A Hot Call For Help

I am Rahul back with a story about a call for help. You can read all my stories here. I would suggest you read them before to get a better idea. So as you know, our best friend’s group was getting more and more like fuck buddies with the mutual lust towards each other.

So this story continues that trend even more. Let’s see what happens. A quick reminder about the characters involved :
Me(Rahul):22 years old with a well-built body and 6 feet tall with a nice-looking face and 7″ inch long cock to fuck hot chicks nicely. Fond of girls having big and firm boobs.

Ayesha: She was a beautiful and sluttish girl with a curvy body with stats (36-28-36) for everyone to see and crave. The scene of her swinging ass as she walked made her look even sexier.

I was sitting idle at my home. It was around 11:00 pm, and my phone rang, and it was Ayesha.

Me – Hey, Ayesha, what happened?

Ayesha- Nothing great, but I need some help.

Me – Help, at 11:00 pm? But anyway I’ll be there in 10 minutes.

I wasn’t sure about what Ayesha was up to. I thought, “Let’s see. If not anything, I’ll bring Khushi with me tonight on my way back.”

I got there and was shocked at what I saw! Ayesha, my best friend, was standing there in her bra and panties and smiling at me.

Me- Are you crazy, and what’s this? Where’s Ishita?

Ayesha- I wasn’t crazy until I got your cock in me the last time. I needed your help in getting this lust out of me tonight. Don’t worry about Ishita. She’s gone with Khushi and Mitali. Come in, stupid.

I didn’t intend to fuck her. But who could resist a sex bomb offering herself to me? My dick had already started to grow. I pulled her closer and said, “You’re such a bitch. Rohan just went out for a couple of days, and here you are with his best friend to be fucked.”

Ayesha took her hands over my crotch, “Yes, I am that baby but don’t tell me you don’t want me to be that.”

Me: I want you to be the bitch you are. It’s such a great feeling to fuck my best friend’s hot girlfriend.

We got closer and started kissing each other and sucking each other’s tongues. My hands were wrapped around her back, trying to open her bra hooks. She had already begun to take off my t-shirt. She loosened the buckle of my shorts and made them fall, and was rubbing my already hard cock over my underwear.

My cock was aching, being so hard in the underwear. It made me break the kiss. I took her bra off and gently pressed her massive boobs and sucked both of her nipples, and said to her, “Come on, baby, go down. It’s aching inside. It wants to breath free inside your mouth today.”

Ayesha took matters into her hands now. She started to go down on me and to take those undies out till my cock sprang out in full attention to her awesome and hot body. She sat down, took her face in front of my hard-on, and gently kissed its pink tip.

It felt like a tease with my cock throbbing after this act of her. The teaser and the bitch she saw me going crazy like this. She kept moving her tongue against the sensitive tip of my dick. I was shaking and couldn’t bear much. I held her head and pushed my cock into her mouth.

I felt a sigh of relief, and oh god, her mouth was hot.

Me- Suck that cock Ayesha, move your hands.

She now started sucking my cock, taking every bit of me in her mouth. Even gagging herself a few times in the process. I was having so much pleasure that my eyes were closed with me making light moans.

Me – Yes, yes, oh yaa.

Her saliva was all over my cock now. I was about to shoot my load in her mouth, but surprising me, she took my cock out of her.

Me – Ah no, what happened? I was so close.

Ayesha – Haha, I know, but what’s the hurry, Rahul? (laughs)

Me – What’s the hurry? I’ll tell you, my bitch.

I just held her mouth, pushed my cock in her. I started mouth fucking her rubbing my cock against her tongue and pharynx. Soon it was too much for me. My balls started erupting, and I released all of my load with jerks in her.

Me – This was the hurry, Ayesha.

Ayesha – Fuck, that was hot, Rahul. I didn’t expect you to be this rough. But it was really good for a bitch like me.

Me – Get up, baby, let me see how badly that pussy wants me.

I picked her up and threw her on the bed, and pulled her towards the edge of it. I sat down on my knees, spread her legs. I put her thick thighs on my shoulders and started licking her upper inner thighs. She started making noises. Her shaking movements began as soon as I started working my tongue on her thighs.

I approached her wet cunt, pressed her clit. She shook like crazy and pressed my face with her thighs, and pushed my face in her pussy. I took my tongue out and stuck it on her vertical lips. I started licking this horny friend of mine.

I also made sure I held her thighs tightly so that she can’t move while I eat that cunt of hers.

Ayesha- Oh, Rahul, yes, like that, oh yes, it’s lovely.

She was moaning fairly loudly by now. I sensed that she was about to cum, so I put my two fingers in her pussy and started taking them back and forth. Perhaps so was the effect of my efforts that it didn’t take long before she leaked. Her juices were all over my face, and some of it was still leaking from her pussy.

I slapped her pussy and said, “You have some rivers in you, Ayesha. I don’t know how Rohan can handle you.”

Ayesha – Are you all words today, or you’re going to show me some of your and your dick’s strength?

I was a bit angered by her comments. I got up, lifted her legs on my shoulders, placed my cock over her pussy. I started rubbing my hard cock over her pussy. I didn’t want to make her struggle. But her comments made me think, “She wants to be treated well now.”

I was seeing her shaking now and asking me not to tease her and just fuck her. I, too, didn’t take much time and stopped rubbing. Now I placed my cock at her entrance and slowly slid my hard cock in her slippery pussy. She was so wet that it felt smooth getting my cock in her.

I had my complete cock into her pussy by now. I stood still, making her feel my length inside her.

Ayesha- Ah, baby, so good, it’s feeling bigger than last time, just fuck the life out of me tonight, Rahul.

Me – Hehe, it might be some Khushi magic! Don’t worry. I wasn’t going to let you go easily today anyway.

I started giving her slow thrusts. I would pull my cock out and push it in her as she moaned loudly. It made my dick throb inside her.

Ayesha- Ahh, Rahul fuck me harder.

Me – You want that bitch, baby?

Ayesha- Yeah Yeah, fuck fuck yes.

Her words made my cock twitch in her pussy. I increased my speed and started pistoning my cock in and out of her wet pussy. Her pussy felt so good around my cock. It wasn’t tight. But it had something that made me crazy for it. Due to my cock and the force I was applying to her.

She started to shake along the bed with her tits going wild. I held both of her massive boobs, pressed them, and fucked her even harder now. I had bent down to press her boobs. All her lusty moans were going straight in my ears. From her moans, I could feel she’s about to explode.

That made my cock throb in her pussy once again, and my balls started to get stiff as I was too about to explode myself. I could feel her pussy tightening over my cock. It made me lose myself to this beautiful and sexy friend of mine. I started dumping my load in her pussy.

Me – Ayesha, Ayesha! I am cumming, baby. I am cumming. What a pussy you have, my bitch.

Ayesha – Oh yes, I am feeling that baby, you’re damn hot when it comes to your juices. Some more thrusts, and I am going to shower your cock.

Those words gave me an extra boost. I gave her a few forceful thrusts, and she started imploding her juices over my cock.

Me- Yeah, baby, yeah, it’s so good feeling your juices over my cock, amazing.

Ayesha – Ah yes, fuck.

Her pussy spasmed and pulsated, releasing her juices over my cock. It started to get out of her cum well. I just fell on her and turned around such that our hands were wrapped against each other. We fell asleep right there completely nude with each other’s genitals still in the sticky cum.

So this is the end of this story of thanking my friend by fucking her. I hope you’d have loved it. I’ll be posting the next part soon. Please read my previous stories that I posted here too. If anyone wants to talk to me about anything, reach my mail or Hangout me at [email protected]

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