Hyderabad Aunty Shares Underwear Smelling Fetish!

I guess I am writing this story after 2 years of my sexual achievements in life so far. But this was different. Many women whom I dated knew me as a guy with all sorts of fetishes, this is exceptional, however. Never did I expect that a woman, all these years, right under my nose, as a neighbor, had fetishes as I do.

So, how did it happen? How did I come to know? What did I do? I am sure you are as excited as I am.

It’s kind of odd to explain my physique. I can’t fake my physique for sure. I am a 5 feet 7-inches guy, a tanned guy especially, and not too fat, not too lean.

Well, I am surely not that guy where women look at me twice to say, “Oooooh la..la.” Yet, with all my demeanor and confidence, I have managed to get the women of my choice.

Maybe that’s what made Shalini Reddy, this 32-year-old Hyderabad aunty to do the unobvious. To mention her features, she has a brown complexion yet attractive features. She has a sharp nose, strong shoulders, strong arms, and married. Her husband lives in the Andhra region as a Telecom engineer.

Her bust size is 34 CC, and she is a modest-looking woman. The best part of her is her arms. They are strong and I feel like biting them lol.

This Hyderabad aunty mostly wears sarees and sometimes, churidars. Since I am mostly out for my work, I hardly got the chance to see this woman do the stuff right under my nose.

What’s common is that we have a common terrace and she dries her bras and panties (I must appreciate her panty collection though) towards one end of the terrace.

I use the other end to dry my clothes. So, the stage is set to give you an understanding of where we stand.

Something suspicious:

While it was raining recently, I happened to go pick my undies from the terrace. I very well know that I had blue, black, brown, and grey underwear that I had dried other than my clothes. These were Calvin Klein undies and usually cost around 1000 to 1200 which were gifted to me by one of my partners in Hyderabad.

Now, the surprising thing was, I couldn’t find my grey underwear. I tried searching for it everywhere but I couldn’t find it. I thought maybe I had left it at Swathi’s place when I went to her place recently in Kondapur.

Two days later, I again picked up my dried clothes, and the missing underwear was right there on the clothes-line! I knocked my head for forgetting where I had kept it for drying the last time.

The second time: The thief under my nose

The same thing happened twice but with different underwear. I got really angry wondering if someone is using mine. I thought that I should kick that bastard who is wearing my stuff but how to find out?

One day, I put on my underwear for drying and was looking from the door viewer. I saw my neighbour aunty Shalini madam going out to dry her clothes and no one else was there on the terrace.

Then I got tired of keeping a watch. I went up to the terrace to get a breath of fresh air and to my shock, the underwear had gone missing. I got suspicious this time and began to doubt that Shalini madam may have done it. But why would she, she’s got a husband, she is all good to go but somewhere I sensed that it was her. But I had no evidence.

However, I spied on her this time and kept my used underwear there and checked on her. Guess what, among all the fresh ones, she picked up the used one.

I was shocked, thrilled, curious, and afraid. That night I had weird thoughts about what she might be doing with my underwear.

Later that morning, when I guessed that she was trying to place the underwear back, I was behind the married Hyderabad aunty And guess what she gave one last whiff before placing it back on the rope.

Shalini aunty turned and saw me. She was shocked, red-faced, smiled with shame, and didn’t know what to do. She just ran away as if she had seen a ghost.

What happened after that?

We couldn’t face each other for two days consistently. I was embarrassed and she was more than me. Her husband was also there so there is no way of asking her about her indecent fetish that I had witnessed.

Shalini aunty’s husband left on Sunday night and as usual, I had my office on Monday but came back in the afternoon due to some immediate assignments.

I saw her climbing the stairs and the moment she saw me, she just ran into her home. I saw that but I was a bit angry. It’s she who was caught and why should I suffer her silence? But I didn’t say anything and closed my door.

The Icebreaker:

At exactly 2:45 pm, she knocked on my door. I saw her from the door viewer and my heartbeat was blowing like some trumpet blower.

I had so many questions. Why is she here? All sorts of questions were running in my head. I opened the door and she smiled at me and asked for a cup of sugar.

I said, “Okay,” and while I was going into the kitchen, she said, “I am sorry that I did that.”

I calmed myself and said, “That’s fine.”

I didn’t know how to start a direct conversation on that topic, but I dared to ask her only one question, “Why?”

The Hyderabad aunty told me with a shy face, that she likes me and I attract her. I was smiling and she was giving all sorts of reasons why she likes me in Telugu.

I asked her in Telugu, “Na underwear nienduku ala smell chesaru?” (Why did you sniff my underwear?)

Shalini aunty told me that she has this deep fetish and she couldn’t control her feelings the day she sees my under-wears. She further told me that she was very choosy of the type and that there is a smell that gave her a kick. Immediately, my dick rose sharply pointing right into her vagina area.

I asked her, daring my voice, “Can you do it in front of me? I want to see you how to do it.”

Shalini aunty shook a bit but she said with a smirk on her face, “I will love to show it to you.”

