That’s How My Journey Starts

Hello readers, I am a regular reader of ISS. It makes me finally write about my experience here. I am 28. Height 6’2″ with an average body. I am an active person. Always ready to do new things and like to explore more and more.

So let’s come to the story without wasting time. This is the story from 2016. I was doing a job at Mumbai. During summertime, I took a small vacation from work. I went back to my home town Gujarat where my family lives. So one wonderful day me, my friends planned to meet like a small get together.

So I decided to wear my favorite pair of clothes with a clean shave and all the needed things. We meet at our spot. It’s around twelve people there including my friends. Some common friends, and myself. Boys and girls both. There is one girl(Neha-name change).

I didn’t recognize her face like she is kinda new for me. So I told my friend for an introduction. We shake our hands and start our talking. We had a plan for lunch, outing and movie night. I and Neha become friends and talk like we already know each other for long.

We are taking lunch and Neha is sitting beside me. I am busy with my friends. There is one pop up message that came on my WhatsApp. It’s a funny nude picture from one of my friends. I am just curious to see that. But when I open that message Neha.

I see that too and I feel uncomfortable. What if she thinks anything wrong about me so I got a little sad about that. And try to avoid the whole thing. But in my mind, it’s running repeatedly. After having dinner we are going to the mall for window shopping.

All friends are busy with their window shopping. But I am a little stay away because of that message incident. Neha saw me and came near me while others are busy.

Neha: What happened?
Me: Nothing why?
Neha: I think that something bothering you and you are not enjoying our company.

Me: Arre, it’s ok I am totally fine.
Neha: Let’s ask directly. It is because of your message during lunch.?
Me: Yes!

Neha: Oh come on yar. You are such an idiot. What happened if I saw that message?
Me: So it is ok for you?

Neha: Of course, yaar. (and put her hand on mine). Don’t worry about it. I am ok with that kind of message. If you allow me to say I kinda like that kind of message(blink on me).

Me: Oh fish! Getting relief now.
Neha: You are overthinking. See I have that kind of message in my chatbox also. (And shows me some of them.)

We are getting more comfortable from each other. Now we are touching each other also while talk and making a joke. I sent some more erotic and xxx message to Neha and she did the same for me. Our chat becomes wild and we are very friendly with each other as time passes.

We started double meaning talk and making fun of each other in the group. After spending lots of time it’s finally time for the movie. It is in one of my friend’s father’s theater. We are going to the VIP section as most of us are a couple in our group.

As we enter the VIP room all friends took the last seat and corner seat with their girlfriend and boyfriend. I and Neha are left and we have to sit on the 2nd row from the screen. And there is no one around ous seat. Our movie is a little old so not many people are there.

The movie starts. I and Neha were doing nothing but watching the movie and chatting. After some time, I turn my face behind to see what are my friends doing? It’s no surprise. They are all busy with their girlfriends and boyfriends and doing their kissing stuff.

I smiled and Neha also sees that scene. I said to her that, “It’s like our friends are enjoying the movie a lot,” and we burst in a laugh. After some time we also feel also a little horny. Our eyes met and we come close. After all, our lips get in touch. It was our 1st kiss.

Wow, it’s an amazing experience for me such soft lips. We broke after 2 minutes and we both feel shy and adjust our self. And smile on our face. After some time I put my hand on her and I feel current in my body. She held my hand and we again came closer and we start our kissing season.

I put my lips on her our eyes are closed. I gently suck her lower lip and holding her face we are both into ourselves. After taking little more courage I put a hand on her boobs. She feels a shiver in her body. She held my hand rubbed her boobs over my hand. And the interval comes.

We separated but the lust in our eyes made us mad. After the interval, we set our self in the seat. Without any hesitation, we start again kissing. This time a little fast and wild. She put my hand on her boob and press it hard. During kissing, I bit her lower lip.

So she moaned, which made us hornier. She put her hand on my cock over my pent and rubbed it. We were feeling very good and deep into each other. This sensation stays as long as the movie ends. After that, we arrange our self and it’s almost 11.30 at night.

So I decide to drop Neha to her room as she doesn’t have a vehicle. Around 12 we reached the gate of her building. It’s time to separate but she has some different plans. So she took me to her basement parking and we park our car in the basement.

As soon as I park my car she jumps over me and sits on my lap. She starts kissing me wildly even I am kissing her like there is no tomorrow. While kissing I rub my hand on her boobs. She is wearing a frock, her dress is getting a little upside.

Now I am putting my hand on her things and it is so soft as ice cream. She opens my shirt button and kisses me on my chest. I hold her from her hair and she is kissing me all over my body. Then I open her zip from the back of her dress and start to remove it.

Within no time she is in her matching black color lingerie. I start kissing her boob over her bra and pressing it so wild. And finding the hook of the bra then she stops me and opens her bra from the front. Wow, I love the way she opens her hook. Her 34 size boobs are in front of me.

I start sucking them as I have never seen anything so amazing like them. When I am sucking, she is moaning. And it makes me harder. She then sits on her seat and starts removing my pants. When she opens it she saw a 7″ long and 2″ thick dick facing the ceiling.

She didn’t take time and held it and starts kissing my cock. She is playing with it. And I am in a different world at the same time. After 10 minutes of kissing and sucking we settle our self back seat of the car. She told me to lay down and she removes her panty.

She sits on my face and it’s her clean shave pussy on my face. She starts moving her hips on my face. I am kissing and licking her pussy and now we are in 69 position. After 10 minutes of sucking and licking game. She turns herself over my side and put her pussy over my fully hard cock.

She was very much dripping but it feels a little difficult to put my cock inside her. So I go slow but she needs all as soon as possible. So she thrust herself and my cock went inside her pussy. She moved her self up and down fast and moaning softly.

Then I open the car gate and make her sit in the doggy style on the seat and fucked her in such a way that no one can see us. We fucked in different 3 to 4 positions. And finally, I cum over her stomach. We cleaned ourselves and its 1.00 pm. So we decide to go back home.

We exchange our numbers and hug and last kiss of the day which is not so erotic but classy. To be continued.

Thank you guys for reading my story. I hope you like it and please comment below and mail me on [email protected]

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