth, not just to give me a blowjob. She wanted my dick one more time inside her pussy.

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