I picked up my underwear, the one that I had worn yesterday, and gave that to her. I closed the door and the windows. I saw her in her nighty.

Shalini aunty then took my underwear and was smelling it. She was eating the scrubs on it, licked it, kept in the mouth.

Seeing all these things, I dared to ask her if I can smell her underwear? She didn’t say yes or no. She lifted up her nighty while smelling my undies and removed hers.

Shalini aunty then gave me her blue underwear. It was soaking wet with a little whitish cum on it. I smelled that and boy o boy, I loved it.

Looking at her, smelling my underwear, made me so hard that I removed my underwear, right in front of her, and started sniffing her underwear.

How did it smell? There was a pinch of pee smell, a pinch of fragrance, a pinch of tanginess. How did it taste? A little bit tangy, salty, with a bit of pee.

That had always been my favorite. I started masturbating. She saw that, threw the underwear aside and came right under my dick.

Shalini aunty held my dick and smelled my dick. I saw her and she was going ga-over the smell of my dick. Then she slowly kept in her mouth and gave a kickass blowjob for over 10 minutes.

I came loads in the Hyderabad aunty’s mouth. I was still hard and it felt like she wanted to take my whole day. She gave me a second blowjob. She got so sweaty while blowing, that her sweat and her pussy juice mingled together.

I picked the horny Hyderabad aunty up and took her into my bedroom. I sucked her pussy deep, extremely deep! The taste of her pussy was so intensely tangy that I didn’t feel like moving away.

It was 4:30 pm and her kids would be back from her mom’s place. So, she picked up the sugar and went away.

That evening, I was only thinking about her, trying to figure what had just happened.

I didn’t answer anyone’s calls. The same day at 9 pm, as I was watching some movie on Netflix, she messaged me. This is what our conversation was,

She: Em doing? (What are you doing)?

Me: Just ipude dinner chesa, kurchuna..(just had my dinner).

She: Nachinda? (Did you like it)?

Me: What?

She: Hhmmm.

Me: Chepu what nachinda? (What do you mean)?

She: Ade, Na taste nachinda? (Did you like my taste)?

I sent her a smiley of a love face.

Me: I loved it, mallicheyalianiundi, but I guess a chance malliepuduvastado (I wish to do it again but don’t know when will I get that chance)?

She: Nightki( Night)?

Me: What??

She: (Door kodiga open pettu, 10:45 ki). (Keep your door slightly open, I shall come by 10:30).

Me: Shit! Okay.

At 10:15, I was expecting her, so I kept the door open. She came from behind at 10:20 while I was bathing and opened the bathroom door.

The Hyderabad aunty removed her clothes, held my dick from behind, and rubbed me. It was a crazy experience. I turned and kissed her on her lips while she was giving me the blow job.

Then I used my fingers to rub her pussy. We bathed for 20 minutes and undressed each other. Then we went into the bedroom.

Shalini aunty came on top of me, held my hands, and starting kissing my chest. She licked my neck and guess what, she slowly started licking my armpits.

This is called Karma. All these years, I had licked women’s armpits like a mad dog and here she is giving me the taste of my own fetish.

The bedroom was getting hotter and hotter and we were getting sweatier and sweatier. She was dripping wet from her pussy and her sweat.

I came on top of her and sniffed her armpits. It was without any deo. It was musky and it smelled the way I love it. I licked her armpits, bit her arms, they were so strong.

Gosshh, I can still smell her whole body while I write this. Then I took my dick, inserted it into her pussy and she gave a loud cry, “Aaaaaaaaaahhhhhh..”

We fucked so hard that she came twice on my dick, as she wetted my bed with her pee. Nothing stopped us until we were fully exhausted. We fucked the whole night in different positions. Then I did the obvious and guess what!! She loved it too. We went to the washroom and did pee sex. We peed on each other. I drank her pee while she drank mine.

The sex was getting gross, hot, and never-ending. We did 69 whenever we were low, doggy whenever we were strong. The sexy Hyderabad aunty licked my armpits, my ass, my dick. I licked her neck, her armpits, her ass, and pussy.

In the morning at 5 am, the room was so smelly with our sex juices that as I write now, I can sniff it coming from the corners.

We fucked until her husband arrived after a week.

It is now my 3rd week and still counting until her husband leaves. We smirk at each other, but here is one thing. She and I are just satisfying our needs.

Shalini aunty told me about her husband’s condition. I suggested what could be done in that regard. At present, we are open to a relationship, but slowly we getting to normal.

In the beginning, everything seemed rosy, so I was enjoying my rosy life as much as she was. However, I enjoy exploring more people and it was something that kept me alert to new people.


I hope you enjoyed my story. If you find it gross, don’t judge me because I have fetishes like everyone else. I am in Hyderabad and I would like to talk, interact with new people here.

Anytime you are game for a coffee at Starbucks, I am here. Till then, see you, ladies and gentlemen. Please give your valuable feedback at [email protected]gmail.com

I would love to know how you felt? Which part did you enjoy? And in what way can we add color to our conversation?

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